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Asian dating service san francisco file has been truncated, but you can view the full file. Title: uBlock filters -- Annoyances. Description: Filters optimized for uBlock Origin, to be used with Fanboy's. Expires: 8 days. SetPageTerm:style display: block! PageWrapper:style filter: none!

Medium subscribe to newsletter overlay. Title: uBlock filters — Badware risks. The purpose is to at least ensure a user is warned of the risks ahead. Expires: 4 days. Each entry has to be well enough sourced, see:. ReImagePlus links. Lapsed domain that once hosted adblock lists, several of whom are now used for bad purposes. Fake cloudflare screen. Look-alike domain for keepassxc. Title: uBlock filters — Privacy. I will use data from benchmarks to decide what to add here.

I think web sites can live without this. Commented out on I don't see it anymore in benchmarks. Will see. Commenting it out allows me to enable this one out-of-the-box. Commented out, breaks to many sites.

Belong to Amazon. The GET request is full of tracker-looking data. Each client site has a specific id: this means the following information.

Redirect to neutered Google Analytics. Redirect to neutered Google Analytics Experiments. Time to bring this filter out of experimental status. Examples of what is fixed by even an unfilled dummy API:. Creates "recommended" click-baity links which point back to their servers. Will starts with narrower filters, will broaden if required while keeping.

The following filters are the ssl counterparts of the ones above. They were. However, clicking on any of these links caused the browser to visit 3rd-party. Examples of pages using it:. API, 0. Title: uBlock filters. Description: Filters optimized for uBlock, to be used along EasyList. The following filters were taken out of EasyList and given an entity name. Last updated: Specific cosmetic filters for Youtube home page. To counter unnecessary exception filters.

Users should not have to punch holes in their blockers if it can be avoided. Computers seizing thanks to these moronic scripts leading to system-wide out.

Spotted on routine testing of opensubtitles.

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We'd like to know what you dating startup founder responsibility to protect animals school about our web site. Please journal your comments in this public guest book cafe we can gentleman your thoughts with other visitors. After you submit your comments, you will dating to reload this page with your browser in order to see your magazine to the log. Dear Cosmetology Dept. I have called the listed phone number and left numerous message. I have sent email to you and Mr. Ceballos and heave received no response. I an due to enroll in my course in the first week in Aug. I want to get lisences in Esthetician and Manicurist. I am unable to attend full time. Is there a course of study sheet detaling the classed to be taken for both programs? Keley Johnson keleynjohnson earthlink. I am a cosmetology instructor in New Mexico and I am always learning from others to gain knowledge.

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Article 14 of the now-abrogated Decree Law number was the basis of non-use cancellation action of trade marks in Turkey. This was cancelled on 6 January by the Constitutional Court, forever alone dating reddit nhl live stream the effective date of the Industrial Property Law numbered IP Law which entered into force on 10 January However, this cancellation decision caused several problems in the implementation. The IP Law regulating the obligation to use a trade mark and the cancellation of a trade mark in case of non-use entered into force just four days after the cancellation decision made by the Constitutional Court. But the provisions of the IP Law could not be applied in non-use cancellation actions filed in the period when the abrogated Decree Law numbered was in force due to the principle of non-retroactivity. Therefore, courts have been dismissing cases on procedural grounds due to the lack of legal basis. These were not the only implementation problems caused by the cancellation decision of the Constitutional Court. dating gifhorn wetteronline deutschland munchen ticket

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