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Remember Me? Page 20 of 88 First Last Jump to page: Results to 1, of Join Date Aug Posts 49, May 5th : if this is your birth date, then you share it with : Chris Brown singer, songwriter; 'Run It! Join Date Aug Posts 6, Is he hiding under a rock with Greasy Grady or just out in the shed making a new batch?????

Moe, he'll be reading the new posts here and re-reading his posts on old threads from way back but not signing in.

Or maybe getting someone to check dating bangladesh mansionz lyrics him, in case he's missing something good here. He is! He's probably trying out other forums, too.

Best of luck. Anything else is a step down You'll know when he's around, because you'll hear the trumpeting sounds of approaching elephants. Very Barnum and Bailey! Moe Superstar ' already is Don't say you're not relieved, because I won't believe you Indeed, westgrand! May 11th : if this is your birth date, then you share it with : R. Clark film director; 'Flipper' - Thomas Gainsborough portrait and landscape painter - Happy Birthday : to everyone celebrating Birthdays on May 14th.

On hiatus? In the shed? Out to lunch? Well Moe, it's been a week since you asked the free browsing online dating sites missouri question.

I expect he's being himself somewhere, fully alive, and just out to lunch. Definitely out to lunch! And man's visits these days have become any dating sites where they dont want sex than korean dating sites in usa forecasts - and just us online dating sites variable.

Everyone's gone on part time! Maybe we should start a 'Missing Members' existential dating vkookmin fanart pokemon Join Date Aug Posts 47, Yes, a missing members thread, 'cause I hate it when my member's missing. But I quite understand. You must have grown quite attached to it And it's not as though you have another, as a spare I never leave home without it!

And a clean handkerchief. You should always keep up appearances, while out there walking around. Even if I know you are, under your clothes, totally naked I really get off on being naked under my clothes, and I can also generally figure out who is naked under their clothes as well. It's a gift. The dazzling display of talent around here never ceases to amaze me! Happy 70th Birthday, Cher!

Indeed it was Cher's 70th. I wonder if she celebrated the day as just another birthday, or to mark reaching 70 years of age. Mind you, much of her is considerably less than According to her plastic surgeon, westgrand!! Must be the only person who has dropped from being over 60 to being under 40, and in very easy stages. If he were a car, it would be known as rapid deceleration. The wax figure of Cher in Madame Tussauds must now look more lifelike than the real thing.

Well preserved!! Like Joan Collins She's 38 again, going on For someone 38 or 83 Dame Joan Collins looks pretty good! I think Joan C. And a few husbands Joan C was the bitchiest on "Dynasty", especially the fight scenes with Linda Evans. Yes, Moe. There's a very strong sense of self-worth there, with Joan. Never really an actress, more of 'a personality'. When she removes any hat she's wearing, I guess the hair always comes off with it But, Joan has used her name to raise a lot of money for charity, hence becoming Dame Joan Collins last year.

The fact that her initials like those of her late sister Jackie are J. Apparently, Joan and Jackie fell out. Jackie who I liked more, because I felt she was the more giving, more the real deal, and rather less superficially self-regarding than Joan did not like at least one of Joan's husbands - and plainly told her. Both very shrewd cookies, both with pleasant, glamorous public personas. Back in their younger days, there were many a 'Joan Henrietta' and 'Jacqueline Jill' among the young ladies here in the UK.

Quite a number worked at Woolworths on weekends, or were taking tickets on buses for a living, dreaming of something better.

Joan and Jackie knew what the public wanted, and they have worked to give it to them Sadly, that seems to be where she is today Join Date Aug Posts 9, Originally Posted by westgrandboulevard. Where have you been? Nothing too serious. Just a lot of things to do all happening at the same time. Seeing family and friends. Catching up with emails and reading some books I got for Christmas.

Catching up with TIVO. Playing CDs. Spring cleaning. That sort of thing. I don't know how I ever found time to go to work! I should have more spare time now. How are you, Moe? Join Date Jan Posts 8, Maybe we should start a 'missing members' thread Moe Superstar has been wondering where you were.

I must ask her to cancel the Medium she booked for next weekend. Asleep in that shed? The sign on the front door says "No admittance! Go round the back! The back door sign says : "Don't Knock. Go round again! Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.

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Grammy-winning R&B singer James Ingram in pictures

Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A free dating sites in qatar has been posted to your Facebook feed. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. The Recording Academy confirmed the artist's death Tuesday, remembering Ingram as a "soulful, chart-topping singer and songwriter. He also co-wrote Michael Jackson's hit "P. Pretty Young Thing " alongside Jones. He scored a No. I have lost my dearest friend and creative partner James Ingram to the Celestial Choir. He will always be cherished, loved and remembered for his genius, his love of family and his humanity.

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Remember Me? Page 20 of 88 First Last Jump to page: Results to 1, of Join Date Aug Posts 49, May 5th : if this is your birth date, then you share it with : Chris Brown singer, songwriter; 'Run It! Join Date Aug Posts 6, Meet Nico Walker, Cleveland boy turned soldier turned heroin addict turned serial bank robber turned celebrated debut novelist. COM 2. Dedicated to Free Times founder Richard H. With the pledge free stream, you can listen non-stop and even avoid fundraising interruptions. Access the pledge free stream with your active WKSU sustaining membership. Well this is where our site visitors come in. On this page, site visitors can submit song descriptions as well as singer and band descriptions — and then other site visitors can submit answers for the songs they know! You will be able to submit your song question further down below. So describe as much as you can! Also, check out the other song submissions. Maybe your question has already been answered!