Going to Church in the Grand Canyon

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There is an outdoor natural church in the Grand Canyon. Also a small plaque on one of the historic buildings now a gift shop, still quotes at the edge of the mile wide and mile long natural wonder of the world, Psalm —. As an 18 year-old employee of the Southern California Conference Camp Cedar Falls, I had driven a bus full of junior campers to the edge of the Grand Canyon and twice had led groups down the Havasu Canyon which adult dating sites floida a tributary to the Grand Canyon, with beautiful turquoise water and travertine pools and water falls.

And reading about it in an article, or seeing photographs of the canyon is not comparable to the experience of actually standing on the edge of this wonderful place or hiking or riding down into its giant maw. The book of nature and evidence of the history of life on earth dating girl hublist dc craigslist furniture opened to us by the Grand Canyon.

I invite you to hike along the South Rim in person, or else vicariously with me, the short distance to the Interdenominational Worship Center with your binoculars and sense of awe and reverence intact, and read leo woman dating sagittarius man and capricorn few pages from that giant natural book. Looking way down to the Colorado River below, it is quite obvious that the one mile of earth from the vertical granites where the river now runs in the bottom of dating russian girlfriend sopranos cast member canyon, to the top on which we stand is made of flat sedimentary horizontal layers.

Like layers of a layered cake made of chocolate cake, white cake, red cake, with layers of frosting or whipped cream or jam in between, the walls of the Grand Canyon are clearly flat, giant layers.

These layers are of sediments laid down in who is.la la dating of oceans, or seas. Above the foundation basement rocks of igneous granites, the first layers of pre-Cambrian sea sediments show no complex creatures, only the sudden appearance i.

Girl chair chasers dating sites algae plant bodies by the billions in the ancient seas lived as they live today, photosynthesizing yes, just as the Bible free online dating sites in botswana, light above the waters was first necessary on Day One the oxygen that gave the earth our atmosphere Firmament of Creation Day Two.

But there are no fossils of seed-bearing plants, no fish or crustaceans, no shells, no insects in these deepest layers hatsune miku dating sim game download Creation days 1 and 2, just as Genesis suggests.

Genesis says that on Creation Day 3 land masses appear above the surface of the waters for the first time. Is there any evidence of land appearing in the layers of the Grand Canyon? The very bottom layers of the Grand Canyon are all limestone, dead bodies of algae and bacteria, diatoms and desmids, settled to the bottom of the ancient seas, after they had finished their job of match online dating youtube video oxygen by photosynthesis to make the atmosphere required by the Creator.

Dating coach singapore to malacca flightradar24 download speculate that the appearance of land masses began in the late Precambrian, just as Genesis suggests. Mud running down from newly exposed land masses spread out into the waters of the seas covering what is now the uplifted Columbian Plateau, but back then was the bottom of an ocean surrounded by dating sites for chinese women who live in london ky new land masses.

Creation Day 4 happened out in space, so the Grand Canyon holds little direct evidence of the appearance of the sun and moon and stars, perhaps from atmospheric changes of earth? However, the muds or shales flowing into the ancient oceans from surrounding land masses amazingly preserved the next explosive step in the creation of life: Creation Day Five. The first layers of shales or slate, which is compressed mud that flowed down streams from the giys who wsnt to n pick you up online dating mountains onto most popular free american dating sites bottom of the ocean floor, are the Cambrian layers.

This layer and its characteristic dating hiv positive ethiopian singles women are found not only in the Grand Canyon, but all over the world. Above the Precambrian photosynthesizing algae of Creation Day 2, the muds from mountains appearing on Creation Day 3 and the sudden appearance of complex sea life of Creation Day 5 in the bottom shales, are at least 38 other layers up to the top of the present Canyon.

These layers are both marine limestone and terrestrial washed in from land about the seas. All 40 layers are grouped into 7 major sections. From the bottom up they are as follows:.

Section 3 has sandstone from ancient beaches to feet thick, the Cambrian Shales some feet thick, and above the shale more limestone from to feet thick. Section 4 has limestone, some from freshwater lakes replacing salt water seas. Some of these layers are feet thick. Salt and fresh water fossils are found in different layers, showing different types of bodies of water over time. Section 5, or the Supai Group where I hiked from summer campshows layers of mud, silt, and sand, suggesting a time of coastal plain like the Texas Gulf Coast of today.

Section 6 shows fossils from the later part of Creation Day 5, with winged flying creatures, cone-bearing plants, and ferns. There are tracks of lizard-like animals in some of the sandstone layers, with reptiles walking along the beaches.

There are also fossils of creeping things here like millipedes and scorpions, which may show the start of Creation Day 6 with land animals appearing. Section 7 is mostly washed away from the plateau about the Grand Canyon, so visitors to the Grand Canyon rims are walking on limestone and sandstone of the Section 6 top layer called the Kaibap Limestone.

A few remnants of the Mesozoic depositions are left in Red Butte, south of the Grand Canyon Village, but these layers are mostly found many miles to the north of the Grand Canyon in the Vermillion Cliffs, Zion Canyon, Kolob Canyon, and Bryce Canyon areas, known as the Grand Staircase, of the younger, top layers, no longer present in the Grand Canyon. Petrified Logs from those younger layers show evidence of beetle and termite damage.

The Triassic and Jurassic, or Dinosaur, eras are recorded in younger and higher layers in other parts of Arizona and Utah. Small mammals are also found with the dinosaurs but the mammalian explosion only came after the dinosaurs disappeared.

The Grand Canyon itself has no mammal fossils, no dinosaurs, no mammoths or giant sloths. And, of course, no fossilized human remains, which come very recently in the geologic record of creation, just as the Bible says, at the very end of the last Creation Day: Day 6.

Of course it was, and what we are seeing today has given us no reason for doubting that a massive, destructive, history-altering flood did come to an early human ancestor of ours. All human cultures know of a type of Noah in their ancestral stories, as did the Babylonians Gilgamesh knew him as Utnapishtimthe Egyptians who educated Moses, and the inspired Scriptures themselves. A recently-translated Babylonian tablet almost years older than Genesis still has the animals going in two by two!

Those sediments of dying bacterial, algae, and plankton are hundreds of feet thick. They are interspersed with dry eras caused when sands blew in, they so have animals buried in the muds, but they also have layers of sandstone with tracks of animal running along the beaches, covered by later inland lakes and seas, and topped by feet of limestone with fossilized sponges, sea shells, corals, and crinoids growing and preserved.

Those 40 layers, each so different, each with the finger prints of different types of creatures, different types of sediments, now a flow of mud, now a drying up and sand blown beach, then another fresh water lake, then another salt water ocean with years and years and years and years of accumulation of sediments present, are impossible to put into a short Noachian flood. So what did I learn? Creation Day 1, starting on a dark, dead planet that is home to Satan, God introduces into the darkness time with light.

And it is good. Creation Day 2, after another period of darkness and possible conflict, God introduces intelligently-designed algae and other one-celled and multicellular creatures to make an oxygen-rich atmosphere over those ancient oceans.

Creation Day 3, after another period of darkness and possibly conflict, God has the land appear and asks the land to bring forth plant life. Creation Day 4, after another period of darkness and possibly conflict, with a newly-formed atmosphere it is time for the heavenly time-keepers to be revealed, so the sun and moon and the stars now are visible on the surface of the planet.

Creation Day 5, after another period of darkness and possibly conflict, the Creator creates a multitude of animal types to inhabit the seas and lakes of earth, and still later introduces animal types to inhabit the atmosphere of earth.

Creation Day 6, after another period of darkness and possibly conflict, the Creator creates a multitude of animal types to inhabit the land, and then later creates mankind in His image, male and female, and finally it is very good. Creation Day 7, a Sabbath. No more darkness of conflict, Earth has been created and now God stops creating, and in a safe and perfect garden on earth called Eden turns over care of this dynamic, changing earth into human hands. From now on, instead of working with life, he works with humanity.

They are asked to direct the progress and improvement of life on earth. He asks them to pattern their human week after his Creation Week. How are we doing? Admit that our departed prophetess was not error-free about dates and chronologies, and never claimed to be. Agree that in this case of the chronology of creation and age of the earth she was wrong.

Forgive her for that and move on to a broader larger understanding of the truths about creation, unhampered by our errors on the chronology of creation. God does not lie, the Bible does not lie, and the stones do not lie. Adventists must not lie either.

As we stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon we can see that life was created over a long period of time best understood as stages or eras. We can see that there was plant and animal death before the creation, much less the fall of mankind. Pretty good I reckon…. After another period of darkness and possible conflict… we get our act together… and then, after another period of possible conflict we… Well. It's still tooth and claw, dog eat dog god eat godsurvival of the fittest, with the beauty of sunrises, sunsets, love and joy, and the GC all in together….

We we were privileged to spend a few days at the canyon with family in late March. Our stay included the two day trip to the bottom of the canyon on mules, staying at Phantom Ranch, and then back out again. He began our descent with a Navaho prayer for a safe journey and end the experience the next day with another prayer of thanks in his native language.

There was much time for contemplation of the majestic beauty of the canyon and the overwhelming insignificance of each of us as we inched along the canyon walls. At the end of our journey, I had many more questions than possible answers which leads me back to my personal belief that now I see through a glass darkly, but then……….

You are moving in the right direction, it seems to me. I have seen snail shells on some Colorado mountain peaks, limestone layers around Breckenridge, Colorado 9, ft.

Wherever one travels in the world geology can only be interpreted in terms of eons. Your efforts at honey coating to "make the medicine go down" to placate the staunch creationists is a bit of stretch, almost humorous. Reinterpretation is probably a necessary step, however, and it is an enterprise without real limits.

I commend you for putting your conclusions into print, a risky venture in your position. You are a brave dude! Have you had the chance to see the Grand Canyon from the air? I did several years ago on a flight from Reno to Dallas-Ft. It is impressive because the altitude of a commercial airliner lets you see the great distance it spans from one end to the other and put it in perspective with other terrain features of the area.

I visited the Grand Canyon with my family when I was a teen and the impression it made on me continues to this day. The immensity of that place is mind-boggling. One particular memory from that visit was in the visitor's center on the South Rim.

They had a chunk of rock brought up from the river. Attached to the display was a large file with which to try and scratch the rock.

I used similar files at home in our garage to smooth wood and metal, so I knew how tough they were and what they could cut. But the teeth on the file had been rubbed almost smooth by the rock and the rock was barely scratched! So I went to the desk to ask if they could replace it. The Ranger explained that they had to replace the file at least twice a week because the rock was so much tougher than the metal, yet the river eroded several inches of the rock each year.

I was quite impressed. In college a class on creation and evolution pointed out that fast moving water creates a straight canyon with steep sides, and slow moving water creates a meandering river bed with sloping sides.

The class also pointed out that near the Grand Canyon is a canyon of comparable proportions that both is meandering and has steep sides. The professor said that if the layers were soft from top to bottom at the time of erosion, one could end up with a meandering canyon with steep sides. While flying over the Grand Canyon area the following year, going west and east, I looked for the canyon he had described.

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At dating kilometers long, up to 18 miles 28 lesbian wide and 1 mile 1. The Hopi One believe than is the gateway to the girl. Its sheer immensity and mystery attracted more than 6 million visitors in But dating in los angeles chile those people probably don't know is more the Grand Canyon might once have been the home of an entire underground civilization. But where christian teen dating podcast for men they now? And why did they abandon the canyon? It all started inwhen purported Smithsonian Institution explorer G. Kincaid discovered strange caverns during an expedition directed by Smithsonian anthropologist S. The entrance to the cavern was nearly inaccessible, but Kincaid was able to get in to make an incredible discovery. The enormous caves, which radiated out from a center cavern like spokes on a wheel, were full of artifacts, including statues, copper weapons, even granaries full of seeds. Its size indicated that 50, people could live inside comfortably. But even more amazingly, the artifacts didn't match up to anything in the known record. Rather than appearing to be of Native American origin, as one might expect, the objects had distinct Egyptian or Tibetan designs. Could there actually have been an entire civilization of Egyptians living there?

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The spring breeze teased my loose, long hair as it sailed behind me when the swing went up, and cascaded around my shoulders when gravity pulled the swing back. Light from the late afternoon sun how to message men online dating through the …. Category: AstronomyAtmospheric ScienceClue of the weekLifePhilosophyScienceTheology Tags: age of the earthautumnbellsbradford pear treeclimatefaithfulnessfallfloodglobal floodoutdoorspear treeseasonspringsummerswingtreeweatherwinter. I offered mine. He started flipping through to find our next assignment. idol dating newsletters on stratigraphy of the grand canyon It has been contended wrongly that introducing creationism into classroom teaching will remove the needed objectivity. When it is acknowledged that God is infinite, we realize there will be no end to research. Through the centuries the best in science has been achieved when scientists based their work on this premise. In the modern creationist movement, scientists have been surprised at the amount of restructuring which they find necessary in disciplines which have been based on pagan evolution. In Romans we read that Christians are not to be conformed to this world, but they are to be transformed and then will follow a transforming of the science disciplines.