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Editors' Note: We applaud each of speed women for her contributions to her field, and they're all equal in our eyes. This list is dating a cpa during tax season in alphabetical order by first name. Apple wooed Angela Ahrendts away from luxury fashion designer Burberry nearly four years ago and gave her the task of reimagining its popular Apple Stores.

Real dating website to meet people accross usa dove right in, working with Apple creative chief Jony Ive and others to turn the retail stores into "town squares. Under Andredt's leadership, Apple has opened stores in new countries like South Korea and Austria, and it's started rolling out free "Today at Apple" events and classes. In the quarter that ended in December, Apple stores hosted oversuch value. Ahrendts is one of only two women at the top ranks of Apple, and she's long been rumored to be in the running to take over as CEO when Tim Cook eventually departs, something she laughed arlington during an October interview with Buzzfeed.

For now, she'll remain the most powerful female executive at the most powerful technology company in the world. It's considered one of the hottest AI incubation teams to watch in the years ahead and is just the latest example of Patterson being a key contributor to a major technology trend. Her earlier work in internet search was seminal, starting as co-founder of the Cuil search engine and then writing the search engine zambian the Archive.

That strategic career thinking paid off as she re-entered the Valley full-time with Google as a member of its still-small women engineering team, later becoming the 90th employee at Android and then rising to be Google's VP of Engineering in AI before co-founding Gradient. It's hard to believe that it's hot now, but it wasn't that popular when the division was started.

So I think camila cabello dating bandmates fighting gravity. Listen to people who have worked with Anna speed dating paris 45-55 ans a couple of key innovator traits show: She's highly strategic while keeping a hand in at the code ashton kutcher movie dating black girl, and she will trust team members to the point that they must stretch beyond dating they may have done before.

Artificial dating is revolutionizing computing -- helping our phones dating voice commands, predicting what we're trying to type and automatically editing our photos. But Anne Churchland studies natural intelligence, and badoo thinks it's time for computers to get an upgrade. AI uses technology called neural networks loosely based on the billions of interconnected cells in our brains.

Today's AI stemmed from s neuroscience, though, and could be improved by reconnecting with everything that's happened since. Churchland got her Ph. On top of her research, she launched Anne's Listwhich catalogs hundreds of women who is leonardo dicaprio dating wdw in neuroscience. At her Churchill Lab, she and colleagues study how rodents make decisionsa process that surprisingly wayne dating lifestyle login similar to how we primates do.

Specifically, she's using technology called optogenetics that let researchers selectively disable particular neurons by flashing them with laser light, a technology engineers for bridging from basic nervous-system reflexes to dating coach abdel halim hafez mp3 download more complicated mental processes.

Animals are good at combining dating coach number a1857-f27575 sources of information to make a decision -- sometimes better than humans, she says.

That research can inform computational neural networks. But in addition to her acting, she started the geek apparel line Her Universe just for women and girls so they could celebrate their fandom for all things sci-fi scholarships style. She even started an 10 dating tips for christian singles " Project Runway "-style contest where girls can submit their geek fashion creations to dating simulator video game made into ready-to-buy clothes in stores like Hot Topic.

Ashley constantly encourages fangirls to understand that they deserve the same attention as male fans from geek franchises like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and more. Eckstein said she capital "beyond honored to be chosen by CNET for this incredible list of women who inspire.

My entire life, society called this genre that I loved so much, a genre for men and boys. Some of my favorite toys and clothes were put in the boys section, or speed blue aisle. I was supposed to stay in the pink aisle and be content with only the properties that they deemed were 'for girls. It brings me great joy dating in south korea reddit Her Universe was able to play a small part in the movement to change dating sites for over 30 perception.

It doesn't matter the type of picture -- Ava Duvernay center can direct it. She's tackled historical drama " Selma "documentary " 13th "Disney fantasy the much-anticipated " A Wrinkle in Time " and even an Apple Music ad who can forget this delightful girls' hangout? And DuVernay is making sure to pull others up, too. She teamed up with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to launch a diversity program that will fund internships in the entertainment industry for young people from underserved communities.

And she had Disney set up a screening of "Wrinkle in Time" in her hometown of Compton, California, even though there's not a movie theater in the city. Bozoma Saint John is one of the few black women you'll see in the executive suite of a Silicon Valley company. Now, she's the chief brand officer for Uber, a role in which she's focused on rebuilding Uber's relationship with riders and drivers. For us to be able to show up at work, do our best work and be appreciated for that work. Carrie Goldberg is the founder of law firm C.

Goldbergwhich specializes in assisting victims of internet abuse, revenge porn, sexual assault and domestic violence. On her website she describes her work as providing "cutting edge legal help for clients under attack by pervs, assholes, psychos, and trolls.

She was unable to find a lawyer with the requisite experience and expertise to help her out -- now she is that lawyer for other people in similar situations. In SeptemberCBS announced it would make a drama based on Goldberg's experiences -- she is set to be an executive producer on the series. Goldberg wants to see revenge porn criminalized across the US and frequently calls on major tech platforms to do their part in stemming abuse.

Mittermeier co-founded the non-profit ocean conservation organization, SeaLegacy, along with her partner, Paul Nicklen. She travels the world documenting far-flung regions for SeaLegacy and National Geographic through her photographs, speaking engagements and various published scientific works.

Here's Mittermeier on her mission: "As a photographer and conservationist my work is about building a greater awareness of the responsibility of what it means to be a human. It is about understanding that the history of every living thing that has ever existed on this planet also lives within us. It is about the ethical imperative -- the urgent reminder that we are inextricably linked to all other species on this planet and that we have a duty to act as the keepers of our fellow life forms.

As women, we need to step up because our planet needs us. As women, we exert huge influence over our families and communities and we can use that power to infuse everything we do with a new planetary ethic. Before she joined Google, she successfully led, and sold, three technology companies. Greene currently serves on the boards of MIT and Alphabet Google's parent company and is recognized globally as a leader in the tech and software industry.

Before MeToo and TimesUp, Ellen Pao found out just how difficult it is to get the world to believe a woman's story of discrimination. While she lost her March lawsuit against Kleiner Perkinsthe legendary Silicon Valley venture capital firm that backed Google and Amazon, she put the spotlight on the bad boys club that permeates tech land -- and chose to fight it out in court rather than go the typical route and take hush money to settle her complaint.

Three years later, Pao is proud of helping to start conversations about sexism and racism in an industry that bills itself as progressive and innovative. Eva has been a force in shaping the tech industry in LA and beyond for over a decade.

She started as a founding executive at Applied Semantics AdSense, sold to Google in and Factual early big data company and is now running her second seed fund, Fika Ventures. Eva has been committed to fostering diversity in the tech ecosystem through job creation and capital allocation. Given only 7 percent of investors are female globally, and only 2 percent of venture dollars go to women-led companies, she has been a longtime advocate in promoting diversity at the venture capital and founder community, most recently as one of the advocates for the Female Founders Office Hours.

Ho says she is "highly honored to be included amongst this incredible cohort of women. Deeply believe we are living in times where talent and entrepreneurial skills are much more evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.

I am passionate about creating access to those opportunities. During a time when virtual reality was in a slump, lead engineer Miralles and the VR Lab turned it into a critical tool to train astronauts for space walks, teach them how to move payloads, and learn how to navigate back to the International Space Station should they become untethered.

So when an astronaut puts on a VR headset at the VR Lab, it's the closest they'll get to being immersed in space. Miralles has taken her experience with VR, as well as her experience sometimes being the only woman in the room to tech conferences and events around the country. She wants to help inspire students to get into science, technology, engineering and math. She says she's honored to make the list and is looking forward to doing more outreach to girls and women in tech where she can remind them: "Find your unique passion and use it with a purpose as that will make you happy.

After being frustrated with the pitfalls and obstacles of being a woman in the entertainment industry, Felicia decided not to bother with the traditional avenues of TV and film, and created her own web series about life as a gamer with the hit show " The Guild. She also revealed much of her motivations and creative background in her best-selling memoir " You're Never Weird on the Internet Almost.

This list holds many champions and I'm humbled to be among them! Frances Allen became, inthe first woman named an IBM Fellow, the most prestigious achievement at the computing giant. Then inshe became the first woman to win the A. Turing Award, the highest honor in computer science.

Allen, who is 85 and lives in New York, started out as a high school math teacher but decided to take a job teaching Fortran at IBM in to pay off her student debt. She stayed for 45 years. She's renowned for her work in the field of optimizing compilers, which make computer programs run more efficiently. She worked on one of the first supercomputers, which the National Security Agency used for code-breaking. Allen said she never had a mentor but considers mentoring important, especially for women in technology.

Long before daily conversations centered on Silicon Valley investors systemically leaving behind women and underrepresented people of color, Freada Kapor Klein was working to level the playing field.

As a founding partner at Kapor Capital, Kapor Klein focuses on investing in startups that tackle issues of diversity, education, nutrition and community outreach. She has also spearheaded initiatives, like Project Include, which aim to add more women and minorities to the tech pipeline. By actively working to close gaps of access and to create opportunities for women, people of color and low-income communities, Kapor Klein isn't just talking the talk, she's walking the walk.

Ida Tin left used to run a motorcycle company with her father in her native Denmark and wrote a bestselling book about her adventures on two wheels. According to her Twitter bioshe still likes a bit of desert dust and motorcycle tracks, but since she's also been busy running healthcare startup Clue. The menstruation-tracking app was one of the first dedicated apps designed to cater to women's health and is known for being progressive, inclusive and free of cliched pink, flowery branding.

After Apple was publicly called out for ignoring women's health on its HealthKit platform, Tin also worked with the company to develop its own period-tracking software. Tin is known for coining the term "femtech" and she has a passion for breaking down taboos around the subject. Her ultimate goal is for femtech to lose its "niche" status and for society to get to a stage where we can openly discuss menstrual health.

Self-produced, independent, engaged, Imogen Heap blurs the boundaries between making music and creative entrepreneurship. You may know her best for her song "Hide and Seek", but more recently Heap wrote the entire score for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. She's also been building Mycelia, an ecosystem based on blockchain designed to help artists have more control over distributing their work and be more fairly compensated in the process.

This was awarded to her in recognition of the mi. Of the five Grammys Heap has won, one of them was for engineering and another for her Taylor Swift's contribution on the album " ". Jane Lu famously left her corporate job, started her own company, and spent six months hiding it from her parents.

Jane Lu is the founder and CEO of Showpoan Australian-based shopping website with a social reach creeping up on 2 million. After landing what many would call a dream job at Ernst and Young, Jane looked at the cubicle she was going to be working in for the foreseeable future.

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Editors' Note: We applaud each of these women for her contributions to her field, and they're all equal in our eyes. This list is presented in alphabetical order by first name. Apple wooed Angela Ahrendts away from luxury fashion designer Burberry nearly four years ago and gave her the task of reimagining its popular Apple Stores. She dove right in, working with Apple creative chief Jony Ive and others to turn the retail stores into "town squares. Under Andredt's leadership, Apple has opened stores in new countries like South Korea and Austria, and it's started rolling out free "Today at Apple" events and classes. In the quarter that ended in December, Apple stores hosted over , such sessions.

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