Kasthooriman (TV series)

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The show premieres on Asianet channel since December 11, Bigscreen Actor Aju Varghese and Actress Isha Talwar appeared as a special guest in the series on jeevya wedding episodes. Natural performances of the artists and own Bgm makes this serial unique from other serials. The leading pair is well known as "Jeevya" on social media.

It is a sensational Hit in Malayalam. The story revolves around a Trivandrum based family of Sethulakshmi Praveena ,a self-made artist who owns a Traditional Kalakshetra, gifted by Travancore king and her 3 daughters which includes Kavya Rebecca Santhoshan advocate, whereas Keerthy Della and Kalyani Krishnapriya K are students.

The story is what happens in their happy family life. Kavya's mother is a widow handling Kalakshetra, gifted by King of Travancore. Kavya's marriage had been called off once. At present, a new proposal also got called off due to her future mother-in-law, who, after realising about her past proposal being called off, demands to register the property of the house and adjacent Kalakshetra's land in the name of both Kavya and Shyam.

On hearing the demand, Kavya decides not to throw out her family to lead a happily married life. Are there any good online dating sites friend Sreejith Bhaskar who is also an advocate starts living in dating site in usa for free out-house along with his sister and mother.

Sreejith falls in love with Keerthi but Kavya thinks his love was towards her. Kavya also starts loving him. Later after their engagement kavya finds out that sreejith had loved keerthi and not her. Jeeva is in a relationship with Neethu, his girl friend. Siddharth Sidhrath Venugopal is Jeeva's best friend. Siddharth was the Ceo of Ishwaramadom group of companies where he hires Keerthi by the recommendation from Shiva. After some fights and misunderstandings, they confess dating trailer park girls twerking in dress gif love for each other.

But Jeeva expects Siddharth to marry his sister, Shivani. However, in a twist, Shivani presumes Siddharth loves Kavya.

Unfortunately Jeeva believes it without listening to Siddharth. So Shivani, Jeeva and Neethu plots revenge. Jeeva's Achamma has met and liked Kavya so dating a swiss girl yodeling songs german revenge Jeeva agrees to marry Kavya. Post-marriage, Kavya realizes the truth and accepts the blame to protect Keerthi.

On the day the marriage girl dating guy shorter than her fixed for Siddharth and Shivani, Siddharth abandons Shivani and go out secretly with Keerthi. Various situations and circumstances bring Husband on dating sites and Kavya closer.

Sreekutty also enters Eshwaramatam as the wife of Shiva, the father of her unborn child. Desperate to get Jeeva back, Neethu fakes a DNA report to imply that he is the father of her unborn child, which is actually the result of a one-night stand between her and Dhyan.

Shivani, with help of Neethu, makes an attempt to kill Jeeva, using Shyam. After its failure, Achamma gives the ownership of Eshwaramatam to Kavya. Knowing this, Neethu comes back to Eshwaramatam, claiming Jeeva's unborn child is with her.

Kavya realises the truth about Neethu's unborn child, but suffers an accident, before she could reveal the truth to Jeeva. After 1 week or so Kavya recovers from injuries and returns to Eshwaramatam with her husband Jeeva and his Achamma. Kavya and achamma are aware of the truth that Neethu and Dhyan were behind the killing attempt. Kavya reveals all the truth to Jeeva and trap Neethu with Dhyan in the presence of proof.

Neethu, Shivani and Indira Bhai are thrown out from Eshwaramatam. They reach Neethu's home. Shivani and Indira Bhai plots plan against Neethu as she doesn't tell the truth about her unborn child. They hire a local goonda to abort her child. Aandavan goon accuses in front of Neethu that Kavya was behind the quotation. Due to the force from Shivani and her mother, Neethu goes for case against Kavya.

In order to rescue his wife,Jeeva somehow made to prove that he was the culprit. Jeeva gets imprisoned. Due to this case, his stardom lost. His fans started hating him. Kavya, with the help of Sreejith, rescues Jeeva. After few days, police arrests Indirabhai.

Kavya and Jeeva goes for a houseboat trip. Somehow they managed to get out of that room and they were saved. Jeeva filed against Dhyan for that but it was of no use. Members of Ishwaramadom family are happy that Sreejith came to pick Sreekutty to their home as it was a custom. Meanwhile,Indira Bhai enters ishwaramadom. Sharmaji misunderstood Dhyan as Shiva and he gave him 50 lakhs.

That liquid cash was actually for Jeeva's new film project. Kavya scolds Sidharth very badly and insults him in front of all staffs. On that Sidharth became very upset and quarrels with Shiva saying that he had stolen the money.

Hearing that, Keerthy got angry towards Kavya. Keerthi hurt Kavya a lot. Both Sidhu and Keerthi resign from the company. Due to force from Keerthi Sidhu marries her. Due to the black mark in his experience certificate he didn't get a job. Keerthi goes to Kalakshetra. With the help of kallu, she took her certificates for trying a new job. She was hesitant to meet Sethulakshmi. Meanwhile, results of entrance exams came.

Kallu got good rank for engineering but her marks for medical was not up to the mark. Shivani and Indirabhai plots Plans against Shiva. They are trying to make bad impressions of Shiva on Kavya and Jeeva. So that He will join in their dirty plans to own Eashwaramadom. Shiva is being kidnapped by someone unknown. Kavya was informed that he was caught by some peddlers for immoral traffic in a house. They sent photos of that girl with him via WhatsApp. She is shocked. They asks her 10 lakhs compensation for the girl and she agrees.

But these goons tells Shiva that his sister, Kavya is not willing to give money. Indira Bhai calls them and says that she will give the money which they had asked. Later, he visits sreekutty at Palakkad to convince her, but in vain. Meanwhile, Jeeva receives a new film offer, to build his lost fame.

Jeevya tries to vacate the stay. They plans to expose Indira's evil deeds against the family in the court. Meanwhile, Jeeva's producer proceeds a demand to him, requesting him to cast Kavya as his heroin.

Kavya rejected initially, but upon family's insistence she eventually agrees for the same. Shiva informs Kavya regarding the missing files containing evidence against Indira. Thus, She plans to seek Sidharth's help in exposing Indira. Sidharth and keerthy arrives ishwaramadom on kavya's request to talk regarding the missing evidences. Kavya calls their legal adviser to ask him whether he has an additional copy. But he lies that Sidhu had taken it from for some corrections. He said this lie to kavya on Shivani's demand.

She takes the evidences with her so as to destroy it. Meanwhile,Keerthy shouts at Kavya for trying to make Sidhu as the culprit again. Keerthy hurts Kavya by painful words. A heartbroken Kavya gets unconscious.

She is taken to hospital by Achamma and Jeeva. Doctor informs that Kavya is one month pregnant. Everyone in ishwara madom and kalakshetra is happy except indira and her children. As Kavya is pregnant,she develops strong liking towards sour mango. But she never admits that she needs it. Knowing this Jeeva bring s a bowl full of sliced sour mango and teases her a lot on that.

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