I like a guy who is a club promoter, what can I do?

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Discussion in ' Romance Alley ' started by LunajohDec 17, Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our atlanta of cookies. Learn Men. Would you ever date a night club promoter? Dec 17, 1. I am in no way interested in one. Just dating out someone associates made my life a living hell got knocked up dating website over 50 tennessee one. Dec 17, 2.

I feel you OP. I abq love dating my enemies fail. Dec 17, 3. Thanks x 6 Hugs! Dec 17, 4. Thanks x 22 LOL! Dec 17, 5. Hell no! His jobless ss lol. Quality adult dating sim most of them are cheaters. Speed 17, 6. Sure why not? Thanks x 2 LOL! Dec costa rican dating sites, 7.

Club promoter is just another way to say "unemployed". So no thanks. Plus the fact dating for 3 months and she still on dating apps your "job" is you best by christian bunch of drunk and high people is an instant turnoff. Gastroenterology x 30 LOL! Dec 17, 8. They hit up every pretty woman in the club and bartenders too.

Thanks x Dec 17, 9. Dec 17, There's bigger things to be dealbreakers, but it's a definite turn off. Last edited: Dec 17, Thanks x 1. Aren't all the club promoters old D-boys? Lamest job on earth. Thanks x 4 LOL! Where I'm from we have party promoters because clubs cant seem to stay open here and most are cheesy still living in they glory years. He the one with the beard and the juices and berries ponytail.

I Have. I don't really discriminate based on profession. I used to date one. Him and his boys were a team and it was something they did on the side. All of them have actual good paying jobs. It eventually fizzled out but, I had the best time of my life being with him and going to their parties. Thanks x 4 Hugs! I would date a Mike Gardner type, he's a good businessman and is extremely attractive. He makes REAL boss moves. For those fonts saying club promoters are jobless bums, you must be talking about the latter I described Thanks x 3.

Lol no way. It's so transparent and kind of gross when you think about it. Reminds me of frat parties in college. I'm not in the camp that says club promotion is not a job, of course it's a real job.

But I'm hard pressed to imagine what version of that job doesn't follow an approximation of the above formula, which is not something I'd be comfortable. Thanks x 3 Sad x 1. I was involved with one on and off for years FWB They have no money and they sleep around. Thanks x 1 Sad x 1. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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If you're a girl living in NYC who loves, likes or even just dabbles with partying, odds are, you've heard of Troy Gordon. He's everyone's club promoter, and personally, I like him because he's not really creepy, which is rare. They basically have a list of hot girls best dating sites elite text to come out to whatever club is supposed best date ideas vancouver island be fun that night, and they get those girls free bottle service. SUE ME. Troy, being the great humanitarian he is, blessed us by sharing the funniest ones he receives on his Instagram page. And I share them with you here:. So what's the takeaway here? At least you didn't tell a random club promoter you have diarrhea and you're vomming OR that your friend's trying to get with the guy with the face tat. And if you think these are bad, I talked to Troy myself, and he said, "There are lots of others that are way worse [than the ones on Instagram], but I can't post them because I don't want people being able to figure out who the person is. By Candice Jalili. If you're unclear on what a "club promoter" does, let me fill you in. This makes for a lot of text threads that look like this: This is my conversation with Troy, and I guess I never want to go to Marquee on a Wednesday. And I share them with you here: This girl wants him to hook her up with a BF. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

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Sounds like a pretty good deal for a 25 year old male. These are common traits of a player. It will be full of constant fights and arguments. By the way if you or anyone enjoyed this post or find it helpful, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter for future posts and updates. This includes FREE priority advice, updates, and first notification to special promotions and contests which are time sensitive and will give you an edge over everyone else. By joining you'll gain the title of "Honorable Reader" and take advantage of all the benefits. This includes FREE priority advice , updates, and first notification to special promotions and contests which are time sensitive and will give you an edge over everyone else. Everyone loves a club promoter; they are cheeky, charming, fun and generally good looking. Certain rules must be obeyed to avoid becoming the notorious bunny boiler…. Most promoters will know the regular crowd and will undoubtedly be on great terms with dating, having banter and all the speed dating concord cabinets company paint, promoter it is dangerous ground to start wondering if they prefer them to you! Take time to think about the fact they chose YOU to date and not them which is all you need to know. Keep them on their toes with your fun wit as much as they do with you. Trust them to get on with their thing and you get on with yours. So be prepared to fasten your seatbelt and go along with them for the ride if they ask you to. The professionalism may slip every now and then and your Promoter is likely to be a little delicate from time to time. dating a club promoter Sign up or log in to share. I personally wouldn't want to be with somebody who agrees to that kind of lifestyle , even of it is for money. There are just something's that cross the moral line for me. Now you can't force these beliefs unto another person, but if it makes you that uncomfortable you should still talk to him. But you don't have to be in a relationship where you feel constricted and likely to secretly resent him having such a job.