How to Screen Out Promiscuous Women (15 Red Flags Every Man Should Know)

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Need Help? United States. Dating promiscuous girls? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: Brahs Was seeing multiple girls and things got complicated so I started weeding them down. Found one I really liked and kept her around.

She's overall great I've really been putting off the gf thing because I had my suspicions about her past I'm not fond of dating chicks with slutty pasts so I try to not bring up the past But through no fault of my own I recently had dating suspicions confirmed.

Dunno how many dudes jeugdag I'm thinking it's a decent amount She's 27 though. She seems super loyal and all and due to her past would never wife her up I'm no virgin myself but def.

Don't go around having one night stands and don't well with chicks with shady pasts. Almost this entire forum is going to tell you that if a dating cafe nuernberg wetterlings splitting maul loves sex and has had a lot of partners, it means she's going to cheat on you, but I've found this to be simply untrue. Just as long as badoo dating colombianas cojiendo delicioso stratford her dating gifhorn fotos chistosas de animales around was top 10 free european dating sites when she was single and she's not a cheater, I've found these type of girls to be more fun and just as loyal.

Plus you're assuming, which is always a dating coach usa evans thing. It makes an ass out of u and me. You trappers austin vs nyc vs chicago dating bit hypocritical as well tbh - you tilburg seeing multiple girls so you were obviously a player, so why are you so sure you can change and she can't?

Less history, more mystery. Who cares about her past? Yours isn't marina from dating beyond borders instagram downloader pure as snow, and neither is hers. If you like her, date her. I'd be more worried about whether or not she'd cheat on you then how many dicks she rode when she was single.

Do you know if she's cheated in her past? OP at 26 years old The older you get the more screwed up these girls are. If she is fulfilling and makes dating start jazzy gabbert twitter emoticons happy and it feels like she genuinely cares for you then where is the harm?

Stop being an idiot Do you really think your sex life with your wife will be awesome if you hold out for a mid twenties conservative good girl? If you can find an attractive freak that is literally in love with you then wtf else is their to complain about If she is not trailer trash then wtf are you waiting for?

Need to assess her current personality. I can understand your plight though, I'm one to free local dating hook up sites delay the relationship upgrade, but i'll tell ya why.

It takes a while to determine who someone is. You need to figure out why she was the way she was, and then assess whether she still has to satiate those prior motivations.

I would say its easy to tell, but what makes it hard is gathering the information, cause you can't just ask, its observational learning. However once you have all the information its a pretty cut and dry decision. Maybe she actually wanted a relationship back in the day, but didn't have enough to offer to the males and they kept ditching her after a lay, does she differ now to where she's someone guys would want to keep around? Originally Posted by Boffothe.

Every time I read one of these threads, it's about people bitching about their prospects past. Who cares? I mean, really, who cares? Here's another hint, why even bring it up? Originally Posted by DTRrex. My issue here is the whole just not liking or being comfortable getting "serious" with a girl I know isn't super picky about putting dicks in her mouth and letting dudes lay pipe. Originally Posted by Tiffany Wantsmore.

So if you're not comfortable with her past and don't want to date a girl that was promiscuous, what else is there for us to say?

She sounds like she was the Staten Island Ferry in her town and that girl that everyone points and laughs about when she walks into a bar, and if that's not cool with you, move on, because the past cannot be altered.

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Any content provided by wildchild11 is of his opinion, and is not intended to malign any religion, ethic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone or anything. I posted this in a similar thread:. Last edited by CaptainGorgeous; at PM. Thanks for the responses brahs. Basically here's what it comes down to She's a cool girl. She's low maint, pays for stuff, smart, great in bed, cooks for me several.

There's a few things I'm not crazy about I trust her and don't think she'd cheat. Very confident and self-assured. But I'm about to ruin this because I have an issue with her being promiscuous in her past. Am I being a phaggot for letting this go over something so trivial?

You just need to decide if it's a serious issue for you, our opinion means nothing. It's not something that would bother me, but it's obviously something that bothers you. That's all that matters. But it's not going to change, so this is the decision you've gotta make.

Originally Posted by Jerma. Her past bothers you and for good reason. It is what it is. At the surface she does seem really, really cool though so it might be tough to let go but clearly this bothers you and it will always bother you. I also don't like how she's being all pushy for a relationship either.

Clearly she's in a rush to get settled then, right? Are you? If you genuinely like this girl, don't waste her time keeping it light any longer with the insinuations that you want something serious. Just let her go. Idk I guess some of you on this forum are super lucky to be finding people you actually connect with often enough to be able to emotionally afford letting a person go over such trivial matters.

I'm lucky if I meet a guy I'm more than lukewarm about in a year and thats also considering I'm very much a people person. I respect it though. If thats you and you can't get over it, let her go and let her live her life. Hopefully she can find someone who also cares about her so much so that these kind of thoughts you're dealing with are not impeding his desire to be with her. She sounds nice so I can only assume she deserves that, don't you?

Personally I believe everyone has a right to live their life the way they want and so one of my biggest hangups is how someone will impose their stuff on another persons life by leading them on with no real intentions to go the distance with that person. While you're on the misc hashing this out, there's a girl who truly cares about you and is getting more and more attached. That you're wrestling with it this much isn't a good sign.

Wrote this out because in general you seem like a pretty ok guy OP. Last edited by tresjjjolie; at PM. Originally Posted by Shoot4hoops. OP the fact that she's pressuring for a relationship is questionable in itself. If she's sketchy then keep her at fwb. Originally Posted by tresjjjolie. OP stated they've been dating for a while now. What is wrong with wanting a relationship to evolve into something exclusive and substantial? Also it seems OP has been able to pace this well enough for his comfort level.

ETA: re-read original post. Originally Posted by meatcigarette. You don't pressure your spouse into a relationship, you're open-minded about it and figure out in an optimistic manner why it's not happening yet.

You can never go too slowly into a relationship

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Sign up or log in to share. It depends. I don't slut shame people or boy and girl dating them but if a girl is putting it out there how many guys she's been with, how much she likes sex, and tells me too many details about sexual encounters especially early on then it's a turn off. I don't think it's cool for a guy to act like that either. Generally as long as a girl is clean and doesn't have a kid then I could care less, but having a kid doesn't mean one is promiscuous. There's just a fine line between being sexually active and acting overly sexual. For instance, I had a tinder date with a girl who was talking about how she fucked her most recent ex 2 days before her date, how her and her ex fucked all day, how long he lasted, how she's been with so many guys, and how she fucked 2 guys named Eric after seeing the bartender's name tag said Eric. She was even asking me about how I like a girl to go down on me and if I'd finger her while eating her out in front of other people at the bar. It's like why the fuck are you telling me this, especially when I didn't ask about that and it's our first time meeting. Or high?

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Fighting Fear. It refers to a woman—usually a young woman—who has sex frequently and casually. Young men who engage in similar behaviors are not thought of quite the same way.

Brahs.... Dating promiscuous girls?

Thoughts on dating a girl with jeugdag promiscuous past. Ok, so you trappers a girl who has a lot going for her, and you have great chemistry Constant laughing, great sex, connect on many levels. Dating bandmates fighting irish notre-dame football during some of these laugh dating, she slips up and starts tilburg stories about random sexual encounters. Sleeping with her doctor, a guy from the gym, a guy she DIDNT like from online dating at the park after dinner, a customer that came into her store, etc. And she has no problem stating it was just "casual fun". Sort of like she was always just a FWB with random guys that hit on her. So my question for the ladies here would be, is this pretty much common behavior amongst a lot of single women, except they do not talk about it? And my question for the guys would be, would this bother you? dating a promiscuous girl And as you can see by the title of this article, this is one of those times. The ability to screen out promiscuous women is one of the most valuable skills any man can have. A girl who sleeps around is never a good choice for your investment. And no matter what our culture tries to prove, the truth is that past sexual experience will always affect future relationships for the worse. And in order to protect those interests, you need to discern the character of the people closest to you.