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View Full Version : Explosion Norway. Yes, Ed. Totally appropriate. As for the nationalists and kahanists and jihadists and crusaders, a pox on all their houses. There's anime dating chat room one problem Breivik or Anders Behring Breivik consumer affsirs online dating sites sticking with the favored propaganda technique of the thoroughly rotten media who since the days of Lee Harvey Oswald always assign all three names to political murderers, a blond-haired blue-eyed fanatic free online dating sites in botswana a Christian who loved guns, hated Muslims and "cultural Marxists" slaughtered 76 people in a rampage that rocked Norway.

The majority of Breivik's victims were gunned down at a government youth camp on Utoeya Island where the shooter, dressed as a policeman conjured up dark European memories of the Waffen SS as he carried out his executions in an icily detached militaristic manner.

Using high-capacity magazines purchased from the U. Breivik brought to mind notorious American terrorist Timothy McVeigh when he built dating a loser quiz massive bomb, using up to six tons of fertilizer to detonate in front of government offices near the Parliament building. Fortunately for Norway, the fertilizer bomb was not as devastating as the one that took down the Alfred P.

Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City back in or the carnage and body count would have been far worse. Breivik, like McVeigh is a Christian and this fact is downplayed in the American media in the standard cynical attempt to not have the powerful "terrorist" label applied to a non-Muslim.

Sound familiar? Breivik created a much more coherent video version which gives us the dating game killer movie cast lot more clues about why he murdered plus at last count of badoo dating bewertung magyarul baloval 2019 jonius fellow Norwegians in the name of fighting Islam. Here in The Homeland the right-wing electronic sewers vomit up anti-Muslim filth on a daily basis to those seeking scapegoats for their miserably fucked up lives.

Hating Muslims is to many on this great star spangled lemming farm as American as apple pie and the propaganda is reinforced by a bastardized version of Christianity that meshes perfectly with the far right policies of Israel.

Demagogues like Beck and Coulter are legion and a gargantuan, well-funded fascist propaganda apparatus comprised of media outlets, think tanks, front groups and money adult dating term aa men PACs ensure that the haters will have troughs of bloody meat upon which to feast, that much is a given. What funny dating advice reddit troubling though, is when the anti-Muslim bigotry gains the necessary crossover appeal that is provided by a guy like Bill Maher who cloaks dating girl vijaypur city furniture hatemongering in the guise of dating.

Real Time With Bill Maher is a sinister escalation in the propagation of the inflammatory attacks on Muslims as well as a covert vehicle for Republican and state propaganda as it masquerades as a liberal leaning program while offering forums to those whose loathsome views should discredited funny jokes about online dating any truly decent society.

The tolerance of such hateful feculence only enables the violent and the murderous who will soon be delivering their vengeance upon our very own multiculturalism that they bask in the benediction of the media propagandists that they are not alone. And they shall swim in the rivers of blood as though they were frolicking naked in the fountains at Lourdes. Indoctrinating Americans to Hate Muslims The pocket media, after initially and incorrectly pouncing on the events in Norway as yet another outbreak of Islamic jihadism not only cooled on the story entirely but pretty much flushed it down the memory hole in that it didn't fit the standard narrative.

In the early breaking news reports multiple U. Rubin, who previously wrote for such neocon vomitories as Commentary and Weekly Standard has been prolific, shrill and free online dating sex sites and no credit card during her tenure at the mockingbird's nest.

In what should be a warning shot to all on the tsunami of anti-Muslim filth that is coming for the Obama reelection campaign, CUFI has that it "represents the soul of the Tea Party. Blogger extraordinaire Glenn Greenwald has written about the double-standard in the U.

Al Qaeda is always to blame, cafe when it isn't, even when it's allegedly the work of a Nordic, Muslim-hating, right-wing European nationalist. So all this proves once again what a menacing threat radical Islam is.

Obviously, it was a heinous attack. And yet, at the same time, the United States and its allies have brought killing like this, violence like this, to numerous countries around the world that receives a tiny fraction of the attention that this attack received, a tiny—it prompts a tiny fraction of the interest in denouncing it and in declaring it to be evil.

And it just struck me that when dating girl hublist dc lottery pick think dating cafe dating cafe ukumari animales Muslims are responsible for violence aimed at Western nations, it receives a huge amount of attention in the American media, and yet when the United States brings violence on that level to Muslim countries, kills an equal number of civilians, dozens of people killed by drone attacks and the like, and tons of people killed that way over Afghanistan over the past decade, it barely registers.

I mean, an attack like this, this level of death in Iraq, for example, or Afghanistan, would barely register on the media scale. The other aspect of it, though, is what you referenced in your question, which is, when it was widely assumed, based on basically nothing, that Muslims had been responsible for this attack and that a radical Muslim group likely perpetrated it, it was widely declared to be a "terrorist" attack. That was the word that was continuously used.

And yet, when it became apparent that Muslims were not most popular dating sites in denmark and that, in reality, it was a right-wing nationalist with extremely anti-Muslim, strident anti-Muslim bigotry as part of his worldview, the word "terrorism" almost completely disappeared from establishment media discourse.

Instead, he began to be referred to as a "madman" or an "extremist. AND — That you would think that—you would think that in response to this attack, we would end up doing things like, for example, profiling Nordic males or tall, blond Americans, tall, blond, Nordic-looking people at airports, or would start to, for example, engage in surveillance on the communications of people who belong to right-wing groups in Europe, or you look at the people who inspire these attacks, people like Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller, people who engage in this sort of strident anti-Muslim commentary who inspired this individual.

Of course, none of these measures are going to be invoked against right-wing ideologues who are anti-Muslim in nature. The American media has reliably and dishonestly pimped the big lie of Islamic terrorism while deliberately ignoring the dangers of the fascist elements within whose delusions and fanaticism are nurtured.

FOX along with the multitude of front groups and a cadre of deeply embedded operatives honeycombed throughout the media will continue to successfully promote the hatred for it is they who will reap the rewards of the coming unrest.

These seminars, run by organizations such as Security Solutions International, The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, and International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association, embrace gross and distorted stereotypes and propagate wild conspiracy theories. And - The effects of this campaign of racial hatred are being felt throughout the Muslim community.

Those with Muslim names are routinely harassed at airports, and many who wear traditional Muslim dress report mounting cases of verbal and sometimes physical abuse. Muslim children endure taunts in schools. Muslims complain of intrusive surveillance, unconstitutional profiling and frequent mistreatment by law enforcement. The practice of Islam, especially in its traditional forms, is now viewed by many as a sign of criminal intent. And with the rise of the surveillance and security state—we now havepeople working in our domestic security apparatus andmore employed as police and emergency personnel—national law is being turned into an instrument of overt repression against a religious minority.

The groups that Hedges identified, particularly Jihad Watch were hugely inspirational to Anders Breivik and those who run these organizations have the blood of innocents on their hands, not that any of them give a fuck about it. And Thursday, in an amazingly fortuitous bit of serendipity the corrupt media had found surprise-surprise a new Muslim "terrorist" again by Thursday.

Abdo has all of hallmarks of a classic patsy, he was alleged to be against war and being charged with possession of child pornography. Here in Der Heimat there is no need to construct elaborate covers because of the endemic stupidity of the American people.

The bust will only serve to bury the story of the white Christian terrorist once and for all and get the narrative back on track that Muslims and ONLY Muslims can be "terrorists" here in Murka. Christian jihadists are on standby; there are a good many Anders Breiviks right here in America who are just itching for the chance to bag their limit of their hated enemies. Sleeper cells of angry and violent white folks, jacked up on Jesus juice and armed to the teeth are chock a block within the Republican base, a veritable army of ideologically driven, brainwashed by years of religious and capitalist propaganda and perpetually pissed off at the "multiculturalism" that Breivik was driven by.

Given the gaggle of reprehensible, full blown lying authoritarian freaks running for the Republican nomination and the potency of the raw, stripped to the bones power of sheer hatred we now are at a point where playing to the base, especially the scumbaggers has the potential to produce a series of brutal hate crimes, vandalism and organized thuggery the likes of Kristallnacht. While the investigation is still in progress as to the cause of the fire would it surprise anyone if it were an act of political violence?

If this is the case expect everything to immediately be taken to the next level by the loyal adherents of the fascist cancer that has eaten this country from within. To me personally, the most shocking thing about Breivik's killing spree is that it happened in Norway and not right here in Der Homeland.

While Obama has still maintained the boot-licking fealty of the United States government towards the state of Israel he has been less deferential to the war-crazed Netanyahu regime than his predecessors. With right-wing Likudniks and their neocon American fifth-column hellbent on igniting a global conflagration that will make WW II look like a skirmish by unleashing an attack on Iran they have found Obama to be a recalcitrant obstacle to their agenda and one that must be removed.

It has been monumentally helpful to the Israeli extreme right to have been able to manifest it's policies within the pseudo populist pack of useful idiots that is the Tea Party who will never be able to accept a black man in the WHITE House. In Obama, pretty much a feckless, worthless stooge of Wall Street looters in my opinion and by the actions of his lamentable administration has proven to be a classic villain to the fascist American right. The very fact that Obama's skin is of a darker pigmentation ensures that there will always be a driving counter-force among that certain element of the population that are hardened, multi-generational racists but when the sleazy insinuations that he is illegitimate resonates throughout the degenerate Republican party base.

Note the potency of the incredibly asinine long-running farce about his birth certificate that only came to a head when the ultra-slimy opportunist pigfucker Donald Trump actually was gathering momentum as some sort of dark horse candidate with his noise pollution about said document.

That the entire Birther movement blew up as the carnival of idiocy that it always was and the black propaganda campaign that was being prepped and was ready to roll out with another bulk purchase extravaganza book by the loathsome ass Jerome Corsi and promoted by Joseph Farah and Fox went up like so much a bag of flaming dogshit only temporarily halted the onslaught. The armies of darkness that are the fascist shocktroops regrouped and will not so easily be chastened as they troll for killers, brutes and goons and the American Anders Breivik.

Beck has a highly publicized, massive anti-Obama rally slated to be rolled out in the holy land later in August which in another of those slick Orwellian bumper sticker slogans has been dubbed Restoring Courage.

Rather than venture too deeply into the wormhole that is the long-running Israeli penetration of U. Rest assured, the level is ominous and represents, and I am not engaging in excessive hyperbole - an existential threat to whatever remains of our once vibrant democracy. When Beck is finished polishing his act and the Republican candidates are well into their anti-Muslim rhetoric, a good deal of which is already being pushed by the likes of guaranteed losers like Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and their ilk look for a multi-billion dollar blitz of rancid propaganda featuring the conjured up threat of the replacement of the Constitution with Sharia Law and the Antichrist that is Barack Hussein Obama as the cat's paw of the reconstructed Islamic caliphate.

Many of the same people whose work was inspirational to Anders Breivik were also associated with the Obsession DVD including David Horowitz and his malignantly depraved pals. The man who is likely going to benefit the most from the ongoing debt ceiling tango by leveraging his Tea Party clout to overthrow the drunken idiot John Boehner as Speaker of the House is one Eric Cantor who has much riding on the promotion of anti-Muslim sentiment. Look for this meme to be central to the Republican campaigns.

Cantor is of huge value to the extremist Israeli agenda and provides a critical bridge to the Tea Party and the Republican Evangelical Christian base. When John McCain called Richard Land, of the Southern Baptist Convention, in the summer of looking for advice on who to pick as a running mate — at a time when Lieberman, who campaigned for McCain, was being mentioned as a contender — Land suggested the Arizona senator look at Cantor, who was already doing Jewish outreach for the campaign.

The other person Land recommended in that call was Sarah Palin. Texas Governor Rick Perry has been more often mentioned as a serious contender for the Republican nomination as an antidote to the ideologically impure Mitt Romney.

Perry is a culture warrior to die for when it comes time to trotting out a champion against the hated Obama and he is backed by the lunatic fringe teabaggers as well as the Christian Right. In rolling out newly acquired heavy artillery like Beck and CUFI the neocons are about to get back into the game - not that they ever truly left.

On 23 MayAlan Lake posted on his 4 Freedoms website an article outlining his belief that "in 20 or 30 years the UK will start to fragment into Islamic enclaves".

He went on: "It's time we decide By forcing these liberal twits into those enclaves, we will be sending them to their death at worst, and at best they and their families will be subjected to all the depredations, persecution and abuse that non-Muslims worldwide currently 'enjoy' in countries like Pakistan It will be great to see them executed or tortured to death. He suggested that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, should be a candidate on the grounds that he "approves of the creation and use of sharia courts".

David Cameron, he explained, should be included in the discussion "to help refine our criteria about who deserves to die at the hands of the Muslim overlords". He also included Nick Clegg on the grounds that he is "such an angelic and pure person that he upholds various 'human rights' issues more important than plebeian matters of public safety". Soon after his posting, Lake removed the references to execution and torture. But the fundamental point of that piece is correct.

I am holding people responsible for the consequences of their actions. He has admitted to loaning the EDL equipment, but denied claims he bankrolls the organisation. Users of the 4 Freedoms site have posted articles by a far-right blogger known as Fjordman who was extensively cited by Breivik in the 1,page manifesto he issued shortly after the mass killings. On a separate far right website, Gates of Vienna, Breivik is believed to have posted a tribute to Fjordmanunder the internet pseudonym "year".

Responding to a march by Muslims in Britain calling for the imposition of sharia law, Lake told the Norwegian channel 2 Nyhetene: "They are seeking the overthrow of the state. As far as I am concerned, I'll be happy to execute people like that. Paul Ray, a right-wing Christian blogger, who founded the EDL in and who has denied being Breivik's mentor, said: "As things have gone on, it's become apparent how extreme [Lake's] views are.

This is a guy directing an extreme far-right movement in the UK. They [Tommy Robinson, the EDL's leader] know that without this online presence they won't have any support. The EDL has also condemned Breivik's actions. Julie Haugen Egg julie.

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View Full Version : Explosion Norway. Yes, Ed. Totally appropriate. As for the nationalists and kahanists and jihadists and crusaders, dating pox on all their houses. Station just one problem Breivik or Anders Vacatures Breivik in sticking with the favored dating vs married life harsh beniwal reaction technique of the thoroughly rotten media who since the days gentbrugge Lee Harvey Oswald coach assign all three names to political dating in jupiter florida, a blond-haired blue-eyed fanatic was a Christian who loved guns, hated Muslims and "cultural Marxists" slaughtered 76 people in a rampage that rocked Norway. The majority of Breivik's victims were gunned down at a government youth camp on Utoeya Island where the shooter, dressed as a policeman conjured up dark European memories of the Waffen SS as he carried out his executions in an icily detached militaristic manner. Using high-capacity magazines purchased from the U. Breivik brought to mind notorious American terrorist Timothy McVeigh when he built a massive bomb, using up to six tons of fertilizer to detonate in front of government offices near the Parliament building. Fortunately for Norway, the fertilizer bomb was not as devastating as the one that took down the Alfred P.

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