Where to Stay in Santa Monica: Neighborhood Map by 150 Locals

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The key is on the left, and when you click dating cafe adressen schweizerhof bern a category, you can highlight all the hotels in that category. But if you uncheck the box, the hotel no longer shows up.

So you can only view category 1 hotels or only view category 11 hotels. Added it. I may have dating software uky libraries ebscohost student some new hotels.

Great list, I wish there was a Category 1 hotel here in Sydney but sadly there is not! Yea, most big expensive cities dont have a category one.

The HI Darling Harbour is on there… yes? It says the country as Canada though so perhaps it is just pinned dating girl hubli dharwad city corporation belgaum the wrong Sydney? This is not accurate, for instance all Hotels change their reward night costs of a hotel room based on their daily rate so if the ADR changes, the reward night cost would change.

Very subjective. I have found that to an incredibly useful tool for quite awhile now. The developer is very responsive as well. Thanks for the hard work! Yep, thank you. It has some great extra features, like best international free dating sites without upgrading all the region hotels on the side, and again, comparing with different chains.

Either way, both are great. Appreciate your efforts again Drew…. Likewise, the award mapper tool, even if you reduce it to hunting for CC hotels…. It continues to show obsolete hotels and fails to show new acquisitions. Maps like these make me SO happy. I have been so frustrated with the crappy hotel websites for most of adult dating sites floida chains, this is superb.

Actually, while making these I realized just how bad the resources are for finding all the hotels in a category. This is great. And otherwise not a lot of options. This is very cool! I actually like it better than Awardmapper. Awesome and incredibly helpful!! The fact that you have the patience to do this is amazing. Great job! Hey Drew, I love the site. So in order to make my life easier :I vote your next map to be Club Carlson!

Since you already have Hyatt done, the next two should definitely be SPG and Club Carlson in whatever order you think best. Let me see if I can get them to be in their exact locations. Thank you for the great map, Drew. The category-filtering ability of this map is just what I need! Thanks for this post! Ah, I stumbled on your blog through a suggestion on feedly! This is fantastic!

Plenty of great domestic options, and check the PointBreaks list of course. Thanks for stopping by, Drew. This is brilliant. Thanks for pointing that out. All of these are kind of funny glitches. But I do appreciate the note. Fixed now. I think the IC Bethlehem is no more. Awesome tool Drew, do you have this data in Excel? Love your site. Pete in Florida. Would be awesome if this could be updated for category changes and point differences.

It should be next to the Holiday Inn near the airport. Thank you so much. IHG should be paying you for every view of this page. Now I know which site to book through for credit card signups. It is listed as a Cat. I just wish I could get the points as cheaply as you guys in the US. If you have any idea how Europeans can earn points in a similar way, pls let me know. This page is much better than their cumbersome internet site! I do appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the hotel maps — but they do need to be updated once in a while otherwise they stop being so useful.

Wish it was your cat3! Thanks for the map. They have so few properties there it was easy to spot. Pls stop making these, Drew.

But seriously, hats off for the great work. Great website, Drew; the best. Everyone should bookmark it. Your Complete Maps are very helpful.

Thank you! The 2 point Melbourne,FL hotels should be Sad news for FL travelers, but hope you can update soon. Hey, what a project! This is amazing! Thanks for putting together. I am potentially interested in using this for a school project. Any chance the source data is available? No worries if not, but much appreciated if so!

Would you mind telling me how you gathered the data for this. Drew, thank you so much, this is fantastic! Do you have any plans to update this map as newer hotels come out?

Thanks for publishing an updated map. I got a bunch of IHG points recently, and this will help me plan a trip with them. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

April 22, Click in the top right corner for full screen. Related Posts. Comments 96 ucipass says:. Cool, but not perfect! For instance no Belo Horizonte Holiday Inn?

Drew Macomber says:. Ruth says:. Boon says:. Scott says:. Leslie Z Sokolow says:. Jonathan says:. Because being able to sort by category is infinitely more useful. Carolyn says:. Me OCD?

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