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Ten years promoting Celtic-Punk as a unofficial Celtic supporters club for drunx, punx messaged vagabonds! The second in our series on celebrated figures from history immortalised in song and covered by both Folk and Celtic-Punk bands. His sept, a minor one, claimed descent from the 11th century King of Divorced people dating site free, Bran Mac Maolmordha, and was centred at Ballinacor in Glenmalure, a steep valley most the fastness of the Wicklow mountains.

Their chiefs styled themselves the Lords of Ranalagh. The territory of the Gabhail Rabhnaill stretched from Glendalough south to the Forest of Shillelagh in Wexford and west to the borders of present day Co Carlow, match dating over 50 area of someacres.

Resenting the greed and kind of the Elizabethan adventurers and settlers, Fiach would raid their villages and kill or drive them out. He was appalled at the ruthless cruelty of the stewarts Thomas Masterson and Sir Henry Harrington and in went into open rebellion when Masterson summarily executed many Kavanagh clansmen.

Other clans joined with Fiach and when James Eustace, 3rd Lord Baltinglass, dating by the treatment of the Catholic Old English also rebelled and joined with him. Over English lost their lives at the Battle of Glenmalure and the rest fled back to Dublin. The following year the English offered terms, Eustace refused and fled to Spain but Fiach and the other clan chiefs accepted and were pardoned. The English spent a long time collecting heads and plundering, they spared few.

In April, Russell again went hunting for Fiach who once again escaped. His wife Rose however was captured and sentenced to be burned to death. The sentence was not carried out. Lord Deputy Russell was to spend the next year unsuccessfully scouring the country for Fiach.

A traitor in his camp gave information to Russell that Get would be in Any new free dating sites on 8th May Sites Lord Deputy was able to surprise women and captured him in a cave. There he was hacked to death and decapitated with his own sword. The queen was said to have been greatly angered that. A short series exploring some of the figures from dating girl vijaypur city furniture immortalised in song and covered by all your favourite Folk and Celtic-Punk bands.

Today we celebrate Roddy McCorley, a young man executed back in May the honour of those who died for Ireland last forever. These charges are believed to have been politically motivated in an attempt to remove a troublesome dating application download for android at a time of great social unrest. Some of these men had been British soldiers members of the Irish militia who changed sides in the conflict, and as such were guilty of treason and thus exempt from the terms of amnesty offered to the rank and file of the United Irishmen.

This meant that they were always on dallas cowboy cheerleaders dating players run in an attempt to evade capture. The Dubliners version in their own inimitable style as sung by Ciaran Bourke. These were treacherous times and Roddy McCorley paid the price when betrayed by an informer he was arrested and tried by court martial in Ballymena on 20 February His execution was carried out on 28 February His body was then dismembered and buried under the gallows, on the main Antrim to Derry road.

In it he is called Roger McCorley, which may have been his proper Christian name. What a warning to others, it is proper to observe that the whole of his life was devoted to disorderly proceedings of every kind, for many years past, scarcely a Quarter-sessions occurred but what the name of Roger McCorley appeared in a variety of criminal cases.

His body was dating guitarist //singer doyle bramhall ii instagram search mundimago up to dissection and afterwards buried under the gallows…thus of late we have got rid of six of those nefarious wretches who have kept this neighbourhood in the greatest misery for some time past, namely, Stewart, Dunn, Ryan, McCorley, Caskey and the notorious Dr.

The noted Archer will soon be in our Guard-room. See the fleet foot host of men That speed with faces wan, From farmstead and from fishers cot Along the banks of Bann, They come with vengeance in their eyes Too late too late are they.

Up narrow street he steps Smiling, proud and young. About the hemp rope on his neck The golden ringlets clung There was never a tear in his blue eye, Both sad and bright are they, For young Roddy McCorley goes to die On the bridge of Toome today. When he last stepped up that street, His shining pike in hand, Behind him marched in grim array A stalwart, earnest band.

There was never a one of all your dead More bravely fell in fray Than he who marches to his fate On the bridge of Toome today. Despite this lack of evidence Roddy McCorley became a major figure in nationalist-republican martyrology due to this song.

All were involved in local punk and metal bands and the idea was to try something different from what they were used to playing. The following couple of years saw them build up both a decent following and also a solid reputation for their exciting live gigs. Having played the tribute circuit for a couple of years they finally got their first release under their belts with the One For All single which was soon followed by the Royal Arms EP which led to successful tours of Germany and the Czech Republic.

Band members have come and gone, as they tend to do with Celtic-Punk bands, but the core of the group has remained and stayed true to the ideals that they had in the first place. With seven members of the band backed up here on trumpet which always accompanies Celtic-Punk really well I always think the sound is full and the combination of Celtic and Ska is a real winner. The four songs that will make up the EP promise, and will deliver I am sure, songs to make your arses move and dance to the groove.

The debut album from South-West Londoners The Disinclined, ageing purveyors of folky, punky, gypsy tales. The debut album from The Disinclined comes hot on the heels of their debut single, Sing And Create, which we gave the thumbs up to last December on these pages.

Both the tracks from then are re-recorded here and if anything have been improved upon with a much better production. So with a wealth of experience in both playing and songwriting it was only to be expected that The Disinclined know their way round a good tune or two and here on Sing they have delivered an album that is chock-a-block full of them.

Quite a feat for a band that manages to avoid any sort of pigeonholing. The song is played at a slowish pace with touches of Eastern Europe and the sound is layered upon sound making this my favourite track from the album. A real slow burner of a song that builds and builds into something grand before slowing right down again.

This song has appeared in several forms but every time they take it away and fiddle with it it comes back better than before.

The ska beat is back but not of the happy, giddy sort that gets on your wick! Just Us! Beginning with drums and some crunching bass lines from Matt before Tim joins in with the melodica again and one of the catchiest songs here that I was hoping would explode a bit more but just keeps itself in check.

This brings us onto what could be called their signature tune and as you can imagine from a band that manages to squeeze the line. The vinyl album is a joy to behold and looks absolutely beautiful with some stunning artwork from good friend of the band Keith Slote. The different styles and influences loaded onto Sing take nothing away from the band who still manage to make everything sound so natural. For those fans of the band they will be extremely pleased that the songs they recognise from live sets are not just replicated but even bettered but I think Sing is well worth taking a punt on for anyone and sit back and enjoy!

Trains from Waterloo, Clapham and Vauxhall and only a short walk from Kingston station. Featuring yer man himself and anyone else he can round up in the meantime. Kicking off the night will be Kingsley Beat. Made in Madchester.

Raised in Acton. Generated by Beats. Mad for Melody, Melody Mad. Facebook event here. The Summer is almost here and any day soon the sun will be splitting the pavements while we all moan about hot it is and start praying for rain. Not though The Celtic Punkcast where every day is a scorcher! Stream live or download to listen to later and enjoy! July already! Great show again this month, with Canadian band The Stanfields being the featured artist and some new tunes from a few bands as well.

You can listen to the July episode of The Celtic Punkcast at the link below. The Industrial Workers of the World blazed a path in American history and its influence is still felt widely today. Here are twenty of those songs that can still lift our spirits decades later. The Wobblies, the name given to members of the IWW, at their peak innumbered nearbut state repression, competition from other unions and the inevitable split led to a decline in membership that has seen this once great organisation become a mere shadow of itself.

With their imaginative, colourful and world-famous strikes and free-speech fights, the IWW wrote many of the brightest pages in the annals of working class history. In their struggle to promote these politics, the IWW was a singing union.

The songbook was one of the most important documents and its songs were sung in numerous situations: around hobo campfires, in boxcars, in Wobbly halls, in the streets, on picket lines, at strike rallies, in court, on the way to jail and in jail. The songs were a crucial aid in recruiting new members, and they were important in building a sense of fellowship and in keeping spirits up in hard situations. This tells us something about the popularity these songs enjoyed.

Rebel Voices. Use to releasing left field folk music the label had split from the more famous Rounder Records who were more reluctant to release leftfield albums like this compilation. The presence of Utah Phillips looms large here. The album also combines its participants into various small groupings and a big ensemble finale, an idea that works just as well in an album sequence as it has on many folk festival stages.

Besides delivering its intended messages, this collection also puts the spotlight on some fairly unknown performers in a context that brings welcome thematic strength and emotional power to their work. Rebel Voices is an amazing collection of stories and songs, that gives a perfect history of working people. The songs call for solidarity is as relevant today as it was when the songs were originally written. The music provides a feeling of being connected, and makes you want to sing along.

Tracks 1. Preamble to the IWW Constitution 2. Organizer — Jeff Cahill 3. Little Red Hen — Faith Petric 4. Which Side Are You On? Two Bums — Utah Phillips 6. Banks of Marbles — Fred Holstein 7.

Put It on the Ground — Marion Wade 8. Popular Wobbly — Eric Glatz 9.

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Today the Earth gave back more for us. Let us remind our friends of such blips the next time a heat wave or a storm is cited as proof of global warming. What can be said about the short term trend in Arctic sea ice is that for the past two years, it has recovered from the historic low of It recovered inand more in But Steve Goddard has made some comparison overlays that are interesting. Same story for JAXA. Images are below. Green is JAXA. Black is DMI. The dashed line is the historic low.

The Black Matilda

Ten years promoting Celtic-Punk as a unofficial Celtic supporters club for drunx, punx 'n' vagabonds! The second in our series on celebrated figures from history immortalised in song and covered by both Folk and Celtic-Punk bands. His sept, a minor one, claimed descent from the 11th century King of Leinster, Bran Mac Maolmordha, and was centred at Ballinacor in Glenmalure, a steep valley in the fastness of the Wicklow mountains. Their chiefs styled themselves as Lords of Ranalagh. The territory of the Gabhail Rabhnaill stretched from Glendalough south to the Forest of Shillelagh in Wexford and west to the borders of present day Co Carlow, an area of some , acres. Historically, the dating site for trump has been referred to in Irish folklore and, since the late sixteenth century, it has been noted in written records—although it is likely that some northern Atlantic fishing crews knew the song before these historical accounts were made. The song is a staple for artists performing live music in Irish pubs. It is often considered to be a drinking song rather than a temperance song. For many people, the Wild Rover is the stereotypical Irish drinking song. The song tells the story of a young man who has been away from his hometown for many years. Reducing energy consumption while meeting the rising demand for hotels in China is a bold ambition. This report puts forth concrete evidence of the power of digitization across the spectrum of energy management and automation. Grab the chance to win a personalized AvatarOn switch cover by participating in a mobile game and designing your dream home in just a few simple steps. Schneider Electric is introducing a new way to measure your satisfaction. After an interaction with us, you might receive an email survey. Thank you in advance for your participation! With Innovation At Every Level, we are redefining power and automation for a new world of energy.