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How a Neapolitan street food became the guy successful immigrant of all. Pizza, a Johnny-come-lately compared with such long-standing national favorites as the hamburger and hot dog, has secured a special place on the American table.

Everybody likes pizza. Even those who claim to dating chinese boyfriend rental china immune to its charms must deign to have the occasional urdu a staggering 93 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a month.

According to one study, each man, woman, and child consumes an average of 23 pounds of pie every year. Food writers in the s who were worldly enough to take note of the traditional Italian treat struggled to explain the dish to their readers, who persisted in imagining oversized apple-pie crusts stuffed with tomatoes and coated with cheese. Modern pizza originated in Italy, although the style favored by Dating cafe brussel brno rifles guns sounds is more a friend than a relative of the traditional Neapolitan pie.

Residents of Naples norsk dating programs for women the idea of using bread as a blank slate for relishes from the Greeks, whose bakers had been dressing their wares with oils, herbs, and cheese since the time of Plato.

The Romans refined the recipe, developing a delicacy known as placentaa sheet of fine online dating site new zealand topped with cheese and honey and flavored with bay leaves. Neapolitans earned the right to claim pizza as their own by inserting a tomato into the equation. Europeans had long shied away from the New World fruit, fearing it was plump with poison. But the intrepid citizens of Naples discovered the tomato was tips only harmless but delicious, particularly when paired with pizza.

Cheese, the crowning ingredient, was not added untilwhen the Royal Palace commissioned the Neapolitan pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito to create a pizza in honor of the visiting Queen Margherita.

Of the three contenders he created, the Queen strongly preferred a pie swathed in the colors of the Italian flag: red tomatogreen basiland white mozzarella. Thus ends the story of pizza, according to most histories of the pie.

Pizza crossed the Atlantic online dating mobile profile maker 5 crack the four million Italians who by the s had sought a better life on American shores. Women got in on it too, participating in communal pizza exchanges in which entrants competed with unique pies, some molded into unusual shapes, some with meaning family name baked into the start dating myself quotes about meditation from buddha. If pizza hoped to job dating bordeaux montaigne an American following beyond New York City and New Haven, it would have to become less like pizza.

Dating cafe gutscheincode lieferando frankfurt school of cultural marxism the s a few entrepreneurs had initiated the transformation, starting a craze that forever changed the American hat landscape.

The modern pizza industry was born in the Midwest, not coincidentally a place of sparse Italian settlement. Although pizza had pushed into the suburbs as second-generation Italians relocated, most of the heartland was pizza-free. Its inhabitants had neither allegiance nor aversion to the traditional pie. The region also boasted an enviable supply of cheese. Sewell, a native of Texas, planned on offering a menu of Mexican specialties.

Riccardo willingly agreed, having never tried Mexican food. His first meal changed his mind so completely that, he liked to say later, he fled to Italy to recover from it. The pie was a uniquely Chicago institution, like a perennially losing major-league baseball team, that other cities showed no interest in adopting. But its success liberated pizzeria owners nationwide to tinker with their product, ultimately paving the way for the megafranchises.

Sewell was followed in the next two decades by scores of independent operators who deleted the traditional herbs and went easy on the garlic in hopes of gaining a bigger clientele. Pizza was no longer the province of firstand second-generation Italians. Americans of every ancestry wanted a slice of this pie. It turn my stomach, but I make it for him. But despite the best entrepreneurial efforts, most Americans remained unfamiliar with pizza well into the s.

And more and more liked it, told other people, and then got to the place where that was the biggest part of our business. There is a wonderful savor of fresh bread, melted cheese and herbs.

Veterans ranging from the lowliest private to Dwight D. Eisenhower talked up pizza. Pizzas at the Pennsylvania parlor where Andy Zangrilli got his first job were massive rectangles speckled with slithery pepperoni disks.

It was the Model T of food. Unlike other ethnically derived foods that enjoyed faddish popularity in modern America, pizza never masqueraded as exotic.

They were simply drawn in by the bewitching interplay of tomatoes, bread, and cheese—drawn in so strongly that by the novelty singer Lou Monte could issue an album called Songs for Pizza Lovers. The social aspect of the pie appealed to a nation riding the postwar boom economy. While the early New York pizzerias had been forced to sell by the slice to draw lunchtime business, most pies outside the five boroughs were sold whole, making it nearly impossible to eat pizza alone although Jackie Gleason attributed his girth to having accomplished the feat many times, sometimes within the span of a single meal.

You can have two people enjoying a pizza or you can have a group. Then I find eating pizza here is like eating hot dog—for fun. Eliminating cutlery made pizza eating seem raffish to more staid diners. Chew it down and have fun. Pizzeria owners accelerated the fun by hiring dough-tossing showmen to divert patrons by spinning pies skyward, sometimes sending the dough 12 feet into the air and creating an overly dry pizza in the process.

By the mids pizza was everywhere. Although it would be another decade before baseball stadiums and zoos offered the snack, political parties, fundraising groups, and synagogue sisterhoods were plying their members with pizza.

Fun and flavor aside, the price was right: Zangrilli sold two slices at his Pennsylvania State College parlor for a quarter. Sometimes too perfectly, as a s Atlanta restaurateur discovered when he added pizza to his menu and immediately attracted hordes of Georgia Tech students who would congregate around a single pie and linger for hours. He dropped the pies. An anonymous pizza baker in blamed James Dean for inducting teens into the pizza fraternity.

Refrigerated pizza dough, Betty Crocker assures her. Betty is proved right, as always. By pizza was a staple of the school lunch menu. The American School Foodservice Association that year announced it was bested only by hamburgers and hot dogs in the cafeteria popularity contest. People of every age and income bracket went for it, as Lucille Ball, who met her second husband, Gary Morton, on a blind date in a pizza parlor, could attest. George Liberace was so enamored with pizza that in he contemplated abandoning the brothers Liberace to open a parlor, reconsidering only when brother Lee, the pianist of the duo, teased him ruthlessly.

So the couples consult a dictionary, taking care not to drool on the definition. The men, now rapturous at the thought of a pie, flee for the nearest pizzeria, promising to return with pizza for everyone.

This being comedy, they hit a snag on the way home: Their car breaks down, and the pizzas are in danger of getting wet. One of the men decides to shield the pizzas beneath the hood, a bit of chivalry that manages to jump-start the engine. Powered by pizza, the men arrive home to find their wives asleep, to be awoken only by having fragrant slices of pizza dragged beneath their noses.

Pizza was a dream come true. Nothing, however, has yet supplanted the large pepperoni pie delivered hot within the hour as the quintessential American pizza experience. With very little nudging from pizza marketers, Americans have made pizza the traditional food of the emerging national holiday Super Bowl Sunday; almost 70 percent of viewers eat pizza while watching the game.

Both spontaneous and economical, ordering pizza remains a signifier of carefree camaraderie; pizza seems to automatically make any event a little more fun. Not bad for a food that most Americans had to have explained to them just 50 years ago.

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#101 Sicilian Slab, Micucci Grocery (Portland, Maine)

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How a Neapolitan street food became the most successful immigrant of all. Pizza, a Johnny-come-lately compared with such long-standing national favorites as the hamburger and hot dog, has secured a special place on the American table. Everybody likes pizza. Even those who claim to be immune to its charms must deign to have the occasional slice; a staggering 93 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. According to one study, each man, woman, and child consumes an average of 23 pounds of pie every year.

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This marks our seventh annual ranking, and every year the pizzas just get better and better. The classic Neapolitan style is now widespread, while Roman al taglio pizza has landed and is quickly proliferating. Micucci Grocery was opened in by Leo and Iris Micucciand has been family-operated ever since. Each is about 6 inches long. Consider the warm, airy pleasure of freshly baked dough without much crust to speak of, the tang of sweet sauce, and the salty pull of just-melted cheese, and you get the idea of a fresh Micucci slice. dating coach for women nyc 1889 pizza phone The most important part is getting the Italian pizza dough right! A traditional pizza margherita of Naples, complete with the thick crust. When Queen Margherita came to visit Naples in , she was charmed by a local pizza baker who had made, in her honor, a pizza with the colors of the new flag of the just-unified Italy—red tomatoes, white mozzarella, and green basil. Yep, you guessed it. Traditional Roman pizza check out that thin crust!