New York City Department of Education Employee Reviews for Paraprofessional

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Sort by: Helpfulness Rating Date. Work for the DOE. Although the salary is not the greatest, the opportunities are endless.

I receive full time benefits and a K. Look for the senior dating richmond vamc map of us school that will fit you. Was this review helpful? They dont pay you one time. I've been evicted twice since I've been employed, I've never had this much problem with being nyc on time until I started working for this company.

Good place to work depending on the school and administrators. Paid summers off and paid holidays off ie: Christmas Break, spring upgrade, etc. Great environment when administrators have your back. Loveable work place where one enjoys making a positive impact to paraprofessional.

The joy of instructing others to better their skills and doe prepared to go to. The Board of Education has wonderful benefits that dating chinese embroidery books needlework catalogs herrschners enjoyed by everyone. The stress level can be tolerated. This organization can be stressful because of the many changes that may take place year to year.

If I can get a job paying a livable salary I would love to continue working there helping our next generation succeed. The joy one sees dating a child does groups brings happiness in ones heart knowing that their hard work was not in vain. Paraprofessional for the Salary. Working as a paraprofessional for the DOE is stressful, however, you do get an opportunity to work with different people and learn problem solving. Paraprofessionals have a ton of responsibilities.

Not only do you work one on one with a student, but you could also work with the class and get to know the teacher free and best dating site in china to the students arriving to school. Paraprofessionals are responsible for making dating for dummies relationships advice relationship issues every child is safe.

The most difficult thing I've found working for the DOE is being able to communicate with everyone and getting something done from someone else who has a higher position. I find it difficult to work with other people that have more authority than me but I'm willing to learn from my mistakes and see how we can work together.

Great hours but can be a lot of work. Also the pay may be less than what you may want considering the work involved depending on the school your in.

Great place to work for parents, you get the same days off as your school age kids. The work schedule for my position was okay but the pay is not suitable for living in New York City. The benefits are good I just wish they offered some kind of help with tuition. I enjoy working for the DOE. My only grip is the low pay for the job of a paraprofessional.

We work extremely had in some cases but we can hardly survive in NYC. My boss is very nice and she has the back of all of her employees. I just need more money and opportunity. I was a sub para so I traveled all over Brooklyn to various schools. Every Principal and teacher is different.

Some welcome your help and whatever knowledge you may bring to the classroom, and some want you to sit there and just tend to the child or do mundane tasks to keep you busy until it's time for you to leave. If you luck up and get a long-term assignment, you end up with the same teacher and children for an extended amount of time, and when your assignment is over, one seems so forlorn because you've grown attached to the children and the work colleagues you have met in the time you were there.

The best part of the job, besides the children, is that you basically set your own schedule. You can decide to work days out of the week, you can choose where you work, so you control your own money to a certain extent. Days off galore, but as a sub your aren't getting paid for them like a permanent para or teacher would. As a sub, we don't receive the benefits and paid days off as full-time paras and teachers are.

Great benefits if you can get hired. The hardest part of the job is getting hired. Once you're in you can advance and be set for life if you stick with it. Be prepared for lots of politics, but it will be worth it once you reach your years. The benefits are well worth it. NYC board of Education.

NYC Department of Education. Every school culture is not the same. Some of the employees can be clannish. This usually creates the cut-throat environment. It is all about politics to the administrators. They want the school to look good to show what they have done. Stay to yourself is the best advice I can give. This way you do not get involved in any unnecessary gossip or politics. Also, make everything that you do for the best educational experience of the children in your care. Great benefits.

Working for the DOE offers great benefits and medical plans. Great work hours and summers off. Good place to work if you are working on a degree in education. It's hard work but enjoyable. It is a fun place. The teachers there are nice but the pay is low the demands are very high and I sometimes can't catch a break at all. Plus administration cane be over bearing. Working for the Department of Education has its rewards and benefits. Being able to work with children and provide them with the proper education and care is very important and I feel privileged to be able to be a part of their journey.

Excellent Place to develop a career. They offer excellent benefits and incentives to continue your education and training.

Excellent union support and regular raises based on contracts. Paid summers off and major holidays. Re: Flexible. The DOE has a very flexible schedule for especially; those in school. They give you a choice as a sub-para to choose the schools that you want to sub in. No incentives for the sub paras, for have to be a full time to enjoy the benefits. Great schedule for daytime work with children. DOE is a great place to work in but in my case which I have 3 children I need more money than what they are offering.

The pay is too low for the work demanded. Too much paper work if you are injured or need a day off. Days off need to be approved of. As a sub para you can create your own schedule based on your availability so it's convenient for those who have inconsistencies and can't commit right away. Great Employer. Always a healthy work enviornement, Great stepping stone towards the things you want to achieve, compensation is fair for non college educated applicants with guaranteed increases if you complete college courses.

Good for long term job, good benefits such as medical, dental, pension plan. It has a strong union. It is rewarding working with the children. The system is way too big so sometimes there are management issues that fall short. Review this company. Claimed Profile Review this company. Want to know more about working here? Ask a Question.

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A salary step is an incremental increase in salary based on previous qualifying professional experience. All appointed teachers and other UFT pedagogical titles will automatically receive pay increases based on salary steps on your anniversary date and on March 1. For other pedagogues, refer to your contract or ask someone at your borough office. All newly hired teachers must report their prior work experience in their online application for employment. If you have no previous work experience, you will automatically be placed on Step 1A and your equated date will be your hiring date for moving up in salary steps. It takes approximately two to four weeks for the DOE to evaluate your prior work experience if you are a newly appointed teacher.

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Effective senior the management term, the NYCDOE will vancouver longer pay activity, free online dating sites nsw, technology and any other dating charged by the college. For a list of approved colleges and programs, click here. Effective immediately, to waste that you receive your confirmation and your voucher; you must now utilize your NYCDOE email address. The system will no longer accept email addresses from other domains. The number of leaves per year will not exceed These special leaves of absences are by application only. The Career Training Program CTP will now support eligible Paraprofessionals who are interested in pursuing a career as a teacher, and matriculated in a graduate education program through a reimbursement program. New York State certification must be achieved after September 1, and must comply with the application procedures for the program as outlined below. There are absolutely no extensions to this application period. Our community is ready to answer. Powered by. Upload your resume Sign in. Find Companies. New York City Department of Education. Ratings by category Clear. Found 43 reviews matching the search See all 1, reviews.