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Degouzhet on e niverkenderc'hel a rin diwezhatoc'h. Lekemok kaozeal 7 Meu da UTC. Here's your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week.

Development The first year is over. Thank you everyone for being amazing and helping to build Wikidata and making it more than we could possibly have hoped for already. The remaining Wikipedias are free online dating sites toronto for April As usual this might change if we run into problems along the way. Cafe is now a page showing the current lag for changes propagating to the Wikipedias so they can show up in watchlists and recent changes for example.

This should ideally be in the range of a few minutes. Right now it is higher because of some abnormally high bot activity but decreasing. Should be down to a few minutes soon. Dating in austin vs bay area on adresse of these.

Please comment about your problems or your trials at d:Help:Sources Dating violence webquest rubrics for essay grading Noteworthy Stuff Deployment of phase 2 on the remaining Wikipedias was delayed because of a high lag of changes being propagated to the Wikipedias.

The lag has been reduced considerably now and is going down even more. The new date for deployment will not be next week because there are other large changes on Wikimedia infrastructure scheduled that we do not want to interfere with.

It will hopefully happen very soon after that though. Next code update on wikidata. This should include qualifiers and bugfixes. There is a new user right: property creators There is now a page to request deletion of a property We now have Bureaucrats Reasonator was improved and extended 1 2 Open Tasks dating coach abdelkader khaldi ya yama You Hack on one of these Help draft the next weekly summary.

Development Dispatch lag is now down to 0 so changes should show up very quickly on the Wikipedias in watchlists and recent changes wikidata. Dating should among other things solve the issue where people were not able to edit when on wikidata. All remaining Wikipedias are planned for April Qualifiers are available now. In the same update several bugs have been fixed mainly related to Internet Explorer 8.

At the same time search match online dating youtube video been made case-insensitive. More details here. A list of all of the currently open ones is here.

The ones you probably care about are: when clicking "edit links" on a Wikipedia article the existential dating vk streaming 2019 eclipse ornament is automatically taken to the language links part of the item. Hopefully it is now more obvious how to change the links.

Discussions What should be done with the property stable Version? The geographic relation "exclave of" is the property with the ID English Wikipedia discussion closes allowing for use of Wikidata Template to display a tree based in Wikidata data Deployed new bugfixes on wikidata. Did you know? The time datatype can now be tested on the demosystem and should become available on Wikidata next week. Newest properties: catalog code Prunway Pdiplomatic relation Pdiplomatic mission sent Pdiplomatic mission sent Pport of registry Ptarget Pstreak color PFind a Grave PATP id Ptwinning Pfracturing PMuseofile P Newest task forces: Ship task force d:Template:Constraint:Item allows to check if items using a given property also have other properties.

To find items to fix, it links to one of Magnus' tools and to a daily report. Sample: items with property mother should also have main type GND with value person.

Development A lot of discussions and hacking at the MediaWiki hackathon on Amsterdam Worked on content negotiation for the RDF export Bugfixing for editing of time datatype Added validation in the api for claim guids.

This also resolves bugan exception being thrown in production, whenever a bot or api user requested a claim with an invalid claim guid Improved error message popup bubbles to show HTML and parse the links correctly Fixed bugto hide the view source tab for item and property pages Testing on Diff extension and SQLstore Open Tasks for You Add statements to Wikidata: either manually, through " array properties ", through a bot requestwith Wikidata usefulor by operating your own bot Help fix formatting and value issues for a property Respond to a "Request for Comment" Hack on one of these.

Can't find one for your interest? Start one! Discussions Final vote on the "Guidelines for sourcing statements" till June Discussions Development team published a proposal how to make use of Wikidata for Commons Community proposal for how Wikidata could support Wikisource RfC on source items and supporting Wikipedia sources Other Noteworthy Stuff d:User:Byrial is creating database reports that are useful to find issues in the current data Denny created a map of all geocoordinates currently in Wikidata normal and huge version - updated daily Did you know?

Newest properties: RTECS number PRefSeq Ptranslator P Development The Wikidata bug report with the most votes was closed bugzilla - updating the link on Wikidata automatically when a page on Wikipedia is moved Wikipedia pages will soon have a link named "Data item" in the toolbox section of the sidebar that links to the Wikidata item that is connected to the page bugzilla - You can already see it on the main page of test2.

Discussions Alternative proposal for Wiktionary support RfC on the sourcing requirements for bots Project chat discussion about creating a new Requests for mergers page One of our Google Summer of Code students is looking for feedback on mockups for Wikidata mobile Did you know? Browser search plugins for wikidata have beeen created. Byrial 's database reports have been updated from the dump!

These can be seen here. Development Support for badges in the process of being added to the DataModel. Created further UI mockups for Wikidata Mobile. Front end performance improvements in a few areas including multiple edits on pages. The bug in wbeditentity where aliases were removed has been fixed. Discussions A request for comment for exclusion criteria in wikipedia namespace.

Images for the Main Page proposed and discussed on project chat. Discussion on Wikivoyage notability and changes to WD:N. Request for comment on sockpuppetry guidelines closes. Saskia joins the Wikidata team to analyze the proposals for Wiktionary in Wikidata. Wikivoyage deployment planned to start July 23rd, see the coordination page here.

Development Wmf11 has been deployed to test. Wikidata is moving from a Squid to a Varnish cache system! Search ranking has been improved ready for the next deployment where Wikivoyage support will also be added.

Optional title normalization added to 'wbgetentities' Fixed broken XML result for wbeditentity. Fixed broken link to anchor in sitelinks section. Templates no longer parsed in labels. Technical documentation improved for Ask and WikibaseQueryEngine. Open Tasks for You Update, expand and translate one of the help pages to make it easier for newcomers Update and expand Wikidata:Contribute to provide more information for newcomers Help fix formatting and value issues for a property Hack on one of these.

Please give feedback. Here you go. Respond to a "Request for Comment". Discussions Request for comment on defining CheckUsers.

Please go there to propose important properties about economics for countries, regions or companies. Discussions Request for comment on Property proposal organisation reform to a more Model Request for comment on VCards for Wikivoyage Requests for bot approval has many requests that need further discussion! Many property proposals still need input!

If you are around make sure you come and say Hi! Wikidata meetup in the chapters village on Saturday at 1 PM at Wikimania. Other Noteworthy Stuff Following numerous discussions we are happy to present the new version of the proposal that would lead to Wikidata supporting structured data for the Wiktionaries.

There are now only an estimated 1, articles remaining with inter language links, down from the previous 26,! Newest properties: LAU local administrative unitSikart identifier in SIKARTsymptoms the possible symptoms of a medical condition Frequently used for cities and other places, P17 "country" indicates the sovereign state an item relates to.

There now at least items for most present day sovereign states. Leading is China Q withitems, followed by Iran! China rose from just items a month ago. Development Changeops implemented for all Api modules All Api modules now have better auto comments and custom summaries Work on claim ordering started Work on refactoring Api Tests Bug Fixes!!

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You can postale all open tickets related to Cafe here. The weekly newsletter was started by Lydia at the very beginning of template Wikidata project, even before adresse first deployment, to keep the community informed about the developments, the new projects dating agency cyrano asianwiki korean dramas tools. More than five years later, the newsletter is still there, its content powered by the community, and sent every envelope all dating the years. I wanted to say a warm "thank you! Over the past years, as you know, Wikidata has grown a lot. More data, more tools, more editors and reusers, more exciting projects led by the community. The Weekly Summary has evolved with us, and the th edition seems a good moment to ask you all your suggestions about the newsletter, how it could continue evolving, and how you would like to improve it. On that purpose, you can find a feedback page to express all your ideas about the Weekly Summary. We're very interested to know more about your reading habits, the parts you're more or less interested in, the new topics you would like to share with the community. Thanks in advance for filling it.

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The 22 full papers and 10 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 48 submissions. The papers feature research that combines dating cafe moenchengladbach fussball live schauenburg or computation with music theory, music analysis, composition, and performance. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Conference proceedings MCM Papers Table of contents 36 papers About About these proceedings Table of contents Search within event. Front Matter Pages i-xii. However more community help will be needed. To assist with preparing the newsletter, please visit the newsroom. Past editions may be viewed here. Here's your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week. Development The first year is over. Thank you everyone for being amazing and helping to build Wikidata and making it more than we could possibly have hoped for already.