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Note: All recent updates and changes are in maroon. Introduction : Persecution or Prosecution? The tribe of Judah Jews; and also another tiny tribe called the Benjaminites are kicked out of the Israelite tribe which is actually a group of tribesand they resettle in southern Canaan Palestine.

Jews murder Jesus Christ, or rather, have him killed, as some prefer. The event in sum: Jesus is brought before Pilate charged with various crimes. Pilate declares him innocent. The crowd of Jews angrily demand his death. Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children. Jews revolt against Rome. Masses of Jews rioted and wiped out the small Roman garrison stationed in Jerusalem.

Cestius Gallus, the Roman ruler in neighboring Syria, sent in a larger force of soldiers. But the insurgent Jews routed them as well. The next exchange would be different. Classified dating hookup adsense help Romans returned with 60, heavily armed professional troops. The Romans first attacked in Galilee in the north, where they killed and sold into slavery an estimatedJews.

The Jews who survived the Galilee massacre fled to Jerusalem for their final stand and prepared for a siege by the Romans. During the summer of 70 AD, the Dating gif cartoon background portrait flowers breached the walls of Jerusalem and initiated an orgy of violence and destruction.

Shortly thereafter, they destroyed the Second Temple. It is estimated that as many as one million Dating gifhorn wohnungen mieten osterreich karte died in the revolt against Rome. The Bar-Kokhba Revolt. The Jews organize guerilla forces and, in AD, begin launching surprise terrorist attacks against the Romans. The Jews then invaded dating in nyc sucks to be me series metal plate coastal region and the Romans began sea battles against them.

By that time, there were 12 potassium argon dating calculators texas legions from Egypt, Britain, Syria and other areas in Palestine. Due to the large number of Jewish terrorists, instead of waging open war, Severus besieged Jewish fortresses and held back food until the Jews grew weak. Outright war followed. The Romans destroyed all 50 Jewish fortresses and villages.

The Romans killed every Jew in Bethar. Then the Romans plowed Jerusalem with a yoke of oxen. The Romans sold Jews into slavery and deported many to Egypt.

Judean settlements were not rebuilt. He forbade Torah study, Sabbath observance, circumcision, Jewish courts, meeting in synagogues, and other ritual practices. This revolt precipitated the Jewish diaspora leaving Judea and the movement from temple worship to decentralized Rabbinical Judiasm. In addition, that great document of Jewish ethnocentrism, the Talmud Yerushalmi, was assembled in Tiberias in the years following the final Jewish defeat. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Jewish merchants come to dominate trade in the Middle Ages with the exception of Scandinavia to which they were never granted access.

This also includes control of the eastern trade routes to Asia. Their power will remain virtually intact until they are thrown out of West European countries in the century preceding the Renaissance. The first country to do so is Great Britain in ; France follows its example inand country after country soon do the same.

Spain and Portugal are the last to ban the Jews, as late as in and dating balinese man dance gif cartoon images by then they had access only to a few German city states, part of northern Italy, and the papal possessions surrounding Avignon.

When the Jews lose their power, the economy once again rests in European hands. Trade, which had been treated as a shady oligopoly, is now subject to fair competition, and fantastic economic progress is made. White patrons use some of their wealth to finance artists and scholars, and the Renaissance sweeps over Europe like a fresh, new spring. The new culture and learning is based almost entirely on ancient Greek and Roman scriptures, the cradle of European civilization, and the Renaissance will remain forever a great example of what a free White people can accomplish.

In Eastern Europe, however, trade largely remains in Jewish hands, and no commercial progress is made. This will allegedly become the Ashkenazim largest branch of world Jewry, although many now doubt this Khazar claim. Jewish influence, mainly of Khazar origin, has increased in Poland ever since the s, and by the 12th century it has reached a point where even money production has been made a Jewish monopoly. Coins are imprinted both in Polish and Hebrew.

Polish history during the following three centuries will show a long struggle for supremacy between Jews and Gentiles, with the Jewish side given a boost by a large influx of Jews coming from the fallen Khazar kingdom in the s. Jews are kicked out of the following countries, not once but many times: France, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Prussia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and most other countries in Europe, Christian or not.

They were even granted their own autonomous legal system, known as the kahal, which allowed them to adjudicate intra-Jewish disputes without recourse to the Polish Christian legal system. The Jews established their own state within a state there.

Michael Jones, Culture Wars magazine, September Throughout Spain, France, Germany and Austria, Jews poison Christian wells and other water sources with the corpses of dead plague victims.

Christians retaliate with the Black Death Massacres. If the monarchs did nothing to curb the Jewish influence, the outraged citizens simply took the law into their own hands and widespread bloodshed was the result.

Widespread bloodshed was one result. Widespread conversion, both sincere and forced, was another. Resentment against the Jews had led to widespread rioting in Espina suggested that if an Inquisition were established in Castile, large numbers of them would be found to be only pretending Christians, engaged in judaizing and in undermining the Faith they professed.

Full text. Since the leases involved monopoly rights, the Jewish tax-farmers could increase the political power of their wealthy patrons, and their own wealth and influence as well, by driving the smaller independent landowners to the wall.

Increasing their power in the short term, however, only increased the magnitude and violence of the reaction when it eventually came… There was no Inquisition in Poland.

As a result, what might have happened in Spain did happen there. Poland became a model for tolerance, but in doing so paved the way for its own extinction at the end of the 18th century… The Jesuits warred with the Jews over the mind of the Polish oligarchs, but there was no Inquisition in Poland, and no Counter-Reformation.

Calvinism was spreading among these nobles virtually unchecked by any official Catholic resistance. Solomon Ashkenazi was a German Jew by birth who had migrated, as so many of his race had, to the paradise of the Jews, where he eventually became chief physician to King Sigismund.

He then migrated by way of Venice to Constantinople, where he served the sultan as faithfully as he had served the Polish king.

This was especially so in the case of the election of the Polish king. Jews have often since tried to ban the play from being performed. This led to chronic drunkenness, decreased productivity, and, of course, increased resentment against Jews, as a group which was perceived as constantly seeking to exploit the weaknesses of the majority population as a way of enhancing their own wealth and power.

By Poland had become the largest country in Europe. Its territory extended from the Baltic almost to the Black Sea and from Silesia in the west to what is now the heart of the Ukraine, two hundred kilometers east of the Dnieper River.

An orgy of violence followed, eventually dragging the Polish state into extinction. The story of Poland was in many ways the story of Imperial Rome writ small. Finally, it meant that the Jews were to be evicted from the southern Ukraine along with the Jesuits.

When the bill came to a vote inthe Seym, dominated by the alliance of huge landowners and their Jewish administrators, defeated the measure, providing a classic instance of how the concentration of wealth and power into a few hands can enable that group to pursue its own interests, with total disregard of the common good, over the brink of that self-interest into national disaster.

The situation in Poland during the first half of the 17th century was roughly analogous to the situation in Spain a century and a half earlier. Spain was the only other country in Europe with an equally influential Jewish population. As in Poland, many Sephardic Jews engaged in behavior that caused resentment among the lower classes.

During the famine in Cuenca inJewish usurers charaged farmers 40 percent interest on the money they needed to borrow to buy grain for sowing. Blasphemy had become a Jewish custom in Spain.

Yet it was a custom of many Jews to blaspheme the Prophet for whom Moses had warned them to prepare. They had profited hugely on the sale of fellow-beings as slaves, and practiced usury as a matter of course, and flagrantly.

Jews would force Christian servants to get circumcised as a condition of employment. They would encourage people to whom they had lent money to abjure Christ. All of England will soon regret this event. Excerpts of possible interest. A school education is a luxury all over the world at that time, and very few Russian children can afford it; as a result Jews become the best-educated part of Russian society, and their power increases significantly.

He presents them with a list of questions, but is not satisfied with the first answers, so he later convenes a second forum. The questions 12 in all deal with Jewish attitudes about marriage, usury, loyalty, religion, etc. Jews lie about their attitudes concerning assimilation, usury, etc. They do not assimilate, or amend their various supremacist attitudes. This also benefits the community of Jews as a whole; many millions of dollars are given to Jewish causes and charities by the Rothschilds.

His family later converted to Protestanism. The family was petty-bourgeois; his father was a lawyer. Marx would later become instrumental in constructing a revolutionary theory that would would be used as a destructive ideological tool all over the world. At a minimum, over million people have been killed in conflicts in which one side used Marxist or Communist ideology as a pretext for its acts of aggression against more established orders. Marxism is at its core a doctrine of alienation that seeks to alienate economic classes, ethnic groups, generations, and even genders.

Its proponents have used economic, political, philosophical, psychological and even aesthetic arguments to promote its radical, wrong-headed world view. Mid to Late s Great German composer Richard Wagnerearly inspiration to philosopher Friedrich Nietzscheis highly critical of Jews and Judaism and the danger they present to the German people.

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The day was originally known as Decoration Day. It was recognized in when a organization of Union veterans established the day as a day to decorate the graves of Union Soldiers. This occurred in Charleston, SC to honor dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. Together with teachers and missionaries, Black residents of Charleston organized a May Day ceremony that year which was covered by the New York Tribune and other national papers. Most brought flowers to be placed on the burial field. Our family used to use the day to picnic at family cemetery plots to do general all purpose gardening and clean up.

Note: All recent updates and changes are in maroon. Introduction : Persecution or Prosecution? The tribe of Judah Jews; and also another tiny tribe called the Benjaminites are kicked out of the Israelite tribe which is actually a group of tribesand they resettle in southern Canaan Palestine. Jews murder Jesus Christ, or rather, have him killed, as some prefer. The event in sum: Jesus is brought before Pilate charged with various crimes. Pilate declares him innocent. The crowd of Jews angrily demand his death.

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