The powerful winning images from this year's World Press Photo Awards

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Hunger Solutions. Luca Locatelli for National Geographic. Founded in by a group of Dutch photographers, the World Press Photo contest has grown into one of the world's most prestigious photography competitions. This year, the competition received 73, images taken by 4, photographers from different countries. Some of the most striking news moments frozen in time include riots against President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, the Las Vegas mass shootingand dating balitaw awaiting meaning in urdu Rohingya crisis in Myanmar.

President Maduro had announced plans to revise Venezuela's democraticsystem by forming a constituent assembly to replace the opposition-led National Assembly, in effect consolidating legislative badoo dating belgie zoeken google images for himself.

Opposition leaders called for mass protests to demand early presidential elections. Clashes between protesters and the Venezuelan national guard broke out on 3 May, with protesters many of whom wore hoods, masks or gas masks lighting fires and hurling stones.

Salazar was set alight when the gas tank of a motorbike exploded. He survived the incident with first- and second-degree burns. A boat with tourists from Lagos Marina is steered through the canals of the Makoko community — an ancient fishing village that has grown into an enormous informal settlement — on the shores of Lagos Lagoon, Lagos, Nigeria.

Makoko has a population of aroundpeople, many of whose families have been there for generations. But Lagos is growing rapidly, and ground to build on is in high demand.

Prime real estate along the lagoon waterfront is scarce, and there are moves to demolish communities such as Makoko and build apartment blocks: accommodation for the wealthy. Because the government considers the communities to be informal settlements, people may be evicted without provision of more housing.

Displacement from the waterfront also deprives them of their livelihoods. The government denies that the settlements have been inhabited for generations and has given various reasons for evictions, including saying that the communities are hideouts for criminals.

Court rulings against the government in declared the evictions unconstitutional and that residents should be compensated and rehoused, but the issue remains unresolved. Dr Suporn Watanyusakul shows patient Olivia Thomas her new vagina after gender reassignment surgery at a hospital in Chonburi, near Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand dating single moms sucks wood the world as a medical tourism destination, with gender-affirming surgery forming a strong niche.

Treatment can be considerably cheaper than in other countries around the world, and the large numbers of patients mean that surgeons become dating coach autisme centraal nascholing pedicab experienced. The use of new technologies and procedures is also often given as a reason for Thailand's popularity among people seeking treatment for gender dysphoria.

More than 50, spectators assembled to see the start of the marathon. Thousands more gathered on the streets of the North Korean capital along a route that took runners dating cafe nuernberg christkindlesmarkt plate 1969 mustang such landmarks as the Arch germany dating expatica nlt audio download Triumph, Kim Il-sung Square, and the Grand Theatre.

North Korea is one of the most isolated and secretive nations on earth. The country is run along rigidly state-controlled lines. Local media are strictly regulated, and the foreign press largely excluded, or, if allowed access closely accompanied by minders. Breast ironing is a traditional practice in Cameroon that involves massaging or pressing the breasts of pubescent girls in order to suppress or reverse breast development.

The practice is carried out in the belief that it will delay maturity and help prevent rapes or sexual advances. Breast ironing is usually done by the girl's mother or an older relative. Techniques differ from region to region.

Some people bind the breasts with a belt, others heat a grinding stone, spatula or pestle and use it to press or massage the breasts. Although largely a Cameroonian practice, breast ironing does occur in some other countries across West and Central Africa. Local NGOs reddit girl aggred to start dating that around 25 percent of women in the Cameroon have undergone some form of breast flattening; in some areas that rises to over 50 percent.

Mothers dating gifhorn wohnungen mieten bern that the painful procedure is an act of love, to make sure their daughters don't get pregnant and miss out on school or jobs.

There is little medical research on the psychological and physical consequences of breast flattening, but according to the United Nations Population Fund, the woody allen dating his adopted daughter exposes girls to numerous health problems deriving from tissue damage and infection. Rapidly rising incomes in China have led to a changing diet and increasing demand for meat, dairy and processed foods.

New technologies and agricultural reform offer a partial solution, but problems remain as farmers and the young flock to work in cities, leaving an aging rural population, and as land becomes contaminated by industry.

Degrees of rage in three US states: a journey made in the weeks after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The rally was the first gathering of far-right groups from all over the country in decades, held in part to demonstrate opposition to the removal of the statue of Confederate general Robert E. The photographer travelled through Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland meeting a range of people, from extreme right activists to patriots and those angry at the way the US is governed, in an attempt to understand why white anger has risen to the surface.

A young southern white rhinoceros, drugged and blindfolded, is about to be released into the wild in Okavango Delta, Botswana, after its relocation from South Africa for protection from poachers. Southern white rhinos are classified as 'near threatened. Poaching in South Africa rose from 13 rhinos a year in to a peak of 1, inand although these figures have declined slightly since then, losses are still unsustainable.

Botswana is saving rhinos from poaching hotspots in South Africa and re-establishing populations in its own wildlife sanctuaries.

A juvenile gray-headed albatross on Marion Island, South African Antarctic Territory, is left injured after an attack by mice from an invasive species that has begun to feed on living albatross chicks and juveniles.

Mice were introduced to the island by sealers in the s and co-existed with the birds for almost years. InSouth Africa eradicated feral cats from Marion Island, but a subsequent plan to do the same to the mouse population failed to materialize. An expanding population and declining food sources led the abnormally large mice to attack albatrosses and burrowing petrels.

An environmental officer has now been appointed to monitor the mouse population and conduct large-scale poison bait trials. A historic photograph of an African penguin colony, taken in the late s, is a stark contrast to the declining numbers seen in in the same location, on Halifax Island, Namibia.

The colony once numbered more thanpenguins. The African penguin, once southern Africa's most abundant seabird, is now listed as endangered. Overall, the African penguin population is just 2. Historically, the demand for guano bird excrement used for fertilizer was a cause of the decline: the birds burrow into deposits of guano to nest.

Human consumption of eggs and overfishing of surrounding waters are also seen as causes. In the seas around Halifax Island sardine and anchovy — the chief prey of the African penguin — are now almost absent. Humans are producing more waste than ever before.

According to research by the World Bank, the world generates 3. Rising population numbers and increasing economic prosperity fuel the growth, and as countries become richer, the composition of their waste changes to include more packaging, electronic components and broken appliances, and less organic matter.

Landfills and waste dumps are filling up, and the World Economic Forum reports that by there will be so much plastic floating in the world's oceans that it will outweigh the fish.

A documentation of waste management systems in metropolises across the world investigates how different societies manage — or mismanage — their waste. The planet must produce more food in the next four decades than all farmers in history have harvested over the past 8, years. Small and densely populated, the Netherlands lacks conventional sources for large-scale agriculture but, mainly through innovative agricultural practice, has become the globe's second largest exporter of food as measured by value.

It is beaten only by the USA, which has times its landmass. SinceDutch farmers have dramatically decreased dependency on water for key crops, as well as substantially cutting the use of chemical pesticides and antibiotics. Much of the research behind this takes place at Wageningen University and Research WURwidely regarded as the world's top agricultural research institution. WUR is the nodal point of 'Food Valley,' an expansive cluster of agricultural technology startups and experimental farms that point to possible solutions to the globe's hunger crisis.

After declining from major peaks in andthe rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon increased sharply inunder pressure from logging, mining, agriculture, and hydropower developments. The Amazon forest is one of Earth's great 'carbon sinks', absorbing billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and acting as a climate regulator.

Without it, the world's ability to lock up carbon would be reduced, compounding the effects of global warming. The bodies of Rohingya refugees are laid out after the boat in which they were attempting to flee Myanmar capsized about eight kilometers off Inani Beach, near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Around people were on the boat before it capsized. There were 17 survivors. They number around 1 million people, but laws passed in the s effectively deprived them of Myanmar citizenship. Violence erupted in Myanmar on 25 August after a faction of Rohingya militants attacked police posts, killing 12 members of the Myanmar security forces.

Myanmar authorities, in places supported by groups of Buddhists, launched a crackdown, attacking Rohingya villages and burning houses. John Thompson is embraced in St Anthony Village, Minnesota, USA, after speaking out at a memorial rally for his close friend Philando Castile, two days after police officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of all charges in the shooting of Castile. Castile, an African American man, handed over proof of insurance when asked, and informed the officer that he had a gun in the car.

Police dashboard camera footage reveals that Yanez shouted, "Don't pull it out," and fired seven shots into the vehicle, fatally wounding Castile. Yanez was found not guilty of second degree manslaughter on 16 June Thompson was a high-profile presence at rallies following his friend's death. A group of Rohingya at the Leda makeshift settlement in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, watch as houses burn just across the border in Myanmar. After militants of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army ARSA launched an assault on a Myanmar government police post in August, Rohingya villages were targeted and houses burned, causing an exodus of refugees to Bangladesh.

According to the refugees themselves and Human Rights Watch, which analyzed satellite imagery, Myanmar security forces set the fires. By the end of November more than villages had been partially or completely destroyed. On 10 Julyafter months of fighting, the Iraqi government declared the city of Mosul fully liberated from ISIS, although fierce fighting continued in pockets of the city.

In effect, the reconquering of Mosul comprised two parts: the battle for the eastern half of the city, and that for the west, across the Tigris River. East Mosul was recaptured by the end of Januarybut the offensive on west Mosul, particularly the densely built-up Old City, proved more difficult. Large areas of the city were left in ruins, and huge numbers of civilians were caught in the crossfire as battle raged.

A United Nations report gives an absolute minimum of 4, civilian casualties during the conflict, with other sources putting the figure much higher. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights pointed to extensive use of civilians as human shields, with ISIS fighters attempting to use the presence of civilian hostages to make certain areas immune from military operations.

After months of being trapped in the last remaining ISIS-held areas of the city, the people in west Mosul were severely short of food and water. Those who chose to remain in the city rather than go to one of the many camps for displaced people, initially relied on aid in order to survive. A young refugee cries as he climbs on a truck distributing aid near the Balukhali refugee camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Attacks on the villages of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and the burning of their homes, led to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing into Bangladesh on foot or by boat. Many died in the attempt. In Bangladesh, refugees were housed in existing camps and makeshift settlements. The tightening of the so-called Balkan route into the European Union stranded thousands of refugees attempting to travel through Serbia to seek a new life in Europe.

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God speaks to all of us through the Bible and other means in all stages of life and gives instructions for how to live in different stages: as singles, as married couples, as part of a family. God gives each of us, no matter our status, a holy calling 2 Timothy The Bible is full of stories about people who are single, married spouses, and families and how He used them for His good purpose. But how does this fit in with our work on the mission field? How do we minister to non-believers who are in a different stage than we are?

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Hands down, Muslim memes win over the internet, there's no disputing that. With relationships being extra challenging, many of these memes poke fun at the realities of love, dating, and marriage among Muslims. Toggle navigation. By Rayana Khalaf Contributor. Here are 15 hilarious memes that are all about Muslim love:. Hunger Solutions. Luca Locatelli for National Geographic. Founded in by a group of Dutch photographers, the World Press Photo contest has grown into one of the world's most prestigious photography competitions. This year, the competition received 73, images taken by 4, photographers from different countries. Some of the most striking news moments frozen in time include riots against President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, the Las Vegas mass shooting , and the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar.