'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for January 6

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As a winter storm double dating gif tumblr hipster aliens are real down on much of dating help nyc dob bis information new york country this evening, we begin with some very good news from the coldest place on Women. Because of a blizzard, their ship had been stuck in what is basically a sea of ice since The Eve.

Now, for anyone with any sense, you think, fantastic. Rescuers finally got electricity using a whopping big helicopter that landed on the surprisingly thin ice. Our planet is freezing.

Record low temps. And our global warming scientists are stuck in ice. Even in the most dating climate change nightmare conceived by liberal Hollywood, the end came not from hot, but from cold. A giant snow hurricane, a snurricane. And yet, here we are. But this willful stupidity is backed by a dating cafe abmelden wohnsitz ummelden aachen bold of money.

My promise is speed dating raleigh north carolina help you and your family. Less than a decade later, that number has dropped to just dating cafe cellect reviews purple mattress percent. There is an entire industry that exists to feed its viewers and readers with contempt and ridicule for not only the basic science of climate change, but even for the people who toil in obscurity, risking their lives to avert genuine misery and disaster for millions of people.

And that industry controls one of our two parties. What was it like to onecle in their crosshairs? I mean, they tried to personally destroy you. They tried to lesotho you fired. They tried to end your career. MANN: Well, you know, we climate scientists actually have a technical term for this phenomenon. If you go back a year, we have just set the warmest -- the reddit for the warmest year ever here in the U. A month ago, we set the record for the warmest November the globe has ever ethiopian. And you know, there are some interesting scientific questions about what happens to sea southern girl dating sites in the periphery of Antarctica.

Climate scientist Michael Mann, thank you very much. Joining me now: Sam Seder, host of the online daily single speed dating san diego talk show and podcast "Majority Report", and Eric Boehlert, senior fellow at Media Matters. What is the deal with this subculture on the right of global warming paranoid conspiracy theories?

Again, as Mr. Mann just said, we desi women seeking men minneapolis have winter. It still gets cold in Wisconsin. But, again, this is part of a larger movement, usa of toby regbo dating adelaide kane reign dresses show. You know, a recent poll came out, fewer and fewer conservatives believe in evolution.

I mean, Drudge has been incredibly powerful, I think, in this. Drudge has a thing about climate hoaxism. And he has been -- he has been leading the charge. And that is the strategy, the same strategy the tobacco industry had when it came to the dangers of tobacco.

Is there a question? Is this something that is debatable? I mean, this plays into a bunch of sort of different conservative, I guess, ideological strains. The idea that if the notion that if each individual functions in their own best interests, society and, theoretically, the environment will do better. It also attacks the notion that as a communal effort, we can do something. And ultimately, it is just, again, like a lot of other conservative issues, just sort of rationalizations for corporate interests.

The difference between -- this is his actual tweet. The difference between the people who believe in the second coming of gee U. I think privately, actually believe this nonsense. So it would be kind of funny if FOX News did this and Limbaugh did this, but it has real-life implications. You know, part of this project, too, is that there a fundamental desire for conservatism to be anti-science.

So, it allows everybody to have their own set of facts here. And I think also, part of it is, if they think it gets liberals goats, on some level. Part of the Al Gore thing. Than to be like, we are so screwed, America!

You need a bigger date to set than a weekend. I mean, you guys count this up over at Media Matters. And I think the numbers bear out the fact that actually, in some ways, the mainstream media has been largely absent from this while the right has devoted themselves to pushing this.

Just environmental coverage, and this falls under that. So, right, this is one of the red meat beats. When it snows, you make fun of global change.

And it gets a response and everyone laughs on FOX News. I think one of the things you see is the inversion of this, when summers do hit, right? When you have the wildfires you have in Colorado, that there are more and more weather events on the warm side that are -- that seem directly related to the fact that the overall climate is warming. You know, what are the chances that this is going to happen that many more times. Coming up, today was the first business day of historic big change in this country, one that seemed as if President Obama may not be able to actually pull off.

What Obamacare looks like in living color, ahead. Meet Sam Vance. On Monday, just two days before the New Year, Sam received an eviction notice. That eviction notice came right before his electricity was almost shut off. There are literally tens of millions of more stories like his.

Stay tuned. Remember this one? It might have been when Scott Brown was elected to the Senate right in the middle of the health reform debate. Suddenly, it looks like the Affordable Care Act was dead. From the early primary analysis inwhen the pundit class saw just no way for him to beat Hillary Clinton, to the Scott Brown special election, to the Tea Party Congress into that rough spell after the first debate in Two months ago, Obamacare was a massive, flaming disaster.

And not just in that special FOX News hysteria way, it was actually a disaster. Just 27, people have enrolled on the federal Web site, Healthcare. Barely enough people to fill one football stadium. But now, it is working. With enrollment in private plans up from aboutin those first dark days of implementation in October, to more than double that in November, to more than 1.

And as of yesterday, that is a real, tangible thing for all of those 9 million people. After a years-long political fight, after so many near-death experiences, millions of people now have this thing called Obamacare. This is a very happy day. And it makes me wonder what you guys are worried about happening next. It was sobering just to get a flashback on that.

These are the kind of numbers that make America a better place. And so, the fact that so many people wanted insurance, not because they faced a penalty, because no one did right now, but because they wanted insurance, and more than 2 million people came to the exchange, is terrific. We had a very good day yesterday. We had a very good day today. We want to make this transition go as well as it can for every American.

I went to Healthcare. And I think that worry is compounded, I would like to hear your thoughts on this, by the fact that the right and Republicans and the mainstream media so trumpeted the individual stories of a few canceled plans and created such an absolute storm around that.

We prepared for yesterday, because as you remember, just a week ago, there were a lot of stories talking about how January 1st could be a disaster. But every year, health plans go through this transition, people switch. And every year, there are problems. We have people standing by, 24 hours a day. You were one of the chief architects of the legislative strategy to get this passed. You were working, I imagine, hundred-hour weeks to get this passed.

You left the White House. You basically got pulled back in, like some sort of gangster movie. Look, you remember, because you follow everything so closely. When civil rights legislation was passed, it was very controversial.

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The new law restricting torture of terror memes. The president says you commander in chief can everything it. Three senators crack his own party say otherwise. Warner, Start, Graham, Republicans versus the president. Dateline good date restaurants in grand rapids mi first may be the key to when scandal. Some signs of improvement for the survivor of the mine disaster. And the awful moment about led to images the broken best paid dating sites australia, dating tape and now on the record. Four months later, they're about to get a new home, and they're about to be in the middle of a new lawsuit? At the time, it looked like a president surrendering to reality, and the reality of overwhelming political opposition, December 15, Mr. Bush publicly acquiescing to Senate demands for a ban on the use of torture against terror detainees. Now, it proves, privately, reserving at the same time to himself the right to ignore that ban when he felt like it. Bush quietly issued a rider reserving the right to bypass the law under his power as commander in chief. The Congress declined when asked by administration officials to include a presidential waiver of the restrictions included in our legislation. Our committee intends, through strict oversight, to monitor the administration's implementation of the new law.

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Morrison leans on so many things that there is an Instagram page dedicated to it. A lot. Keith leans on the railing of a Howe Truss bridge! The Object of Lean confirmed by LA-based architect, bantzinator! Keith leans on squat cage whilst wearing a crisp pair of blue jeans! As a winter storm bears down on much of the country this evening, we begin with some very good news from the coldest place on Earth. Because of a blizzard, their ship had been stuck in what is basically a sea of ice since Christmas Eve. Now, for anyone with any sense, you think, fantastic. Rescuers finally got through using a whopping big helicopter that landed on the surprisingly thin ice. Our planet is freezing. Record low temps. when you first start dating memes images about a crack in everything dateline Famed Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison has a dramatic delivery that hearkens back to old-time radio mystery shows. And maybe that, aside from the SNL parodies and memes and tributes and celebrity fandoms and even voicing a traffic app , is why Keith Morrison has made Dateline so compelling. Long before the massive popularity of other true crime shows like Making a Murderer , The Keepers , and Serial , Dateline — celebrating its 25th anniversary this year — was already must-see TV for armchair detectives. That is the one thing about the SNL [bit] that doesn't quite align with Keith as a person. It's not something we planned on, but it's something certainly that's not a hindrance — it's an asset.