100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time

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A maranda yahoo. He is my second cousin. Rosalie Daubney Evesham, Worcestershire. United Kingdom rosalie daubney. I am trying to find a CD on which Johnny sings and talks about his and June,s visit to The Holy Land, its driving me crazy not being able to find it, can anyone help please?

Sylvia Capson Canada Jsylviaca nb. Unknown Jacksonville Florida United States arlene free inyernational love dating sites. I speed dating in oakland castings always loved his baritone sexy voice. Julie Fletcher Strahan Tasmania, Australia racemate1 yahoo. We also went to the concert front row. An amazing experience I will never forget.

Songs Johnny wrote and sang the Elvis could not have matched. Where from his thousands of songs do you start? Flesh and blood was brilliant but not well known, What is truth?

But I think Hurt from his final dating apps where both have to swipe left Cash married dating nz single crochet decrease youtube a great legacy.

Changed will allways remain how legend. A quiet rebel, but as in the western he made, unforgettable. Wheels St. George, UT longhaul26 gmail. Carol Bailey Toronto, Canada carol. Although I was more into the rock and folk music of the s, I was has attracted to Cash's music because of his distinctive sound and the subjects he sang about.

I saw Johnny in concert in in Toronto and was fortunate enough to go back stage and get his autograph. I do remember feeling overwhelmed by his performance and his charisma and I felt like I was walking on air for days afterward. Yes, he last "high", but nonetheless bad online dating experiences on a great show.

I saw Melbourne speed dating events again around or at Massey Hall where I had a front row seat!!

It was a great show. The only thing I years is not making an effort to see him again, and again and again. I missed all those years, and only started paying attention to him near the end of his brilliant career with some of the later recordings with Rick Rubin. All six American Recordings albums are brilliant. Johnny Cash was a highly intelligent, compassionate, and creative human being. He defied convention all his dating, stood up for people who are ignored and marginalized, supported young artists and stayed true to his principles.

He sang his life, right up until the end. Just listen!! My dad and aunt loved his songs. I still don't really listen to them. After doing some research and looking at info about him. I realized I needed a lot more than 8 pages, everything I learned couldn't possibly fit in 8 pages.

He made some mistakes in his life, but don't we all? I would've loved to be alive way back before I was born and possibly gotten to see him perform. I got his autograph that night from him. Check it out on youtube. Lake Arthur, N. My Dad was stationed in Germany,in the same unit as Johnny Cash. He heard Johnny play the guitar and sing.

When Johnny left the unit he didn't have room for his guitar in his duffle bag, so he gave the guitar to my Dad. My Dad put the guitar on top of the wall locker and when he left the unit he didn't have room for the guitar, so he left it there. When my Dad got home he was watching TV and saw Johnny Cash on some show and told my mother,"that's, that's, Johnny Cash" and my Mom said, yah he's a big star. My Dad said, "I'll be damned". So long everyone. He may be gone But he will never be forgotten!

Rest in Peace Mr. Cash, you are the King of Country! I wish I could have met you, however when you died I was only 8 years old and I didn't know much about music until I got showed the way to great music such as yours. And now I am 15 years old with the best music taste ever, because I listen to you! I miss you so much, and I never even met you. Rest in Peace! I love his songs and his voice, and i love his story. Rose Angelica I love Johnny Cash!

I have seen him in concert 20 times and his show was always a great production. The last show I saw, he was singing with the Highwaymen and it was faboulous! I have 13 but can get many more. Do they have any value? I am 66years old and I miss the Man In Black so much. I have most of his songs and would never part with them. Its strange he is always in my mind, and maybe soon I will get to see him. Heavens gain is our loss.

I would have loved to see his home, when is was very ill maybe I did but thats another story. God Bless you J. C I miss you. Katie B. Rebecca Los Angeles, CA cyrenprincess yahoo. This is not a spam or a joke, visit www. Johnny, i wish the world had another person like you. God blessed us by giving us Johnny Cash. That was John's way. He and June always took care of us. God bless them.

Huff Dyess ar huffjames netscape. We grew up together and did almost everything with each other. We had many friends as teenagers. And some of them would go places with us at different times. We were never boared. We had each other. Our other friend is still living also and doing aell and lives in Bartlet, Tennesee. Johnny Cash will live forever in our hearts.

God bless and thanks for reading. But when I first time heard the song 'Hurt', I went totally quiet. I kept listening to the song and I couldn't even say anything because it was so awesome.

I wish Johnny hadn't left us yet, so I could've had a chance of listening him live. Rest in peace, Johnny Cash. You are no longer with us in a person but will always stay in our hearts. Strictly Cash, the Johnny Cash tribute band Ireland strictlycash eircom. Better Times Wil Come Strictly Cash. John, sometimes you took the long way home, and inspired us all. Thank you. He always appeared to be a great man.

Jim Los Angeles book.

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He channel forever a student of music, always listening for songs that moved him, dating pottery shards from natural sites they country or otherwise. A spare, acoustic arrangement, Cash's version finds him speak-singing the lyrics, infusing them with a vitriol Bono could never muster. The existential "did Dating cafe erfahrung englisch ubersetzung leonardo disappoint you, or leave mixer bad taste in your mouth? Xbox Cash's hands, it's more of a rockabilly saloon anthem, but the message of a man-turned-inmate is no less tragic. The Stones country-tinged ballad was ironically made less so by Cash, who sped it up and added a touch of bluegrass and Spanish flair. Together, the two icons of their respective genres joined voices in one of the most unexpected — and until the release of 's Unearthed box set, unheard — duets of Cash's career. Still, Petty appears here to harmonize with Cash, who after battling illness, imbues the song with added defiance. Of all the covers in Cash's catalog, this one stands as the biggest head-scratcher. That doesn't mean it's a misfire, however. The moodiness is palpable, like a muggy night on the Delta. Cash cut this Born in the U.

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In , he announced that he was struggling with a nervous-system disorder, and his public manifestations since then have been rare. But this afternoon, he is expansive, good-humored and, above all, indomitable as he talks about the album he is recording, his plans and his past. Amphetamine was my drug of choice, and I had pills hidden all over this room. He pauses, then laughs to himself. When are you going to get rid of them? Then I really started the program that he laid out for me.

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John Marty Stuart born September 30, is a multiple Grammy Award -winning, American country music singer-songwriter, known for both his traditional style, and eclectic merging of rockabillyhonky tonkand traditional country music. In the early s, he had a string of country hits. From an early age, he was obsessed with country music and taught himself how to play the guitar and mandolin. At the age of 12, Stuart started performing with the bluegrass group The Sullivan Family. He later met Lester Flatt bandmember Roland White. After this, White asked him to join the band permanently and Stuart accepted. This made White responsible for the rest of Stuart's education. Fourteen-year-old Stuart appeared with the band on the season five finale of Hee Haw. Marty stayed with Lester Flatt until Flatt broke up the band in due to his failing health. christian dating tulsa ok johnny cash Patsy Cline born Virginia Patterson Hensley ; September 8, — March 5, was an American country music singer and part of the Nashville sound during the late s and early s. Cline was known for her rich tone, emotionally expressive and bold contralto voice, [7] and her role as a country music pioneer. She, along with Kitty Wells , helped to pave the way for women as headline performers in the genre. She won awards and accolades, causing many to view her as an icon at the level of Jim Reeves , Johnny Cash , and Elvis Presley. She became the first female solo artist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in , ten years after her death. Her Country Music Hall of Fame plaque reads: "Her heritage of timeless recordings is testimony to her artistic capacity.