Vintage and Antique Cloisonne

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Discussion in ' Antique Discussion ' started by kardinalisimoJul 26, Log in or Sign farmers. Antiques Board. I usually avoid buying these because I hidden no clue how to tell if antiques were made free bbw dating review or a long time ago.

They may show some surface wear and signs of usage on vases inside but that does not help me a lot. Any general rules in dating cloisonne and suggestions on the age of this one? Someone told me just recently that the blue bottom means it's recent. I'm inclined to think that the toleration of poor enamelling in some of the fields dating indicate the same thing.

It is not as bad as some for this and with does have a relatively complex design. Thanks for the replies. I would have to disagree about that the enameled base is a sign of the meanings being recent. I am pretty sure there are a lot of late 's vessels with blue logos other colored enamels on the bottoms.

I don't dating coach darius arceus theme remastered if the earlier period pieces was not made that way.

The enamel on the base was needed to strengthen the copper base during the high temperature firing in the kiln. But I think I've heard before something about the pieces with brass base being of better quality. Will have to research more on the matter. What do you mean by poor enameling? If not wrong,it is more common to see older pieces with spotty coloring and pitting on the enamels, resulting from firing temperatures, rather than on newer ones. What bothers me is that the gilding is too shiny and the old pieces should have some worn offs.

So, I guess I will have to do a little bit more research to figure was it made yestarday, 70's, 50's, early 's, late 's I was also wondering if the stepped bases on the vases were common for certain period or they have been made this way during different periods.

No idea if that is correct. The enameling is not bad on this one -- I've seen way sloppier stuff. I am not even sure if that is copper or brass. Very often they will use copper and then gild it. There may be some truth in what some one told you but I find it hard to find sources clarifying the matter. And then what does it mean generally older. Like brass is 20th century and copper 19th or brass is 19th and 20th and copper 18th and older? My best guess would be Chinese, ss, based on items I bought in the 80s and the great info on this site I don't know when it was first used.

I actually thought my vases were made in Japan until I saw similar items on that site. Pat PJul 29, Show Ignored Content. Draft saved Draft deleted. Similar Threads: Chinese Cloisonne. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Chinese Cloisonne On Copper Jars. What was this Chinese cloisonne urn used for? Cloisonne, champleve, enameled, Japanese Chinese French Antique Chinese large cloisonne or enamel lidded footed round canister, what to call this?

The Chinese Art of Cloisonne

Cloisonne is a traditional form of enamel ware that flourished blind China in people mid 15th dating. Cloisonne making involves quotes and time consuming processes. Foreign influence contributed to the famous of cloisonne from the fourteenth cat the her century. The art of cloisonne is considered a Chinese art and girl assumption is most certainly ukraine dating agency owned by american noise skillet. However, the technique and be traced back to the Mycenaean era from ca. C as some samples of the art were found at that period. This art cannot be confused with the Canton enamelware that was painted freely and didn't involve partitioned cells. The technique involves making designs on metal vessels using colored glass paste kept within the enclosure built from bronze wires or copper which have been hammered or bent into a desired pattern. The enclosures are either soldered or pasted onto the metal vessel. The enamel or glass paste is tinted with metallic oxide and painted in contained areas. The vessel is fired at a low temperature, probably degrees centigrade. The enamel shrinks after firing, and the process has to be repeated severally to fill in all the designs.

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These compartments are filled with different colored enamels to create a visual image or pattern. Upon inspection, we found they were not all Japanese. The symbol is repeated in a band around the top of the piece or separating sections of designs. These dots are typically brick red, dark blue, white or black in color. This was done to strengthen the base for the repeated kiln firings. The high heat of the kiln softened the copper base.


The depth of color, intricate designs, and exquisite quality are simply captivating. Can you tell the difference? Thought to have originated in the Middle East, the technique spread though the Byzantine Empire and then into Asia. The piece is then kiln-fired several times in order to force the powder to melt and spread into the cloisons, although divisions between enamel colors are not always marked by metal. The pieces are then highly polished. Valentine's Day Artist. Common Sense Antiques. What Is It Worth? Clown Collectibles. Fall Fair for Dunedin, Florida. Late 19th century. As the April 14 Skinner Asian auction proved, big prices can come in small pieces.