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Charted multicolor design for four find email on dating websites geometric borders 9 dating vietnam full disclosure steven universe lyrics 17 stitches wide. Striking use of garnet, green, gold and yellow. Includes modern recharting and DMC color key.

Design intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for needlepoint, cross-stitch, and beading. Handpainted multicolor charted design for a large floral bouquet with roses and pansies, mostly in pinks, greens, purples and white.

Intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for cross-stitch, needlepoint, or beading. Original plus modern recharting and DMC color key only. Plates illustrating darned net filetbut also suitable for cross-stitch and filet crochet. Most of the plates are clear enough to work from.

Includes borders, squares, scenes from fairy tales, myths, lords and ladies, the virtues, dating waterbury clocks antiques hdb Roman gods and heroes, heraldic beasts, and classical cherubs.

A few of the designs can be sourced to speed dating kenosha wisconsin state journal sports century modelbooks, but they are not attributed.

French language booklet of embroidered ornamentation for women's and children's clothing, circa s. Drawings show stitches, some color illustrations.

Many designs are wearable today. Fashion: Paris c. Photos of an eight page booket of hand tinted multicolor charted mostly geometric designs for borders and corners. No suppplemental graphs provided. Ebay seller finnuch gave permission to publish the listing photos and use them for charting.

Charted by Sytske Wijnsma. Album with patterns for cross-stitch embroidery, beading, and similar techniques. Small leporello with six outdoor scenes, windmills, ships, houses, canals, all in shades of blue. Probably aroundwhen Dutch motifs were in fashion. The windmills were designed dating someone who actually saw them. Charted monochrome alphabets, and freehand drawn alphabets for monogram use. Assorted sizes, from small to large in many styles.

Some small ornaments crowns, usa animals, steamshipalso some numbers. Charts suitable for cross-stitch and other graph-dependent styles. Freeform suitable for whitework or other surface embroidery. Eleven line drawn alphabets on 16 pages, some gothic, some lovely florals. Intended for whitework and surface embroidery.

Italian language manual on smocking. Includes photographed free, representative smocking designs, and a group of girls' acme dating jackson msc incorporated and blouses infant to pre-teen showing how to use them.

Artifact photo, plus modern recharting and DMC color key. Beadwork on tapestry canvas, with a red stitched center surrounded by white lilies or convulvulus flowers, and a green outer ground. The beadwork is mainly carried out in white, with dark grey beads to show the outlines and detailing. The piece measures Antique-Victorian-beadwork-panel-round-geometric-black-silver-white-on-red A beautiful antique Victorian hand-stitched beadwork panel. The design is circualr, with a lovely geometric pattern with a floral centre.

The beadwork is in black, grey, silver and white beads on a red wool background. The original piece measures 8. Single leaf, handpainted pattern, approx. Particularly useful for table linens, curtains, and other household linen. Charted multicolor pattern for carnation border with corner. Probably hand tinted, Art Nouveau style.

Suitable for cross-stitch or needlepoint. Art deco cross stitch charts of stylized floral borders and corners, alphabets and a wonderful steamship. Instructions for 12 beaded purses, plus several wach bands, barcelets, and necklaces. Purses are worked in bead knitting or crochet, some with detailed charts. Other accessories in loom-woven badwork, or needle-strung, braided, or glued. Full color illustrations of finished items. Full color charted design for beaded needlepoint tray, graphed from actual artifact.

Fine detail photos of the source tray and how the needlework was mounted are included. Artifact photo of a lovely beaded tray, with a central hexagonal motif and rose motifs at the sides. Close-ups clearly show combo of cross stitch and beads stitched on penelope canvas.

Includes modern charting and DMC color key equivalents for stitching and beads. An enormous and wonderful book, essential for understanding late Victorian needlework. Instructions in Silk Embroidery, Knitting and Crocheting, Illustrated with cuts, half tones and color plates. Full color plates showing shading, detailed diagrams of stitch direction and formation, written instructions, inclduing lists of thread colors used.

Also instructions for Mount Mellick table spread with a knotted fringe trim, a shirtwaist in surface stitched whitework, and freehand designs for shirtwaist and lingerie embroidered edgings, designs for gown embellishment, embroidery for parasols, lampshades, and several cushions.

Crochet instructions plus patterns for necktie, purse, suspenders, and a small pinwheel intended to make up bedspreads and table linens. Silk knitting, crocheting, embroidery instructions and patterns for women's, men's and baby clothing, household items and many bags and purses. A simple embroidery pattern, depending for its effect mainly on the chosen colors. Nice curly outline gives a lively effect.

This pattern is also present on a band sampler in the Victoria and Albert museum collection, and that sampler is dated Multicolor chart for a small square design of 70x70 units, floral spray inside an asymmetrical border.

Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, or cross-stitch. Unknown maker, Berlin woolwork design in the "jewelled" style, for a purse. Original image was incomplete, a handpainted design definitely 19thC, unfortunately the maker has not been traced so we cannot show it here.

No images donated, publication contains just the chart. Artifact photos of four small multicolor Berlin woolwork fragments, possibly detached from a single now lost woolwork sampler, or at least by the same hand the yarns and colors used on the four are identical. Photos plus one modern recharting of all designs presented, with DMC color key. Also suitable for needlepoint, cross-stitch, or beading. Images donated by ebay seller vanye90, charted and put together by Sytske Wijnsma.

Hand painted, multicolor charted geometric design intended for Berlin woolwork. Rectangle with side borders, center motif and dramatic ends. Also suitable for cross-stitch and beading. Would make a great petit point rug for a dollhouse. Four border designs, each from a fragment of a Berlin woolwork handpainted pattern. Handpainted embroidery pattern showing a black chantilly lace ribbon with four flowers.

Cross-stitch charts for alphabets, monograms, borders, and a wonderful transportation scene. Clear illustrations of the special embroidery stitches, many of which create spaces between the fabric threads to create a lace. Plates show traditional patterns, including church motifs. Fragment from a hand-painted charted pattern, featuring a fanciful multicolor bird. Modern graph with DMC color key included. Suitable for cross-stitch, needlepoint, or Berlin woolwork.

Single sheet charted multicolor design for a Berlin woolwork border with corner. Striking motif is of stylized lotus-like flowers, in green, red, blues, yellow, and orange.

Includes modern recharting. Can also be used for cross-stitch, needlepoint, and beading. Handpainted counted pattern for a devotional cross, done in blue ink. Original is a partial motif. The modern re-charting extrapolates the missing areas and presents the whole design. Suitable for cross-stitch. Handpainted Berlin woolwork pattern, with two small squares of 50 stitches by These squares were often used for pincushions, or to embellish belts and similar clothing items.

Charted multicolor design of four girls in hats and bonnets drinking tea under a flowering tree. Lovely pattern, probably around because of the dark outline of the figures. Hand painted original plus mdoern recharting and DMC color key.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Be the black online dating sites in south africa to review this product. ISBN: Pages: Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. All Rights Reserved. More Views. Find delight in nature's gifts throughout the year! Seasonal Samplers by Alma Lynne Hayden features favorite images of each season highlighted in a lovely cross stitch design. Display them all together or focus on one at a time. They are shown stitched on count white Aida fabric and finished as wall hangings.

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Everything you need. Art Art Drawings. Books Accessories. Other Book Accessories. Children's Fiction. Take needlework needlework books to black women and online dating level by adding specialty stitches dating your catalogs project. With their intricate and chinese shapes, herrschners stitches will not only make your projects distinct, they embroidery add unique textures. The Algerian eyelet is popular for its sleek and versatile shape and may be worked in a row or alone as a motif. When worked correctly, the center of the stitch forms a small hole—or eyelet—from the needle continually going in the same center hole. Different thread materials, like ribbon, may also be used, but the tension creating the center hole will vary depending on the material. Other names : star stitch, star eyelet stitch What it is used for: flowers, stars, and interesting border patterns How to stitch: The needle should always come up at the outer edge and go down in the center. dating chinese embroidery books needlework catalogs herrschners Charted multicolor design for four narrow geometric borders 9 to 17 stitches wide. Striking use of garnet, green, gold and yellow. Includes modern recharting and DMC color key. Design intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for needlepoint, cross-stitch, and beading. Handpainted multicolor charted design for a large floral bouquet with roses and pansies, mostly in pinks, greens, purples and white. Intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for cross-stitch, needlepoint, or beading. Original plus modern recharting and DMC color key only.