40 Celebrity Couples With Shocking Age Gaps

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And you've already learned about all the celebrity pairs that are best friends. But there are quite a few famous faces that you probably didn't know were all in the same family. Senator Schumer is a first cousin to Amy Schumer's father, making them first cousins once-removed.

They don't make a ton of appearances together, but they do use their joint star power every now and again. The two Schumers spoke at a joint press conference for gun reform in after a fatal shooting which happened during a screening of Amy's movie "Trainwreck. Tucci married Felicity Blunt two years austin dating scene, and the happy couple have two children together just like Emily Blunt and Krasinski.

All four siblings-in-law recently walked the red carpet during the premiere of Krasinski and Emily Blunt's new hit movie "A Quiet Place. Singers and siblings Brandy and Ray J have made their typical brother-sister relationship pretty public.

Like most siblings, they post pictures of one another to their social media accounts, walk the red carpets together, and sometimes they even talk or argue over Twitter.

Meanwhile, the pair are also close with their cousin Snoop Dogg. Snoop has collaborated with Brandy and used her in a music video, and he had Ray J as a guest ford his YouTube show where he introduced him as "my cousin, my family, my familia. Talent clearly runs in the family seeing as she's a senior dating sebring florida harrison and he's made waves as Theon Greyjoy dating coach sfo delays current events "Game did Thrones.

The singer once wrote a song about her radiocarbon dating video bozeman needing to get a job and several years later slammed "Game of Thrones" during a Reddit AMA saying that she was offered a incestuous cameo to play his sister on screen. Alfie then denied that fact. And she's fantastic. And that's the one thing I'm going to say about that. Since then he's "banned" her from discussing the show at now.

Momoa has been with Kravitz's mother, Lisa Bonet, for 12 years. The happy couple got married in a quiet ceremony this Octobermaking Momoa the official stepfather of Kravitz. The new family members have shared sweet Instagram photos of themselves together, including one where Kravitz called Momoa "papa bear. 2017 an episode of "Today," Roker and Kravitz discussed that they both have the Roker genes in them. This led Roker to do some investigating, and he later revealed that free dating sites in austin tx grandfathers were actually cousins.

They have quite a few people between them a far as the family dating divas love languages goes, but blood is blood.

This is one famous family. Francis Ford Coppola, who directed "The Godfather" among other filmsis the uncle of the Schwartzmans. Jason Schwartzman earned his fame in movies like international dating sites for free best and sex trafficking online dating Kingdom," but his younger brother is also recognizable.

Dating site for female free Schwartzman was talking dating dating exclusively meme definition internet access "The Princess Diaries," though he's given up online dating sites in the philippines since.

All of these people are also related to actor Nicolas Cage, who changed his name from Coppola to avoid any nepotism in the industry. Francis is Nic's uncle, making the Schwartzmans are his cousins. The famous actresses may share a last name, but many never made the connection. Jenny has even shared a throwback picture of the two of them when they were children. The actresses might be in the same business, but their careers haven't overlapped and the two don't seem to be very close.

Melissa, for example, didn't attend Jenny's wedding back in That might have something to do with a report claiming that Jenny thought her cousin needed to lose weight to make it in Hollywood, even though Jenny firmly denies it. John and Joan Cusack have both made names for themselves in the movie industry and have been in 10 movies together.

Yet many don't realize that they're brother and sister. Joan gives credit to her brother for encouraging her throughout her career in the hectic industry. This is how it really is! People know more now in general, I think. So I think it was helpful to have each other.

These actors don't share a last name because Shirley uses her middle name MacLaine. The two also don't share any movie credits and MacLaine recently noted that they likely never will. The "Grey's Anatomy" actress didn't exactly grow up with Steven Spielberg, but since her mother married him inthey've gotten close. With such a big name in the industry, you'd think that he was to thank for her start, but according to her, it wasn't so easy.

Hallie Eisenberg had one of the most recognizable faces in the world in the late '90s. She was practically the face of Pepsinot to mention she landed leading roles in movies like "Bicentennial Man" and "The Miracle Worker. She's taken a leave from acting since thenbut her older brother is still making the family name known in Hollywood.

Jesse recently revealed on "The Tonight Show" that they're living together. Jimmy Fallon asked him about his sister's boyfriend Owen Danoff, who was fighting for fame on season 11 of "The Voice," and Jesse told him that they're all roommates. It's known pretty far and wide that Charlie Sheen is Martin Sheen's son. After all, they share both a name and a striking resemblance to one another.

However, many people might not known that Martin Sheen has another famous son, Emilio Esteves. The trio of Sheens have had their ups and downs. Many speculate that it's a battle between brothersbut their dad is proud of them both. He also worked side-by-side with Emilio on 's "The Way," and claims that there's no one better to work with. His son Alexander is stealthy competition though.

In the end, Alexander got the bragging rights. Then Alexander's younger brother, Bill, had a breakout role in 's reboot of "It" where he played Pennywise the Clown. The movie became one of the highest grossing horror films of all time. Serena van der Woodsen and the Teen Witch herself are truly sister goals. They're often seen together at award shows and fashion shows, and Robyn is the godmother to Blake's kids. She's the best," she recently said to ET. Despite this huge success, her acting career wasn't as easy as you'd think it would be for the daughter of a famous actor.

It's really misleading, because then when you actually go to pursue a career in acting, you realize that people aren't so friendly.

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest international movie stars, but he's not the only actor in the family. The "Fifty Shades of Grey" actress is no newbie in the film industry.

She grew up with Antonio Banderas after he married her mother actress Melanie Griffith when she was just a child her dad is none other than actor Don Johnson. Griffith and Banderas were together untilbut despite the splithe has nothing but kind words and admiration for his former stepdaughter and her career. Every time that she was called for a movie [she said] 'I don't want you guys to be there, I don't want them to know that you are my mother' or who [is] her real father, her biological father Don [Don Johnson].

She didn't want help. He's an actor with a rumored anger problem and she's a feminist icon and hero. You probably wouldn't have suspected that their paths had ever crossed, but she's actually his stepmother. Steinem married Bale's father David when Christian was well into his twenties.

They were married for three years before David passed away in He's married with two children and lives in California," she said in a piece for Daily Life. These leading ladies have been very public about their familial ties. They speak about each other in interviews, post heartwarming pictures of each otherand according to Julia, spend lots of time together.

Emma is a remarkable girl. Even though they spend so much time together, there's one thing Julia will never do: take a part in or watch Emma on "American Horror Story. Ron's face might not be quite as recognizable as his daughter's these days, but only because he spends his time behind the camera rather than in front of it. His daughter stayed in the family business, but took a different route.

She's acted in "The Village" and "Jurassic World. I really look up to him," she said during an interview with UK's Express. Pablo Schreiber is easier to place if you imagine him with a big mustache. They've only acted in one movie togetherbut they spend time together off-screen. Liev recently tweeted a picture of one of their family outings. Streisand married Josh Brolin's father, James, in and have been part of a close a new family ever since. Brolin, who starred in this year's "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Deadpool 2," is expecting his first child with wife Kathryn Boyd this year.

Apparently Streisand is already a thrilled grandma-to-be. I mean, it's like very typical Jewish grandmother who is saturated by this event. It's awesome. Hill even got a tattoo reading "Hello, Beanie" to celebrate her announced role as Minnie Faye in Broadway's "Hello, Dolly" stage production. Kim Renfro. Facebook Icon The letter F.

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Emily Blunt is Stanley Tucci's sister-in-law, which means John Krasinski is Tucci's brother-in-law.

By Cassie Carpenter For Dailymail. Scroll down for video. According to People's excerpt from her third memoir The Princess Diarist, Luke Skywalker himself unexpectedly dropped by the married father-of-two's apartment. The year-old actress - who was 19 at the time - wrote in her tell-all: 'It was about eleven in the morning. She recalled: 'Harrison took my hand and pronounced solemnly, "We're engaged. Stayed mum: The year-old Daytime Emmy nominee - who was 24 at the time - was either unable to use his Jedi mind tricks or he remained discreet about his castmates' tryst. How much longer could I wait? I was relieved when it ended. I didn't approve of myself It seemed to take its natural course'.


There was a time when you couldn't tell them apart. But those days are over for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the once identical-looking twins who now look incredibly different. New images of the pair, who graduated from child acting into fashion design, have even sparked rumors that Mary-Kate may have branched out with some new work all of her own. Scroll down for video. Her twin sister Mary-Kate might have been accused of plastic surgery, but Ashley Olsen is saving face for the both of them via her incredible style. Teaming the high neck wardrobe staple from BB Dakota with a statement printed ankle-grazing skirt and vintage inspired monochrome shoes, Ashley eschewed upstaging the vivacious print by going neutral with her top and accessories.


By Cassie Carpenter For Dailymail. In only their third public sighting as a couple, Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend Louis Eisner looked cozy while leaving a bar in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood on Sunday night. The year-old former child star and the year-old artist appeared to have been on a double date with his beloved dating trailer park girls twerking in dress gif Charlie. The privileged pair took turns hugging it out with the DJ and his lady friend. Still going strong! In only their third public sighting as a couple, Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend Louis Eisner looked cozy while leaving a bar in Manhattan on Sunday night. Siblings: The year-old former child star and the year-old artist appeared to have been on a double date with his beloved brother Charlie R. Ashley bundled up in a black winter coat over a maxi-dress, leather booties, and a purple scarf wrapped around her neck. Olsen and Eisner are said to be 'very much in love' ever since they canoodled at Hammer Museum's Gala in the Garden in L. By Ross Mcdonagh For Dailymail. The Star Wars legend, still rocking his new goatee, looked handsome as ever in a classic black tux and bow tie. His wife matched his colors in a fab off-the-shoulder black and white dress, paired with black pumps. The semi-sheer gown teased glimpses of the Ally McBeal star's lithe frame, adorned — as the soiree was — with countless stars. The couple have been married for eight years but together for twice that, meeting and striking up a relationship at the Golden Globe Awards in January of Dashing: The Star Wars legend, still rocking his new goatee, looked handsome as ever in a classic black tux and bow tie. Gorgeous: His wife matched his colors in a fab off-the-shoulder black and white dress, paired with black pumps.