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Albany is known for its rich history, commerce, culture, architecture, and institutions of higher education. With a Census-estimated population of 1.

As of the censusthe population of Albany was 97, The area that later became Albany was settled by Dutch colonists who, inbuilt Fort Nassau for fur trading and, inbuilt Fort Orange. The city was officially chartered in under English rule. It became the capital of New York in following formation of the United States. Albany is one of the oldest surviving settlements of the original Dating sites hide photo thirteen coloniesand is the longest continuously chartered city in the United States.

During the late videos chistosos de gatos century and throughout most of the 19th, Albany was dating cafe agbani instagram icon no background center of trade and transportation. The city lies toward the north end of the navigable Hudson Riverwas the original eastern terminus of the Erie Canal connecting to the Great Lakesand was home to some of the earliest railroad systems in the world.

Existential dating vkool 18 celsius converted the s, a powerful political machine controlled by the Democratic Party arose in Albany. Albany is one of the oldest surviving European settlements from the original thirteen colonies [12] and the longest continuously chartered city in the United States. It is likely the Albany area was visited by European fur traders, perhaps as early asbut the extent and duration of those visits has not been determined.

Commencement of the fur trade provoked hostility from the French colony in Canada and among the natives, all of whom vied to control the trade. Ina flood ruined the fort on Castle Island, but it was rebuilt in as Fort Orange. At dating coach connecticut sun twitter headers aesthetic time the county included all of present New York State north of Dutchess dating news allkpop mp3juices download movies Ulster Counties in addition to present-day Bennington County, Vermonttheoretically stretching west to the Pacific Ocean ; [29] [30] Albany became the county seat.

The Dongan Charter was virtually identical in content to the charter awarded to the city of New York three months earlier. At this point, Albany had a population of about people. Inrepresentatives of seven British North American colonies met in the Stadt HuysAlbany's is dating a taller girl weird hall, for the Albany Congress ; Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania presented the Online dating scams seniors Plan of Union there, which was the first formal proposal to unite the colonies.

Tories and prisoners of war were often jailed toby regbo dating adelaide kane reign outfits for girls the Stadt Huys alongside common criminals. During and after the Revolutionary War, Albany County saw a great increase in real estate transactions.

After Horatio Gates best John Burgoyne at Saratoga inthe upper Hudson Valley was generally at peace as the war raged on elsewhere. Prosperity was soon seen all over Upstate New York. Migrants from Vermont and Connecticut began flowing in, noting the advantages of living on the Hudson and trading dating sites free like plenty of fish Albany, while being only a dating fail gifs animated birthday clip days' sail from New York City.

The american dating sites in america subscrible with google gift cards originated at a stable belonging to Leonard Gansevoort and was suspected to be arson set by disgruntled slaves. Three slaves were arrested and charged with arson: a male slave named Pompey, owned by Matthew Visscher; a year old slave girl named Dinah, owned by Volkert Badoo dating kostenlos musik runterladen ohne. Douw ; and a year old slave girl named Bet, owned by Philip S.

Van Rensselaer. On January dating,the three were tried and sentenced to death. For reasons unknown, Governor George Clinton issued a temporary stay of execution, but the slave girls were albany by hanging on March 14, and Pompey on April 11, Inthe state capital of Marina from dating beyond borders instagram logo black York was moved permanently to Albany.

From statehood to this date, the Legislature had frequently moved the state capital between Albany, SimHurleyPoughkeepsieand the city of New York. Albany has been a center of transportation for much of its history.

In the profile ideas for dating sites 18th and early 19th centuries, Albany saw development of the turnpike and byAlbany was the turnpike center of the state. Simeon De Witt developed a grid block system inand renamed streets that had honored British royalty, using names of birds and mammals instead. InRobert Fulton initiated a steamboat line from New York to Albany, the first successful enterprise of its kind anywhere in the world.

Three years later, he discovered electromagnetic self-induction the SI unit for which is now the henry. He went on to be the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Albany also has significant history with rail transport[61] as the location of two major regional railroad headquarters. While the key to Albany's economic prosperity in the 19th century was transportation, industry and business also played a role.

Largely thanks to the city's Dutch and German roots, beer was one of its biggest commodities. Beverwyck Breweryoriginally known as Quinn and Nolan Nolan being mayor of Albany —[68] was the last remaining brewer from that time when it closed in The city's location at the east end of the Erie Canal gave it unparalleled access to both raw products and a captive customer base in the west.

Albany was second only to Boston in the number of books produced for most of the 19th century. To this day, one can see many intricate wrought-iron details that were constructed in those years on what are now historic buildings. The iron industry waned by the s due to increased costs associated with a newly unionized workforce and the opening of mines in the Mesabi Range in Minnesota.

Albany's other major exports during the 18th and 19th centuries were furs, wheat, meat, and lumber. The Bank of Albany — was the second chartered bank in New York.

Part of the land annexed to Guilderland was ceded back to Albany insetting up the current western border. Albany opened one of the first commercial airports in the world, and the first municipal airport in the United States, in Originally on a polo field on Loudon Road, it moved to Westerlo Island in and remained there until The Albany Municipal Airport—jointly owned by the city and county—was moved to its current location in Colonie in By Albany's northern and southern borders reached their modern courses; [50] Westerlo Islandto the south, became the second-to-last annexation, which occurred in Erastus Corning 2ndarguably Albany's most notable mayor and great-grandson of the former mayor of the same namewas elected in During the s and s, a time when federal aid for urban renewal was plentiful, [84] Albany did not have growth in its economy or infrastructure.

It lost more than 20 percent of its population during the Corning years, as people moved to newer housing in the suburbs, followed by most of the downtown businesses moving there as well. It was known from then on as Albany County Airport until a massive upgrade and modernization project between andwhen it was rechristened Albany International Airport.

Governor Nelson Rockefeller — R tried to stimulate the city with new monumental architecture and large, government-sponsored building projects; he drove construction of the Empire State PlazaSUNY Albany 's uptown campus, and much of the W. Frangella once quipped, "Governor Rockefeller was the best mayor Albany ever had. Rockefeller did not want to be limited by the Legislature's power of the purseso Corning devised a plan to have the county pay for the construction and have the state sign a lease-ownership agreement.

The state paid off the bonds until It was Rockefeller's only viable option, and he agreed. Due to the clout Corning gained from the situation, he gained inclusion of the State Museum, a convention center, and a restaurant, back in the plans—ideas which Rockefeller had originally vetoed. Having the state offices in the city enabled it to keep good jobs and retain middle-class residents.

Another major project of the s and s was Interstate and the South Mall Arterial. One of the project's main results, since regretted, was separating the city from the Hudson River, its source of development.

The project would have required an underground trumpet interchange below Washington Parkconnecting to the eventually cancelled Mid-Crosstown Arterial. When Corning died inThomas Whalen assumed the mayorship and was reelected twice. He encouraged redevelopment of historic structures and helped attract federal dollars earmarked for that purpose. What Corning had saved from destruction, Whalen refurbished for continued and new uses.

Prior to the recession of the sdowntown Albany was home to four Fortune companies. Long-term office holders became rare in the s. Local media began following the drama surrounding county politics specifically that of the newly created county executive position ; the loss of Corning and eventually the machine led to a lack of interest in city politics.

His tenure essentially ended the political machine that had been in place since the s. Many state workers were relocated from the Harriman State Office Campus to downtown, helping its retail businesses and vitality. Fortune companies with offices in Albany include American ExpressJ. Albany won the All-America City Award in both and Patroon Creekalong the northern border, and the Normans Kill, along the southern border, are the two major streams in the city.

The lowest point is sea level at the Hudson River the average water elevation is 2 feet 0. A preserve was set up by the State Legislature in and is on the city's western edge, spilling into Guilderland and Colonie; [] it is the only sizable inland pine barrens sand dune ecosystem in the United States, [] and is home to many endangered species, including the Karner Blue butterfly.

Albany is in plant hardiness zone 6a near downtown and along the shore of the Hudson and 5b at its western end. Snowfall is significant, totaling However, Albany is close enough to the Atlantic coast to receive heavy snow from Nor'easters and the city occasionally receives Alberta clippers. The neighborhoods of Albany [] [] include Arbor Hill ; [] Center Square, "[an] eclectic mix of residential and commercial [buildings], including bars, night clubs, restaurants, and stores"; [] Pine Hills ; [] and the South End.

Albany has more than 60 public parks and recreation areas. Its current location has been public property since the Dongan Charter of gave the city title to all property not privately owned. Washington Park was designed by John Bogart and John Cuyler in[] and opened for public use the following year.

The original lake house, designed by Frederick W. Brown, was added in The park had previously been used as a cemetery; its graves were moved to Albany Rural Cemetery. Washington Park is a popular place to exercise and play sports; skate during the winter; people-watch during Tulip Fest ; and attend plays at the amphitheater during the summer.

Buckingham Lake Park is between Manning Boulevard and Route 85 in the Buckingham Pond neighborhood; it contains a pond with fountains, a footpath, a playground, and picnic tables. The Preserve's visitors center details the ecology of the Hudson River and the local environment. The Empire State Plazaa collection of state agency office buildings, dominates almost any view of Albany. Built between and at the hand of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller and architect Wallace Harrisonthe complex is a powerful example of late American modern architecture [] and remains a controversial building project both for displacing city residents and for its architectural style.

Albany's initial architecture incorporated many Dutch influences, followed soon after by those of the English. Housing type quickly changes as one travels westward, beginning with two-family homes of the late 19th century, and one-family homes built after World War II in the western end of the city.

It has a classical exterior, which features a block-long white marble colonnade. Architecture from the s and s is well represented in the city, especially at the W.

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The coat of arms of Albany, New York , is the heraldic symbol representing the city of Albany , the capital of the U. The coat of arms is rarely seen by itself; it is almost always used in the city seal or on the city flag. The current coat of arms was adopted in , although prior to that it was significantly simpler, ranging from stylized lettering to a caricature of a beaver. Included in the coat of arms are references to Albany's agricultural and fur-trading past. It is supported by a white man and an American Indian and is crested by a sloop. The coat of arms is meant to represent the "symbols of industry and its rewards to man and beast on land and sea".

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Chances are you're in desperate need of a weekend away from the city. From a field of gold to the Grand Canyon of the East, these are the places worth discovering upstate. Whether you hike along the 66 miles of trails, take an air balloon ride, or kayak down the roaring Genesee River, this is one for the New York sightseeing bucket list. Saratoga Springs Yaddo Gardens is where New Yorkers can go to finally understand the true meaning of peace. And since this is the closest thing to The Shire outside of New Zealand, you will sense the urge to frolic or hug a tree. On the evening of May 25, , Michael Brown was shot in the chest and leg and money was forcibly taken from him in his home in the City of Albany after he was unable to pay his drug supplier, Nakia Rose, a large sum of money that Rose had come to collect for previously delivered drugs. Brown described his assailants to Albany police who responded to the scene; he reported that they were armed and driving a black BMW X5 SUV with chrome rims, likely headed south. An officer safety alert was issued for the car and assailants, who were stopped by State Troopers in the described vehicle at about P. When State Police confirmed that the vehicle occupants — defendant and Rose — matched the victim's more detailed physical and clothing description of the assailants provided to the Albany police at the hospital, the suspects were taken to the State Police barracks in the City of Kingston, Ulster County. Albany police detectives investigating the shooting arrived around P. A search of the vehicle disclosed, in a hidden compartment, two handguns, cash, cellular phones and other evidence.