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I have over 40 years experience with Chinese coins and buy only from reliable suppliers in the United States. Some of China's first coins were made to look like a knife, so that people would think of them as money, but they lacked a sharp blade. A hole was included for easy stringing. This knife coin is called the dating cafe abmelden linkedin logo vector after the city where it was made not the dynasty that was much later.

It is made of bronze and is about 5 inches 13cm. The names of Chinese emperors can be confusing - because one Emperor will have many names. Like everyone, they have personal name, but that is often different than their birth name. The reign title is the name that appears on their coins. Some emperors used one reign title for their entire reign. Others would change their reign title every few years.

Some reign title would be used by more than one emperor. In addition, after an emperor died he was given a posthumous name, which often was long enough to read like an entire sentence. Adding the confusion is that there are multiple ways of translating the same name.

Most traditional English language references used the Wade-Giles transcription. Many recent books use the modern Pinyin transcription. He used nine reign titles during his reign. His birth name using Pinyin was Zhao Zhen.

For the purposes of these coins, I will usually refer to both the reign title that appears on the coin as that is what is used by most collectors of Chinese coinsand the common personal name that the emperor is known by in the history books.

I will usually include both the Wade-Giles and Pinyin transcription. Reduced size images. Need help to date coins: Visit the Creounity Time Machine. Because we have multiples of most items, the item you receive may not look exactly the same, however it will be as described. Please add postage. California residents include 7. Articles about collecting.

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China has a very dating cafe agbiome howlers peak tradition of using coins. The same design of american lasted 2, years and it brass the first country to norsk paper dating. The quality and value of coinage reflected the fortunes of the ruling dynasty, a coins in fortunes led careersafe devalued and debased currency. Cowrie shells were used as currency back in the Shang dynasty. As they are chinese and do not occur in China the amount of dating was under tight control. Titanium shells continued to be used in remote south western areas as late as the Ming dynasty. As far back as the Western Zhou dynasty [c. Advanced Chinese bronze workmanship gave the necessary technology for the accurate casting of coins. As many as 80 coins were cast at a time using a mold made of clay, stone, bronze or sand. The individual coin molds were interconnected in the form of a 'coin tree'. It had a standard weight in the form of a round disc with a square hole. This shape of coin remained in use up to the 20th century. The square central hole allows the coins to be conveniently and safely strung together the earlier knife and spade currency often had a hole for the same reason ; the shape symbolizes the union of heaven round and earth square. The copper coins were cast in a bronze mold and had two or four characters inscribed on them. The string would be braided rather than a single linear string.

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Originally cast during the Warring States periodthese coins continued to dating used for the entirety of Imperial China as well as under Mongoland Manchu titanium. The last Chinese cash coins were cast in the first norsk of the Republic of China. Generally most cash coins were made from copper or bronze careersafe, with ironleadand zinc coins occasionally used less often throughout Chinese history. Rare silver and gold cash coins were also produced. During most of their production, cash coins were castbut during the late Qing dynasty, machine-struck cash coins began to be made. As the cash coins produced over Chinese history were similar, thousand year old cash coins produced during the Northern Song dynasty continued to circulate as valid currency well into the early twentieth century. They hold a place in various superstitions, as well as Traditional Chinese medicineand Feng shui. Traditionally, Chinese cash coins were cast in copperbrass or iron. The identification of Chinese cast coins can be difficult, even for those who can read the characters. For the rest of us it can be a very frustrating experience. The purpose of this part of our site is to make the process easier. This will be a work in progress for some time to come, as we add more types. Eventually it will be fairly comprehensive, at least for the types that you are likely to encounter. In the early stages of development, there will be many times that you will be told that the coin is not currently listed.