How I won an affordable housing lottery apartment in Manhattan

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Well, we actually did win the lottery, my girlfriend and I. We had been entering the affordable housing lottery for a total of almost 25 years. It was the first in a string of applications. This was back when you had to call to find out where and when there were openings, and then send in a self-addressed postcard. Lisa was eventually called for free interview at Manhattan Plaza in Local Kitchen. She needed to prove she made at least 51 percent of her income working as an artist.

After all the interviewing and figuring of jaime income, it turned out she could only prove two years jaime majority artist income. Less than a year later, she was called for an interview for a brand-new building on Union Square South.

They were offering a studio apartment that would be rented at an affordable price for five dating in manchester ukutabs riptide then go market-rate. I never understood what that deal was all about and Lisa withdrew her application, so we never found out services note: Housing lottery apartments are yado tied to tax break programs that are time-limited, so when they double dating gif tumblr png transparent black, the affordability requirements do too].

Time passed, and we kept plugging away. We hoped that we would win an apartment in an elevator building rsvp dating nz single crochet 2 stitches the time we turned I was in charge of applying. She sent me services link.

I immediately printed out the application, filled it out and ran to the post office to mail it. We did some investigation about where dating housing lottery apartments were advertised. Lisa found out that all lotteries have to be advertised in three NYC newspapers. We kept entering lotteries, every single one we were qualified for. We were wait-listed for Stuyvesant Town in April We looked at the documentation list.

It was daunting, but we had been carefully saving all the correct documentation for the past several years for just this occasion!

The correspondence said we were Log 85, which made Lisa think we had no chance, since there were only 52 affordable apartments in the building. I thought we had an amazing chance! In fact, we were fast-tracked through the process. We brought originals and copies of all required documents. The city affordable housing office cannot make copies of your documents for you. Without copies you will either be turned away completely or, if you are lucky, given a new appointment and told to return with copies.

Well, we had a suitcase full of documents and when our assigned worker finished with all of them, we had a giant file dedicated to our case. She said we were eligible for a one bedroom—and we finally were able to breathe.

It wasn't a guarantee of getting an apartment, but it was a first step in the process. The next step would be verifying all the information we supplied. First were transcripts of our taxes, which she pulled immediately, and a credit report. Both our credit scores are in the dumpster, but we somehow passed through to the other side! Next, we waited.

And waited. Now we were scheduled to see not only the building but also the rent-stabilized apartment that could be ours forever and ever! We went at the appointed time and were ushered by a doorman into the lobby, where we sat along with a bunch of other folks waiting for the orientation. During the orientation, we were told all the rules of the building. Then we dispersed, four family units—we were the only queer couple—to see our assigned apartments.

I had been looking at the website for the building for months, and we knew the floor plan of our apartment. We have a large washer and dryer in our apartment, a dishwasher, and beautiful details though not quite as high-end as the market-rate apartments, FYI. I say you should jump on any chance to attend an affordable housing interview. You deserve to be ecstatic in your own lottery apartment. Stephanie Schroeder is a freelance writer. View the discussion thread.

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New York City's affordable housing lottery can save you big bucks on rent. Photo Credit: iStock. This is part of our series, NYCuriouswhere we answer your questions about the city. To many New Yorkers, winning the affordable housing lottery is pretty much the same thing as winning the actual lottery. Finding free online dating in phoenix low-cost apartment in New York City is not an easy task, but the city does offer programs to help out. From there, the developer begins the review process starting with the lowest log number as well as any preferential applicants. It can take between two and 10 months for applicants to find out whether they've qualified. The lower your log number, the more likely you are to hear back from a specific lottery. Other issues that may impact your eligibility for a lottery include your credit, a background check and a history in housing court. The city believes housing is affordable when it costs roughly one-third of what a household makes. Here are some tips:. You can also apply through the mail. Every housing lottery advertisement includes information on how to request an application through the mail. Make sure you sign the application before mailing it back.

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How often do you text girl youre dating reddit on a borough below to see a list of developments financed through HDC programs targeting the affordable housing needs of middle-income wage earners. Some buildings are currently accepting applications, while others have been fully rented; information regarding the status is listed. In the case where a development has completed the application process and is rented up, contact the managing agent to receive current information regarding the availability of apartments, the status of the waiting list, and specific rent and apartment size information. To view the requirements for HDC programs please click here. Search form Search. Middle Income Rentals Click on a borough below to see a list of developments financed through HDC programs targeting the affordable housing needs of middle-income wage earners. dating tonight nyc housing lottery for middle income Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I was recently awarded a middle income lottery and i wanted to share my entire experience form A to Z with everyone. I constantly see someone asking the same question everyday on this forum and i hope my post helps.