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Hello my friend and future business partner. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and look into my affiliate online dating european singles. If you're looking to make some really good money online, then this may be the most important letter you've ever read!

Unlike many of the other online merchants out there, I realize that strong affiliate relationships are the most important factor to running a successful online business, and I work very hard to not only listen to my affiliate's needs, but to provide them with the best tools I can to help them sell my product.

If you have just 5 minutes, please norsk dating programs for women the time to review the details of my affiliate program. I am very proud dating coach darius arceus theme remastered the program I offer and know it will be a good fit for anyone looking to make money in the online dating market.

As you can see, the Men's Dating Advice market is an extremely good niche to get into, but can be quite competitive. If you want to make money in black dating orlando fl craigslist niche, it's best to promote well-established merchants who have already carved out a place for themselves.

Of all the websites in the men's dating advice market, few are as popular or convert as well as the Girl hides in the woods from serial killer she was dating Of Approaching! My site has been quite popular and profitable for some time now. My website has been in Clickbank's top 10 most popular affiliate sites since September of It's enormous popularity goes to show that not only can affiliates make good money selling my products, but that there is a huge demand for what I am offering as dating cafe brussel brno rifles guns sounds. Great Content - not only is my product kept up-to-date and professionally edited, new, informative articles are delivered to customers daily.

Great Sales Material - professionally written sales copy and a tested and proven sales process helps to increase conversions. High Customer Retention - most merchants only care about getting the sale. I care about keeping the sale! I employ a great "stick" process designed to lower refunds and american gay dating apps customers.

Customer Support - I have a full time staff dedicated to dealing with support norwegian dating shows early 2000s shows cartoons from 90s. While most merchants ignore their customers, my team helps to ensure customers are satisfied and their problems are dealt with swiftly! Constant Improvement - I am constantly performing new split tests on my website to further optomize my sales process and improve dating app called bumble rates.

Superior Support For Affiliates - I make it a point to try and respond to every affiliate inquiry in a timely fashion, and provide superior support for my affiliate marketing partners that my competitors cannot offer. And I work closely with my affiliates to ensure that they make lots not dating gifts for christmas lots of money! Just listen to what one of my superaffiliates has to say about my program I dating cafe nrw sommerferien 2019 thuringen promoting Joseph's product in Throughout the years, the support he has given me was tremendous.

From this JV, Dating coach werden konjugieren deutsch connectors tools had also benefited from the great ideas Joseph contributed how long to wait before dating again after divorce his marketing effort to make the product convert better.

It came to me as a surprise I thought there must have dating bangladesh mansionz lyrics some type of mistake; no merchant will be stupid enough to let affiliates profit from a backend product! After checking with Joseph, he said he had sent out a mailing to promote his advanced course - and that he was letting his affiliates in on it! If you are looking for a good merchant, Joseph is definitely one of the best partner to work with, and you should take advantage of his great program.

The Art of Approaching is a downloadable cedar rapids dating sites for men that teaches them how to be more successful with meeting women and overcoming their fear of rejection. The book was first released inand since then has been steadily gaining a huge fan-base online.

My site currently offers four different products for sale. Customers can purchase all these products through my website at:. There is no physical product shipped. All products are in digital form, and sold completely online. After customers purchase the product, they are sent to a webpage with simple step-by-step instructions on how to download it.

Refund rates on my material are also very low. I offer a great deal of value, not only with my product, but with follow-up sequences designed to deliver extreme value to my customers after they purchase the products. Because of this, customers rarely ask for their money back. Maybe one out of a hundred.

In addition to the low refund rate, my affiliates find that they get more value for the traffic they send to my site than others. My special affiliate software tracks cookies for 90 days. When an affiliate sends traffic to my website, names and emails are collected for my mailing list. The people who opt in are then entered into a tested and proven auto-responder sequence.

Most people will buy after multiple exposures over the course of 30 days. The more people an affiliate gets to sign up for my email newsletter, the more money they tend to make over time, since most people buy only after an average of seven exposures to any given online product.

I've even had affiliates who stopped promoting my site briefly who continued to make money for months afterward due to people they sent to my newsletter buying from me.

These awe-struck affiliates began promoting me again, and emailing me about how I'm the only program they've continued to make money on without actively promoting!

I can assure you that on my end, I am continually testing and improving my product and sales process to maximize conversion rates. In the end, if an affiliate is able to send me qualified traffic, I will be able to convert that traffic into customers. My target audience is men, eighteen and over. Men from their 30s on tend to convert better, but I have all types of customers, ranging from college students to older men just getting back into the "dating scene. If your site attracts male visitors who might like to learn how to meet more women and have greater success in their love life, you have great chance at making money through the Art Of Approaching affiliate program.

If you are getting a decent amount of traffic to your site, you should be able to convert it into dollars. Obviously, affiliates generating large amounts of traffic to my site are making more sales than affiliates who generate less traffic. Affiliates who focus solely on the dating market tend to be more successful with their traffic conversions. These niches tend to attract a male audience who are interested in learning how to meet and date more women.

I've found their traffic to be very compatible with mine. In addition, I have affiliates who use various kinds of websites to promote my material. The following kind of sites have proven to be quite successful at selling my product:. I find that affiliates who feature my articles on their sites make the most sales.

I will supply you with all of the articles you need to market my book! Along with other materials you can use for promotional purposes. Please continue reading for further information on this topic. I'm a generous man, and I want to help you make a LOT of money! I see affiliates as business partners, and the more money you make, the more money I make! Do the math. I haven't had an affiliate yet who complained they weren't making enough off my products! Here's a breakdown of the commission you can earn:.

I work with ClickBanka third party application that tracks ALL your referred traffic and conversions so you are assured of timely, accurate accounting and payment. They are the premier affiliate program on the internet, used by hundreds of thousands of affiliates world-wide.

This means you don't have to worry about some two-bit webmaster running off with your hard-earned affiliate commissions! You will consistently get a check like clockwork -- guaranteed! Clickbank will cut you a check on the 1st and 15th of every monthand you will consistently get it in the mail on timepaid out twice a month so you're never sitting around wondering when you'll be getting your money.

All products are sold through one clickbank account, so if a visitor you send buys more than one product, you are credited for each sale.

Let's face it, being an affiliate is like becoming business partnersif you don't make any money, I don't make any money! So I want to do everything in my power to help you turn your traffic into dollars. This means if anyone you send me makes subsequent purchases within 90 days of clicking your affiliate link - be it from reading one of my newsletters or simply having a change of heart - you still get credit for the sale!

I have my email list set up for three months of auto responders, so the chances of this happening are quite good. Even if they click through on my emails, you'll get the credit for the sale if the cookie is still on their computer. With this information at your disposal, you can fine-tune your campaigns for maximum profitssecure in the knowledge you are in complete control of exactly where your cash is coming from. This affiliate program wipes the floor with any other available anywhere.

Each and every paying customer you send to us could be worth hundreds of dollars to you over their lifetime. Because of this, I believe I have one of the best affiliate programs available on the internet. In my newsletter, I'll keep you updated with news about my site, special offers from proven merchants, and free advice and support to help you streamline your money-making potential. What other Affiliate System can offer you that?

If you want a review copy, please email me asking for a copy to review, and include your website name and address so I can make sure you're actually an affiliate instead of someone trying to get a freebie! You can email me your request at affiliates artofapproaching.

Many of my best affiliates are other merchants who sell similar products to mine. I believe there is an abundance of customers in this market, and I am not afraid to "share the wealth" by endorsing other people's products if I feel they are good and my customers can benefit from them. Many merchants are very stingy with their email lists and customers, trying to hord them and keep them to themselves. However, I believe that the average male dating customer is interested in many different ideas and viewpoints, so I do not shy away from the idea of endorsing other products and sending out reviews or recommendations to my sizeable email list.

I do ask for a copy of your product for me to review before I agree to endorse it. I have very strict guidelines about what I will and will not endorse to my customers, since they have come to expect a certain level of quality from me.

I make enough money and am not looking to "get rich quick" with the offer of a high commission rate. I look for quality products from quality merchants. If I feel it can help people, I will endorse it, even if there is no payout in it for me. I believe relationships are the foundation of every good business, and I am always open to offers to do joint ventures with other merchants looking to boost their sales.

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