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Want Ads. Video Interviews, Documentaries and Films. Monitor this thread via RSS [? Posted - We invite you to explore the new wormholes, dating beyond borders netherlands using the new fitting screen, or fight against the dangerous new NPC group, the Sleepers. For a more apartments list of what has been added and fixed, please check the patch notes.

You can also read more in depth about the everything Apocrypha on fabrics Apocrypha features page. Please note that this is for general feedback, not issues or bugs.

And now beach doing it on Tranq. Bethulsunamen Amarr Viziam. Who's idea was it to have the sound fade out at HALF max zoom from your ship? First of all it should NEVER fade out, just muffle slightly, secondly how fun is it to only hear your own lasers in a huge battle vs 20 npcs?

Fix this now. I play with sound because im not pretending to be hardcore by turning wholesale off. Long play all games with sound, im date farm las vegas nevada soundoholic and sound means just as much as visuals to me. Also: Flickering white orbs in asteroid fields. As seen below. Anyone else free dating sites salem oregon that?

Tried two different drivers, Lady Onatopp. I haven't any negative feedback yet actually. Things are running really well here and I'm quite impressed. An alliance mate has already found a wormhole as well.

Irida Mershkov Gallente Noir. Zilnam Haa. I get a multi colored screen upon start up of the client. There i have to alt tap in and out to get the sign in screen to show up. From there i move to character selection. No problems ocurred there. After that as i try to log into the station im currently at my client shuts down. Totally Slick GoonFleet.

All you see is the shimmering effect. It is impossible to see where the end of a bubble ends or how big the bubble is if you use the low quality shader setting. Please add some kind of basic shader, anything for the bubbles for the low quality shader setting. Psycho Nomad. Its a very normal and built in aspect of the shader quality There is a big difference in the quality of effects depending on how high or low you have you shader quality setting.

Before apocrypha artillery made a nice "kachong" with a big tracerbullet coming out. Not there is just a bit smoke in front of the gun with "pfff" sound. This is definatly worse then before. It must be a real expensiv task, a so far unthinkable operation and one of the biggest challange mankind ever made, to connect us to the tides of event in a universe so far far away.

Real good job guys! We are not all fortunate ppl who can spend hundreds euro's on hardware. Dont get me wrong i love that a MAC version now exists MacBook Pro 2. Jomanda Vanishing Point. The Initiative. I do have one request. The in-station environment is too loud when compared to other "World Level" effects. I have several alts, and there is always someone in a station somewhere, and the sound of other accounts is completely overshadowed by the account which is docked.

Please add a slider to adjust the in-station environmental sounds or re-introcude the option to disable the in-station evironment completely. The new gate jumping sounds is really terrible compared to the old one. Also, I kind of miss the bumpy ride effect when you drop out of warp.

Seth Gibson. After I succesfully applied the patch, here are some problems I've encountered: 1. Hate that crystal-like ship too. Placing skills in queue doesn't work for some reason. After completing first of them, training turns on pause Yeah, I hit the Apply button after placing the skills in queue. But seriously, before the Apo patch, I had perfect sound in EVE when I had it turned on when I wasn't in a fleet that sounded great and worked pretty well on my 5. To say nothing of diminished game volume Please put the old audio engine back in for the client.

It worked if not perfectly pretty damn good. This new one is NOT a step forward, it's now a step back. Sadly, I've even turned off my sound for when I'm sitting in a station because the station sounds are too loud. Well done! If some of the stuff on Sisi is still on TQ, there's gonna be some issues. Personal Appreciation : The fitting window is absolutely horrible Horrible to see, and horrible to use.

Informations are scattered in all the window cargo at bottom left, others at bottom right, etc Definitively, must be redone.

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