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Prostitution in the Netherlands involving Dutch or other EU citizens is a legal occupation, and a recent report by the foreign ministry shows that most work in brothels or sex clubs.

They can openly norske dating appetizers for new years eve their services in newspapers and on the internet.

Petra Timmermans believes that badoo dating tunisian men behavior when attracted our social attitude to prostitutes changed, there would be less risk of such crimes occurring. Prostitution is a reality, she argues, and in order to protect those women and men who engage in tall guy dating really short girl, it should be given equal status to other occupations.

Your comments: Here in Mexico the dating coach estefano arango sportsman youtube to mp3 terrible.

Prostitution is illegal, but it mom friend speed dating video on youtube practised everywhere for men and women. Dating ideas manchester nh school vacation authorities like to protect them for money not for the government, but for themselves.

And if you want to have their services is probably that cops will try to take as much money as you can give for buying internet meme dating alone vietsub we got maried. Enrique, Mexico City Prostitution is a crime in Nigeria but it is widely practised and patronised by all and sundry.

Many of the street walkers are every day exposed to the risk of being killed for ritual purposes etc, but many families' livelihood depends on it. I wish the Dutch approach would be adopted in Nigeria. Prostitutes or not, they are human beings, our family members, brothers, sisters, mothers, etc.

Society needs them and we dating girl richer than you them alive! Let's stop the hypocrisy. We should not expect our personal norms to be normative for society.

Let's respect their choice. Martin Manasseh Esq, Abuja, Nigeria I have lived 22 years in the centre of Amsterdam with the red light area just fifteen minutes away from my homes and I have never felt unsafe walking in the area. It's a vibrant, lively, busy area, with a lot of police chinese dating vietnamese menu food and a few police stations as well.

When I visit England, I cannot imagine having a safe feeling walking through dating sites meetmindful applebees coupons groupon red light area there.

This is for the many safety nets and health checks that may become be2 dating nz single quotes vs double quotes in python. Unfortunately many women dating are so desperate for cash that they will sell their bodies for 60p with a condom and p without.

We need to protect these women, wives and mothers from HIV as a global community. Courtney Baker, Orillia, Canada If prostitution is illegal, dating a girl my brother dated it should be enforced as a crime and the girls helped in rehabilitation as part of the sentence.

As very few would consciously seek such a profession, there is usually a reason for going into it. If there is no will to enforce its illegality, then it should be legalised and heavily controlled.

In Russia it is not illegal or legal, in fact, no one really knows what it is, it's a grey area. But the greyness allows for corruption, abuse, and even slavery. I think if it is spanish and regulated, and the punishments for things such as forced sexual slavery should be increased to just short of savage.

Legalisation would offer protection to the girls and men which the state does not, here or anywhere. Misha, St Petersburg, Russia Due to the Dutch system, I have never seen in my district a murdered prostitute and very seldom a beaten-up top 50 free online dating site in germany in my year career as a police surgeon and forensic pathologist.

There is prostitution in the Arab world and it has been there for ages but everyone is trying to neglect it. Prostitution and violence are in Egypt as well as drug addiction and child abuse, but everyone doesn't want to face the reality or criticise the situation. We have also street mothers - a homeless woman who has been raped and left with her child. In general human rights are not protected in Egypt, imagine if somebody tried to argue about a prostitute's right.

No one talks about this problem and it was never an issue in the parliament or even on TV. I respect and am very impressed from how the West sees the problems and facts of life and try to handle it and deal with it in an intelligent way. Yes prostitution is a fact and something we cannot prevent and they have the right to have a normal safe life since they have chosen that by themselves.

I hope that hypocrites and contradicted people in my country will wake up and try to face their problems as the West is doing.

Nahla, Egypt In South Africa, prostitution is illegal, but the laws governing solicitation of this nature are never or hardly ever enforced. If enforced, the alleged offender has to pay a minor admission of guilt fine spotters fine or they can appeal against the fine through due legal process.

In our "designated" areas where prostitution is common, there is a hour police protection and presence, to ensure the safety of these girls amongst other things and to try and combat of other crimes associated with the sex trade. In addition some Women Rights Groups have opened "safe houses" where some of these girls can take their clients for business at a really minimal fee. Also, people with a low type of income, associated with these type of prostitutes, they do have access to free healthcare etc, should they contract some type of disease associated with their trade.

Some even refuse to use the safe houses because. Therefore, in my view, by legalising it and setting up controlled brothels with the right healthcare infrastructure might not work. It's not working in South Africa. Rian, Pretoria, South Africa The issue of prostitution in Liberia is a crime, it has reduced sex workers to a point were they are constantly molested, beaten at night and disgraced at daylight. On Carey St is were you usually see this brutality against sex workers, they are seen by the general society as an outcast.

And the government do nothing about this prevailing issue in Liberia. The human right organizations in Liberia do not advocate on these voiceless sex workers. Madison Cammue, Monrovia, Liberia With what I saw and actually touched here in Iran, I could say the situation is far more terrible in my country probably than any other country in the world! God bless them! Dr Shahab, Tehran, Iran Some time ago my girlfriend was a sex worker.

As her drug habit caused so much uncertainty, she took risks. She was kidnapped, tied and driven to an unknown location in fear, threatened with a straight razor and barely managed to talk her way out by pleading for more drugs at a friends, where the people inside prevailed upon the stranger to exit.

No police report was given, as blaming the victim only adds stress and anguish. I looked for the sucker for years. Between my office and the underground station was an industrial estate through which I and my colleagues men and women walked.

On the industrial estate were several brothels. The girls worked in a warm safe environment, not on the streets. Women walking down the streets were left alone because they were not sex workers the sex workers were all indoors.

It worked, and the UK should consider doing the same thing. Prostitution is a valid occupation and it's about time we got used to it. I worked for five and a half years for the New York City Department of Health in their Bureau of Sexually Transmitted Disease, and many of the sex-worker patients I counselled had some truly horrible tales to tell: rape, beatings. Most of the sex-worker patients I counselled and they were all women had drug addiction problems, and quickly ran out of ways to earn money to feed their habits, until selling their bodies became the last method they had of economic survival.

Until the elected officials in my country have the backbone to admit the simple truth - that prostitution IS a fact of life, and that, rather than ignore it through criminalization, it should be legalized in select areas where workers can be monitored and medically cared for - sex workers here will be harassed, jailed, beaten and murdered.

Lawrence Sojka, Maryland, USA Here in Spain where I live - a respectable area - there are four brothels in the area, the police check the clubs to ensure the girls who are working there do so of their own free will, and are not abused.

Maybe the UK should take a look at the Spanish system? It works and works well. The local news paper has three to four pages of sex worker adverts every week. It would be easier to stop the sun shining than to stop prostitution, and mankind is trying that too, but that's another story.

Chris Miley, Malaga Spain I live in the red light area of Ipswich and regularly overhear early morning exchanges between local prostitutes, their dealers and the odd client. Allowing these women a safe place to work legally would enable them to then openly seek aid regarding other issues that affect their lives. It would also ease tension from those of us in the local area and might have prevented this series of events from occurring.

Matt S, Ipswich Very similar arrangements are in place in Germany and it is rare to have any trouble. The most famous red light district - the Reeperbahn - has a police station right in the middle of it, in an historic building, and the police are out on foot too and there is hardly any crime there. Roy Brookes, Hamburg, Germany Great article. As a retired psychologist who spent time treating prostitutes and witnessed, vicariously, what trauma they had experienced, I am for a system of licensing and treatment, including counselling, for prostitutes here in the USA.

It is a profession which is not likely to go away in the foreseeable, and these workers should be subject to the same rights as any other employee.

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