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Fessenden Sarah J. Kott David M. Lascell Alan L. Marchisotto Edward E. Slocum Priscilla H. Wood, Jr. Managing Editor Ann S. McGreevey Laura E. Article submissions from the extended Wells community are welcome.

Telephone: Editor's Note: As we were going to press we were dating epiphone guitars by serial # lookupfare discount of a grant for renovations to the gym from the J. McDonald Foundation. As referenced in dating cafe celexa dosage information President's message, this agb lead gift will allow that project to move forward!

As I look back on the 16 months I have been privileged to lead this extraordinary Dating chinese pottery markings on mantle meaning tagalog, I am amazed by what the entire Wells family has accomplished. Perhaps the most significant change is the one least quantifiable, namely dating new sense of optimism manifested in its embrace of a promising future.

Faculty and staff, Trustees and the alumnae I have met — all see the potential for creating a stronger Wells, an institution capable of facing the uncertain decade in higher education that llc ahead. My own confidence is grounded in the systemic changes that are being institutionalized: a recognition that our curriculum must women seeking men hampton roads sex to shifting student interests without compromising our commitment to excellence; a faith that we hold our future in our own hands and are not hostage to the vagaries of uncontrollable business a renewed pride in our campus; a stronger focus on the is online dating not trusting god life experience; a sense of responsibility to and accountability by dating video gana nagpuri videos 2019 guitarra who work here; and a renewed focus on the bottom line.

Financial Stability Optimism turns quickly Pollyanna-ish if it is not rooted in responsible financial management. After years of deficits, Wells has registered two balanced budgets; after five years of salary freezes, we have dating groups nyc housing lottery for middle income level raises for two years and have even begun to tackle cafe inequities. Deferred maintenance remains a major challenge, but we are investing close to one million dollars over two years.

By adopting a strategic financial planning model that projects the consequences of major decisions five years out, we avoid unpleasant surprises. No matter how boldly we dream, however, what does 843 mean on dating sites Trustees and Senior Staff are well aware of the constraints imposed by the imperative to balance budgets.

In the coming decade, cash will be king. That is why we are exploring a. Of course, the sale of Aurora Inns Inc. The proceeds from that sale reduce our need to borrow, and other ventures will enable us to gain more favorable terms if we must, when we confront a student housing shortage in the ten worst online dating sites years.

Spring Initiatives If my thirty years in higher education management have taught me anything, it is that construction is the best antidote to a demoralized campus.

You do not invest in bricks and mortar if you expect to close your doors soon. Repairing the steps and patio in front of Macmillan upon my arrival was the down payment. Most importantly, we are offering twelve new majors and minors — from Sustainability to Graphic Design, Criminal Justice and Business — that are imbedded in our acclaimed liberal arts curriculum. On the horizon: a pub and coffeehouse designed with the help of students is scheduled to open in the new year. If we can raise the funds, we also want to give the gym a professional facelift.

Alumnae, Alumni and Friends of the College You have made all this possible. Your support has sustained Wells through some difficult years. Your continued commitment makes a bright future possible. Come back dating girl vijaypur city furniture visit. Thank you. The full profile, as well as all community-wide updates, can be found at www.

Leadership matters tremendously to every institution, and the next leader of Wells will have search opportunity to be a visionary and inspiring leader at an amazing college where students are prepared for the wonderful possibilities of life.

We have received numerous nominations from those closest to Wells, and we are most grateful for this support. The review of application materials is already underway and the Search Committee will reconvene in December to begin narrowing the candidate pool. While the recommended deadline for the submission of letters of candidacy is December 1st, we continue to welcome nomination, which may be forwarded to Veryl Miles vvm agbsearch. During his brief time at Wells, Dr. This extraordinary interim period offers the next president of Wells College a platform for extending the current campus-wide momentum for change.

The Wells community seeks a collaborative, creative and visionary president who will continue this critical revitalization. The next president must be enthusiastic and effective in leading sustainable change at Wells, at a time when the College will celebrate its th anniversary.

We asked the directors of four academic centers to talk about the ways that programs they oversee contribute to and strengthen our liberal arts education. A Wells education has always been grounded in the tradition of the liberal arts and sciences. That is, a Wells education prepares her students for their lives.

Additionally, and with intentionality, we strive to prepare students for their professional lives. At Wells, the development of each individual student is supported through an exploration of how to understand the world in intellectual and personal pursuits and how to apply that knowledge in an interconnected and ever-changing world. Students graduate as lifelong learners with the ability and initiative to create, share, and apply knowledge.

They are aware of the responsibility they have to themselves and others to share the privilege of their educations. With a communal consciousness, they are motivated to make a difference and improve the world around them.

They understand the past and the present in order to envision the future. I have seen first-hand the power and value — both in terms of enhanced student learning and in advancing campus operational sustainability efforts — of having our students tackle real-world sustainability challenges and partner with college staff to envision, research, and cost-justify new, more sustainable methods of operation. Students appreciate making a positive difference and potentially having a tangible impact on their campus.

An Offbeat Approach to Education I am a fan of seizing any and all teachable moments, like placing informational signage about appropriate separation of commingled recyclables over the new separation stations in hallways. This informational content — placed where a captive audience views it several times a day — offers a prime example of how we avail ourselves of unusual educational opportunities.

Our speaker series, which is free and open to the general public as well as to the entire campus community, is diverse and wideranging. For spring, we are exploring new collaborations with the Visiting Writers Series and the Book Arts Center, to bring in speakers of mutual interest and maximize financial resources.

Beginning at Home I was delighted that one of the expectations for my role as Center director included developing and teaching the new Introduction to Sustainability course, completion of which is required for the new academic minors in Sustainability and Sustainable Food Systems.

Students in this intro course learn by doing: I impart a great deal of sustainability-related content in class, but their homework assignments require students to apply what they have learned to their own experiences. For example, students were tasked to examine several of their own garments to identify the fabric composition, country of manufacture and the purchase price.

That simple exercise opened up our class discussion to a wide range of sustainabilityrelated topics: from conventional vs. We are also reaching out to community, governmental and W W W. Sustainability in Action On the sustainable operations front, the Center is working with Buildings and Grounds on a number of different projects, from implementing various energy efficiency measures, to exploring possibilities for renewable energy integration, to partnering with the Building Care group to identify and integrate more sustainable custodial cleaning and paper products.

One of the most visible shared efforts we undertook was to enhance our. Through interdisciplinary coursework and hands-on experience, they are acquiring the knowledge and skills to meet current and future environmental challenges.

The next phase of this program is to standardize the appearance, placement, and signage over the containers in the separation stations so it is even more obvious what goes where. As a result, we have already seen a marked uptick in the amount of material diverted from landfill trash into recycling, offering us significant financial benefits as well as having positive environmental impacts.

We also worked with our preferred supplier for printed material, like letterhead and envelopes, to reduce costs as well as highlight that many of these printed items are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be manufactured from paper pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests.

The project, which started out as an educational dinner in the preparation and eating of Japanese food, has grown into a multi-disciplinary local foods effort. The food grown in the garden was collected by Kurt and his students and used to create an authentic Japanese home-cooked meal. When I applied for this new director position, I was asked to formulate my own vision for what the Center could become. I was deeply honored to be invited to join the Wells community for this new shared journey.

Our vision for the Center for Sustainability and the Environment is admittedly lofty and ambitious, but it is also exciting and progressive. We trust that everything the Center has to offer now—and what will emerge in the near future—will entice current and future Wells students to join us and co-create a just, resilient, more sustainable future. Through the work of the Center and its staff we have a great opportunity to diversify and integrate our various sustainability efforts, and to expand the reach of sustainability into the life of the campus.

Ives Professor of Science. We understand that academic interests are as diverse as our students and thus provide choices that contribute to flexibility in the learning process.

Experiential learning in the form of practical, hands-on work is the cornerstone of a Wells education. Internships are available around the world in for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations and social impact enterprises.

As a proponent of liberal arts education, I am proud of the multi-faceted skills that our students develop through these opportunities. The blending of business and the liberal arts prepares students to function effectively and efficiently in the global business world.

My goal as director of the Sullivan Center for Business and Entrepreneurship is to develop and maintain a curriculum of courses, workshops and learning experiences that prepare Wells students for a vibrant economic landscape. Every business and entrepreneurship faculty member is currently working in diverse business roles such as entrepreneur, company president, CEO, CFO, solicitor, accountant, consultant, etc.

The organizations with which the faculty work include non-profits, small businesses, corporations, government agencies and benefit corporations verifiably committed to contributing to positive social change. My role and the role of our entire team of business faculty is to mentor and facilitate the flow of information and new concepts from the field to our students. To engage my students, I often begin by crafting stories that draw them into the thick of the learning experience.

Behind every accounting step, financial formula, statistical technique, economics concept and theoretical management argument is a vivid anecdote, and I believe that it is my job, in part, to share those stories with my students as a means to facilitate the learning process. Ryen, Lecturer in Business.

The class integrates the design thinking process with the concept of streamlined life cycle assessment. This semester, the class has the unique opportunity to collaborate with a manufacturing company in Auburn. Our hope is that the Innovation Lab will provide additional service-based learning opportunities for students by collaborating with for-profit companies and non-profit organizations in the area. To challenge and to be challenged by my students is my second goal.

Every student possesses unique capabilities that can be shared with others, through brainstorming sessions and group presentations for example, if she or he is given the appropriate support. Both as an undergrad and a graduate student, the professors for whom I developed the most respect where those who knew the subject matter but were open to being challenged.

Building on this, we are planning an advanced investing course in which students who successfully complete the introductory course will have the opportunity to hone their skills as they develop portfolios and make real-time, real-money trades.

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