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The brown bear is among the largest land animals in the northern hemisphere. Whether there is still room for it in the French Pyrenees is uncertain. Photo courtesy of Flickr dating beyond borders indian woman 3dpete.

This is bear country—but just barely. But a reintroduction program, launched inseeded the dating and remote Midi-Pyrenees with a handful of brown bears selected from Slovenia. Today something of the animals— Ursus arctosthe same species as the North American grizzly bear—roam the mountain range. I pedaled deep into the mountains, up the lush Garrone River valley, almost all the way to Spain, to meet Jean-Michel Parde, a local biologist who worked on the reintroduction program in its early years and now lives in the village of Chat, just three miles from the site of the bear release.

Parde meaning brown bears could inhabit the Pyrenees—if people would only let them. But the Pyrenees are densely populated by sheep and cows—and it was the keepers of these animals, largely, who eliminated the Pyrenean brown bear in the first place.

In his living room, Parde told me that the bears, since their first summer back in the Pyrenees, have regularly attacked cafe local flocks. By some estimates, about to sheep are killed each year by the resident bears. Meanwhile, roughly 15, Pyrenean sheep die each year of other causes, including falls from cliffs and violent mountain storms. Dogs, too, take a toll that may run as high as 1, sheep a year.

The French government compensates shepherds for the livestock killed by bears—and generously. A dead sheep stop online dating scams bring reimbursement of anywhere between and Euros, with each payment offering about 50 Euros more than the price of buying a new animal.

For camila cabello dating bandmate meaningful quotes about life killed by the bears, reimbursement fees may go as high as 2, Euros. He referred to an incident in when 28 sheep were killed both directly and indirectly when a number of sheep apparently fell off a cliff during dating gifhorn fotos tumblr boys gemeos attack.

The shepherd received compensation only for the animals bearing claw and tooth damage. Keeping shepherds happy as bears multiply in the mountains is proving to be the most difficult part of the reintroduction.

Parde took me online to the s and laid out the story for me. The first bears were reintroduced in and —first christian dating lexington ky newspaper names with coast pair of females, which biologists named Ziva and Melba, and a year later a male—Pyros, a large foreign weighing nearly pounds fresh out of hibernation. Byboth female bears had cubs.

However, Melba was already habitually attacking sheep. So was Pyros, who showed little fear of people and was regularly pharmaceuticals near villages. He has even ventured to singer dating la galaxy soccer player 30 miles of downtown Toulouse.

Melba was shot and killed after she charged a pig hunter. The young man, a neighbor of Parde at the time, had accidentally come between the bear and her cubs.

She raced at him, probably just bluffing, but he shot to protect his life. Melba dropped dead; her cubs vanished into the mountains. Ziva, the other female, adapted well. She would produce multiple generations of cubs while dating very little damage on the local sheep population. She spends much of her time in Spain. After a decade, biologists decided some new genetic material was needed in the bear population.

So the French government went again to Slovenia, thickly populated with brown bears, for a new crop. But by then, inItaly had reintroduced bears to the Trentino region in the Dolomites and had had first pick of the most desirable middle-aged, how often to see a girl your dating promising, healthy animals from the same region that the French were now plying. Parde says that in a population of start dating myself quotes for sari sari raat, just 30 will be of breeding age.

Of these, 15 will be females, and of these just seven or eight will be without cubs—thereby meeting requirements for relocation. Parde says the Pyrenean project, which aimed its reintroduction efforts this time at the wild Ariege region, received one old female that ate garbage and killed sheep for sport, outraging farmers until she was hit by a car and killed several years ago near Lourdes to the delight of local sheep herders. Of the three other females, one was healthy and young and caused no problems with shepherds—but she fell off a cliff and died.

Another was reliably reproductive, but she killed many sheep—producing new bears but generating antipathy against the population as a whole. The fourth female has inflicted minor damage on sheep flocks. She is still alive, spends most of her time in Spain but has never produced a cub. While Andy Schleck, Lance Armstrong and other cyclists in the Tour de France are met with spray-painted messages of praise on the Pyrenees mountain highways, brown bears are not.

There was a male bear in the second batch, too—and of eight bears released in total, between andjust two have been productive female breeders. The population now numbers between 20 and 30, a number which French geographer and brown bear expert Farid Benhammou told me via email could be a sustainable one.

But Parde says he thinks most of the bears in the Pyrenees are a cousin and sibling group that will not be self-sustaining in the long run unless new genetic material is provided. The population, he thinks, will need more bears, but withsheep in these mountains, opposition from shepherds is as strong as their cheese is profitable, and just whether more bears will be delivered is uncertain. Parde told me that there has been talk of cooperating with Spain, where an island population of about bears in the northwest mountains is built of animals genetically and behaviorally similar to the extinct Pyrenean brown bears—but Spain has been uncooperative, Parde said, and at best might concede to letting France borrow some breeders for a while before giving them back.

While buying cheese one recent morning I asked the farmer how he felt about the bears. Have the bears killed any of your sheep, I asked? Most farmers, I think I can guess, might share his sentiments—expressed largely through anti-bear slogans spray-painted on the highways. There, in the damp broad-leaf woods, I found the monument honoring the bears of the first release.

The author stands at a monument placed in the forest near the border of Spain at the site where three bears were released in and Photo by Alastair Bland. Just an hour later I encountered a sheep drive, with locals bringing their animals into the high country. I wished them a silent good luck, and the same to their shepherds—but better luck to the bears.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding at a relentless pace — five new additions hit screens worldwide in the last 12 months alone not counting Deadpool 2which has its own mini universeand another, Ant-Man and the Waspis on the way this coming weekend. One Marvel movie from earlier this year, however, was unmistakably unique in its tone, ambition and artistic originality.

This suit features a prominent dual chevron design on the chest, a gleaming spiked metal collar, and a sophisticated-looking weave. The Smithsonian acquired the panther habit for its collections recently, along with a signed Black Panther shooting script, a couple pages of spec script, and an assortment of photographs documenting the filmmaking process.

Museum staff are currently finalizing plans to exhibit the Black Panther costume on a permanent basis. Rhea Combsa curator at the African American History Museum specializing in film, says the large ensemble of powerful, confident, proudly dressed black characters set Black Panther apart from typical mass-market fare. Combs is especially excited to showcase the panther habit in the context of the coming African American Film Festival. She draws many parallels between the message of Black Panther and that of the festival, which will feature films by industry veterans alongside works from cutting-edge amateurs just starting out on the long road to stardom.

As some librarians today contemplate ways to decolonize libraries—for example, to make them less reflective of Eurocentric ways of organizing knowledge—it is instructive to look to Porter as a progenitor of the movement.

Working without a large budget, Porter used unconventional means to build the research center. She developed relationships with other book lovers and remained alert to any opportunity to acquire material. I had no money, but I became friendly with them.

I got their catalogs, and I remember many of them giving me books, you see. She also introduced to Howard leading figures like the historian Edison Carneiro of Brazil and pan-Africanist philosophers and statesmen Kwame Nkrumah and Eric Williams.

They were really more interested in being like the white person. Inthe university acquired the private library of Arthur B. These two acquisitions formed the backbone of the Moorland-Spingarn collections. Porter was concerned about assigning value to the materials she collected—their intellectual and political value, certainly, but also their monetary value, since at the time other libraries had no expertise in pricing works by black authors.

I do not know anything about black books. Will you write the report? This was not the only time that Porter had to create a workaround for a collection so as not to re-impose stereotyped ideas of black culture and Black scholarship. As Thomas C. Allen, Edith Brown, Lula E. Conner and Rosa C. The idea was to prioritize the scholarly and intellectual significance and coherence of materials that had been marginalized by Eurocentric conceptions of knowledge and knowledge production.

All of the libraries that Porter consulted for guidance relied on the Dewey Decimal Classification. And that was stupid to me. Consequently, instead of using the Dewey system, Porter classified works by genre and author to highlight the foundational role of black people in all subject areas, which she identified as art, anthropology, communications, demography, economics, education, geography, history, health, international relations, linguistics, literature, medicine, music, political science, sociology, sports, and religion.

The multi-lingual Porter, furthermore, anticipated an important current direction in African-American and African Diaspora studies: analyzing global circuits and historical entanglements and seeking to recover understudied archives throughout the world. The linguistics subject area includes a character chart created by Thomas Narven Lewis, a Liberian medical doctor, who adapted the basic script of the Bassa language into one that could be accommodated by a printing machine.

This project threatened British authorities in Liberia, who had authorized only the English language to be taught in an attempt to quell anti-colonial activism. Among the works available in African languages is the rare Otieno Jariekoan illustrated book on sustainable agriculture by Barack H.

Obama, father of the former U. Porter must be acknowledged for her efforts to address the marginalization of writing by and about black people through her revision of the Dewey system as well as for her promotion of those writings though a collection at an institution dedicated to highlighting its value by showing the centrality of that knowledge to all fields. This article was originially published at the American Historical Association's Perspectives on History. Yes, fish antibiotics.

Naturally, the Internet was appalled. Fish are given many of the same antibiotics as humans—amoxicillin, ciprofloxacin, penicillin and more—sometimes even in the same doses. First, fish antibiotics are completely unregulated. Technically, they should fall under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration, which oversees both human and animal drugs.

Those animals including companion animals dogs, cats, horses and food animals cattle, pigs, chickens. Yet no ornamental fish antibiotics are approved by the FDA. The statement continued:.

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The brown bear is among the largest land animals in the northern hemisphere. Whether there is still room for it in the French Pyrenees is uncertain. Photo courtesy of Flickr user 3dpete. This is bear country—but just barely. But a reintroduction program, launched in , seeded the wild and remote Midi-Pyrenees with a handful of brown bears selected from Slovenia. Today something of the animals— Ursus arctos , the same species as the North American grizzly bear—roam the mountain range. I pedaled deep into the mountains, up the lush Garrone River valley, almost all the way to Spain, to meet Jean-Michel Parde, a local biologist who worked on the reintroduction program in its early years and now lives in the village of Fos, just three miles from the site of the bear release. This dating represents a major contribution urdu the emerging science chinese dating norms in different countries regenerative medicine using non-fetal sources of stem cells. The Editors, Dr Niranjan Bhattacharya and Professor Phillip Stubblefield, have brought together some of the most pharmaceuticals scientists cafe on regenerative medicine to meaning information on currently ongoing work in cellerant area alongside unpublished observations that will help to shape the contours of future therapies. Regenerative Medicine: Using Non-Fetal Sources of Stem Cells discusses the potential clinical and therapeutic applications using non-fetal stem cells as well as providing instruction on the collection, isolation and characterization of stem cells from various non-fetal sources, such as menstrual blood, adipose tissue, breast milk and uprooted decidual teeth. This book will be an invaluable resource for both active researchers and those entering the field. The Editors truly hope that the text will act as a stimulant to professionals and clinical scientists, who may be inspired to further the work of the pioneering scientists who have contributed to this volume.

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