Profile: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

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Politics and Government. Diplomacy and International Institutions. He succeeded the interim president, Adly Mansour. And who appointed Mansour? Why, Sisi himself after he and the Egyptian military overthrew the previous p residentMohamed Morsilast July. How Sisi went from field marshal to president is not lost on any Egyptians.

To some, he is a hero who saved the country from the looming tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood and gave Egyptians the chance for a more prosperous future. But it is far from his only one.

Army War College Sisi won the Egyptian election overwhelmingly with over 96 percent of the vote. Sisi was also helped by the fact that he is popular, at least for now, with Egyptians who oppose the Brotherhood. Rasha Raouf, an Online dating nightmare stories of backpacking stoves teacher in Alexandria, says :.

Mohammad Radwan, director of international sales at Pharos Securities in Cairo, also hopes that Sisi can bring stability to Egypt :. Many Egyptians believe that Sisi saved the country from the Muslim Brotherhood. Nadia Ibrahim, a fifty-year-old computer shop worker, says :. Sisi has fans outside of Egypt as well. Sisi spent and studying at the U.

Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. His adviser there, Col. Stephen Gerrassays :. Strongmen are nothing new in Egyptian politics.

Gamal Abdel Nasser dominated Egypt, and the Arab world more broadly, during his rule in the s and s. Some Egyptians hope that Sisi can be another Nasser. Refat Ahmad, a thirty-year-old shopkeeper, agrees :. Khaled Salah edits a pro-Sisi newspaper. He dating start flops dsrip teaching :. As any experienced politician will tell you, low expectations are easier to beat than high expectations.

Pew found that only 54 percent of Egyptians had a favorable view of Sisi, while 45 percent viewed him unfavorably.

One reason Sisi did so much better in the election than in the Pew poll is that voter turnout was low. The Egyptian government put turnout at So few voters cast their online dating sites los angeles in the initial two days of best dating sites elite that the government extended voting an extra day. The reluctance of many Egyptians to vote partly reflected the fact that the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

But it also reflected the fact that 100% free millionaire dating site in california of the Free and genuine dating websites Brotherhood and other Islamist parties boycotted the election, as did many pro-democracy groups.

Ahmed Fawzi, the secretary general of the Social Democratic party, contends :. The 6 April Youth Movement in Egypt which is now banned and its founder imprisoned sees Sisi as a polarizing force. Hassan Nafaaa professor of political science at Cairo Universityworries that Sisi might not meet expectations :. For his part, Sisi says that when it comes to criticism:. He added an extremely important caveat, however. Badoo dating ondol heating charcoal briquettes grew up in Gamaleyaa neighborhood of Cairo.

He is the second oldest of eight siblings. With the exception of a few television interviews and statements, he mostly stayed behind the scenes during the campaign though his image was plastered all over Egypt. Now that he is president, the focus will be on what he has done rather than what he might do. Samer S. Shehata of the University of Oklahoma explains :.

Unemployment in Egypt was at About 26 percent of Egyptians are living below the poverty line. GDP growth is estimated at 2. The country also has a budget deficit that is 12 percent of GDP. But fewer tourists are coming to Egypt these days because of fears about their safety.

There are some signs that could be changing as some investors are betting that Sisi will turn things around. But Egypt still has a long way to go before it becomes a go-to place for foreign investors. Fixing the economy will be difficult as long as Egypt remains politically divided and stability remains elusive.

The harshest response has been directed toward the Muslim Brotherhoodwhich the Egyptian government has designated a terrorist organization. Sisi has pledged to eliminate the Brotherhood, but secular dissenters face many of the same restrictions. Sisi has stated his loyalty and commitment to Egypt in no uncertain terms:.

Despite the fact that two months ago he was a field marshal in the Egyptian military, Sisi said before the election that "the army would not have a role in ruling Egypt. The proof will be in the pudding, as the saying goes. Sisi has in the past expressed his support for democracy. In Mayhe said :.

Sisi has vowed that the Muslim Brotherhood will not exist under his rule. He claims the Egyptian people oppose the Brotherhood:. Though he opposes the Brotherhood and went to great lengths during the campaign to insist he will be a secular leader, Sisi is religious.

Some experts argue that this will affect his presidencypointing to the fact that he was appointed as defense minister under Muslim Brotherhood rule and to a essay he wrote while he was at the Army War College. Some experts argue that the views Sisi expressed in that essay are closer to those that prevailed in Mubarak-era Egypt than to current-day, Muslim Brotherhood—style political Islam. Sisi was not particularly outspoken about his views on religion during the campaign. He did, however, make his disdain for the Brotherhood clear.

The world will be watching to see how the Sisi government gets along with its neighbors, especially Israel. When asked what his government would offer to the peace process, he said :. King Abdullah called for increased aid to Egypt after Sisi won the election. Sisi will be looking to improve ties with other Arab countries as well:. Ties between Egypt and Iran could also improve under Sisi. The two countries have been on the outs since they cut formal ties in when Egypt recognized Israel.

Turkish prime minister Recap Tayyip Erdogan said in February that he would not recognize Sisi if he were elected. Washington and Cairo have a history of cooperationbut relations have been strained since Morsi was ousted from power. The United States resumed some of that aid in April. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has been the point person for U. President Obama, for his part, has said that he looks forward to working with Sisi. Jason Brownlee of the University of Texas thinks that U.

Sisi, for his part, wants U. When asked in August about Muslim Brotherhood protests in Cairo, he indicated that he felt abandoned by the United States :. In an interview with ReutersSisi said that:. Sisi also wants the West to open its doors to Egyptian and other Arab students seeking to study there:. Skip to main content. What Supporters Say Sisi won the Egyptian election overwhelmingly with over 96 percent of the vote. He is the one who has supported the will of the people on the thirtieth of June.

He is the one who helped the Egyptian people to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood…What I expect from [Sisi] in the future is to improve the educational system, support the scientific research, and fight terrorism… What I need from him now is to restore peace and security to this country once more. Nadia Ibrahim, a fifty-year-old computer shop worker, says : Sisi saved us from the nightmare we were living in.

Egypt was falling and he has raised us up. His choices have been appreciated by most of the people. The growing consensus that surrounds him is also seen in the streets. On my own part, and on behalf of the Russian people, I wish you success. I am ready to forget everything about my own freedom for an Egypt that does not have to ask for handouts from the international community! Refat Ahmad, a thirty-year-old shopkeeper, agrees : For now, I think it is OK to compromise on freedoms for the sake of stability and security.

What good will freedom without security bring us? Ahmed Fawzi, the secretary general of the Social Democratic party, contends : It will more or less be a one man show… There is a personal vendetta between al-Sisi and Islamists. No doubt violence will only increase under al-Sisi. If I were him, I would be pretty nervous. For his part, Sisi says that when it comes to criticism: I will put up with it. Within the Egyptian military establishment, he was long known as a loner, someone who preferred to keep company with a small group of friends.

June 30 Revolution

The Field Marshal who toppled Egypt's first democratically elected president. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is the sixth Egyptian president, re-elected in March with 97 percent of the votes. Although he was never in active combat, three wars between Egypt and Kolkata local dating app broke out during his lifetime. Egypt fought three wars with Israel in his early years, the last of which was indating scan ultrasound preparation he was After serving as security chief at the military attache office in Saudi Arabia, el-Sisi returned to Egypt in as chief of staff of the northern military zone. In Februaryshortly after the Egyptian revolution, a military council assumed control of the country and a ppointed el-Sisi as the head of military intelligence. El-Sisi was publicly criticised for defending "virginity tests" carried out on female protesters during the revolution, which he said were conducted to "protect girls from rape as well as the army from possible allegations". One year later, he toppled the president. El-Sisi's ascent to power came about in the summer ofduring massive anti-Morsi protests planned for June Amid calls for President Morsi to step down, el-Sisi issued a hour ultimatum for the president to " meet the demands of the people," or call for early elections. On July 3, in a pivotal statement in Egyptian politics, el-Sisi announced the overthrow of Egypt's first democratically elected president, the temporary suspension of the constitution, and the appointment of a judge as temporary president until new elections were held.

Military career

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as date night ideas south bend indiana unfolds. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi attends a press conference with his Russian counterpart unseen following their talks at the presidential palace in the capital Cairo on December 11, Personal: Birth date: November 19, Birth place: Cairo, Egypt. Mother: Soad Mohamed. Religion: Muslim. Other Facts: After graduating from military academy in Egypt, Sisi began in the infantry corps and later rose to command a mechanized infantry division, then Egypt's northern military zone. Latest NEWS. CI Capital records profits of LE Thursday August 1, More and more Egyptians are going online to find their perfect match. After several trials and attempts to avoid full disclosure, I had to upload a clear photo that showed my face; otherwise the photo would not be accepted. In just minutes, I was flooded with messages.