U.S. Family Separation Policy Leaves Deep Scars

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Schultz, you recently published a highly unusual open letter in the United States. In it, you vented your frustration with political online dating works in which countries and voiced strong dismay at badoo dating serbian mental institutions in michigan economic and fiscal direction the US is taking, saying: "Our country is better than this.

What are you so angry about? Schultz: This is a crisis of leadership and, in my own way, I'm trying to sites the voice of people who perhaps don't have the platform I have or, for whatever reason, don't have the courage to speak out. Elected officials from both parties have chosen to put partisan and ideological purity over the well-being of the people. They have undermined the full faith and credit of the United States. Is this what we are witnessing again right now, but only on a broader scale?

Schultz: There's no question about it. I think the experiences I had myself as a young child made me much more sensitive to the pressure and popular dating apps calgary people are under right now. Since we have stores in every city and every community in Dating hendersonville tn lottery play it again drawing, we have a close relationship with the American consumer.

There's a dialogue we have with people every day, and I can sense the problems we're having. Over the next six to 12 months, you plan to create 70, dating. Companies are afraid to hire; consumers are afraid to spend. The only way to get the country's economic circulatory system going again is to start pumping lifeblood through it.

Aren't you worried that you might be biting london more than you can chew? Schultz: You would assume that the downturn in consumer confidence would perhaps spill out into Starbucks, but that isn't the case. In fact, we're having the strongest financial year in our history. In the last few years, our stores have in many ways become a respite for people seeking refuge, especially during bad times. In this sense, we've created something of an affordable luxury. But I also don't think this is an entitlement; success is something that has to be earned every day.

But things weren't looking so good a while back before you took back the reins of the company as CEO in early to "save its soul," as you put it.

Schultz: You lose that soul by allowing entitlement and hubris to become a driving force and by allowing growth to become a strategy as opposed to an outcome. Can that really be a bad thing? Schultz: Great companies find a balance between discipline and creativity. There came a point when efficiency became the reason for being and we lost the soul of the experience because we were measuring and rewarding the wrong things, such as speed of service.

We have to make sure we understand that it's about creating theater and romance and storytelling in our stores while at the same time being efficient. SPIEGEL: Don't you first have to try to remain cool to young consumers to avoid being squeezed out by booming, cheap coffee providers like McDonald's, on the one side, and gourmet coffee shops, on the other?

Schultz: Great consumer brands shouldn't try to be cool; they should try to stay relevant. Look at two German companies, Mercedes and Adidas. These are great brands that are ubiquitous but have maintained their relevancy.

The issue is understanding that there has been a seismic change in consumer behavior -- not only in coffee -- and that we have to be at the front end of that. We are very far ahead in social media tools, such as Facebook, and you can even pay with your mobile phone in many of our stores.

Schultz: We did something that was unexpected. People thought it was a terrible thing to do, but it turned out to be absolutely the right thing. That's exactly what we did with VIA, our instant coffee. The burger chain has been a serious competitor for some time now.

Schultz: McDonald's actually did us a great favor. It raised a lot of awareness while simultaneously forcing us to focus on our strength: offering high-quality coffee in a special ambience. Although Starbucks is more expensive than McDonald's, it's there because of the experience and the quality. While there are over Starbucks stores in Britain and almost in Japan, there are only just under in Germany. What's gone wrong?

Schultz: Most US retail companies that have opened in Germany have not done well. Wal-Mart is a great example. It has taken us a while to crack the code and get it right. There are no apologies for that, but I'm quite pleased now.

We've got the foundation right. Local customers understand what the Starbucks experience is about, and awareness of Starbucks is strong. You will see us accelerate our growth in Germany. Where do you really see such great growth opportunities?

Schultz: We've got about stores in China now. But, ultimately, that figure will be in the thousands. It's not an easy market to move into, but we're having great success. It's our strongest market in terms of profitability at the unit level. Brazil and Vietnam are also very high on our list of places to expand -- and, of course, India.

The US wasn't really a nation of coffee drinkers either, though, before Starbucks came around. It was mostly terrible drip coffee from cheap beans. But, following Starbuck's success, you can now get espresso on almost every corner. Do you want to convert the entire world to coffee? Schultz: It certainly took us a long time to educate customers, and success in the United States didn't come overnight.

We've developed a taste profile through our proprietary way of roasting coffee. Over the years, that taste profile has been able to create a customer base of 60 to 70 million extremely loyal customers. That's a springboard for global opportunity. Related Topics. Discuss this issue with other readers! Share your thoughts. Sign in Register. Die Homepage wurde aktualisiert. Jetzt aufrufen.

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