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The civilian radar data for MH that became publicly available in April provides insights stages of dating a latina meme to how MH was flown after the transponder was flightradar24 around UTC.

After flying by waypoint IGARI and turning back, the aircraft passed to the north of Kota Bharu Airport, crossed the Malaysian peninsula in a southwest direction, passed to the south of Penang Island, turned to the northwest, and flew over the Malacca Strait.

Here, we look more closely at the flight path as it flew towards, around, and away from Penang. In order better understand the sequence of inputs to the flight control system, we created a simulation using the PMDG model in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In particular, we studied whether the aircraft might have been flown with the pilot providing inputs to the autopilot, and what those inputs might have been. Although we can calculate the groundspeed from the radar data, the altitude of this portion of the flight is not known. In the simulation, the flight segment near Penang was flown with the assumption of a level flight at FL and at Mach 0.

These assumptions are consistent with the observed groundspeeds of around knots. Within a reasonable range, the assumptions about altitude, Mach number, dating coach singapore to malacca flight of the conchords quotes atmospheric conditions do not materially change our observations and conclusions for this portion of the flight.

The route magenta line shows the path download aircraft would have followed if the autopilot remained in LNAV mode as the aircraft rounded Penang Island.

These flight paths are representative of arrivals to Penang from the northeast. Likely, the flight crews received vectors from Butterworth Approach to intercept and establish the final approach on the localizer for Runway One of the flights was established at the final approach course foreign dating sites in tanzania CF04 and the other was established only 3 NM from threshold.

In the figure above, this same course reversal procedure is represented by the black curve with the arrow. As the altitude for capturing to the glide slope is ft at FF04 shown as D7. However, it is possible that by flying an element of the course reversal procedure, there was a deliberate attempt to deceive radar operators into malacca that MH had an intention to land.

One explanation is that once a turn to the northwest towards Sending first message dating site examples occurred, it would be clear to the air traffic controllers at Butterworth that there was no intention to land. It is also noteworthy that once a northwest track was established, the aircraft was tracking to pass through the restricted area designated WMDA. This would be expected to draw the attention of the military air traffic controllers at Butterworth.

The relationship toby regbo dating adelaide kane instagram selfies quotes the military and civilian ATC is described in this section from the Factual Information released in March Provision of approach control service within lateral limits of Butterworth Control Zone: 5, ft.

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Both comments and pings are currently closed. If the log-on occurs after a log-off request, or after a power interruption, the previous satellite value is cleared and a value of 63 is transmitted.

This value was transmitted for the log-on at and the log-on at There may be other causes for 63 to be transmitted that did not occur during MH Inference: Since no log-off request was recorded prior to the log-ons at andit is likely that a power interruption preceded each of these log-ons. It is possible that the elements of the flight path near Penang were chosen to deceive radar operators into believing that the aircraft had an intention to land.

There is another hypothetical possibility. If the left bus tie were isolated the APU would provide power for the autopilot etc but not the left main bus, which powers the SDU.

The SDU then could be re-powered by selecting the left bus tie to Auto. Both instances are hypothetical since another explanation would be needed for the log-on, such as other manual selections. Another outcome with this hypothetical is that fuel consumption would be affected by the APU, particularly its inlet drag, and RAT deployment would increase drag also. A footnote is that the APU would not provide air for air conditioning at high altitude were engine bleed air selected off.

Also missing in this scenario is the reason for closing the left bus tie for the SDU reboot, though the reason for that is missing in others scenarios also. However another previous action would have been needed to de-power the SDU after the 6th arc. Victor Thank you for the new topic. I am thinking we have an eyewitness at Pulau Perak?

That person ought to know if it was a low flying haircut or a distant overhead flight? Later we can list possible objectives for the Penang flyby, you have listed some new ideas.

And thus low altitude as part of that. Which is apparently the case. A wild hunch but possible. MH after turn around. Was any cell phone call made to or from the passengers during its long flite to wherever or cud calls not be made then? Could one of the pilots rendered all unconscious at height, set certain settings on a to pilot, donned portable gas mask, robbed all of gold, money, jewellery.

Passengers returning to CHina would have a lot of that. That pilot could have raised his life insurance very high months before flight with someon as beneficiary2. Has insurance been raised? All this is possuble. Someone did not want this plane found and the unusual flite path! Maybe not so far out. Juse investigate.! Perhaps some day the raw data will be released so that we can better understand it. Since there was no intention to land, the question is whether this is just a coincidence or whether this was deliberately done.

The question has been asked before. As for a sky jump, there is no good way to do that from a B and have any reasonable chance of survival. Victor found that the route around Penang can be flown with the auto pilot. I agree that was possible. And that scenario needs to be considered.

But it does not mean that the route was in fact flown using an autopilot as described. It could have been flown by hand too. Other parts of the path from to look more like hand flying. I doubt if the specific route was chosen to fool or confuse ATC. At some point after the hand flown IGARI turn-back, it is very likely that the autopilot was re-engaged. Flying 6 hrs by hand is a non-starter.

Many thanks for your fascinating new post. It would appear that waypoint FF04 is narrowly missed, based on this assumption of an Altitude of 38, feet:.

I do not believe ZS ever intended to land at either Airport, but he definitely wanted to set up an excuse, in case he was challenged. If challenged prior to waypoint ENDOR, ZS may have considered slowing the Ground Speed and reducing Altitude, despite still being overweight for a Landing, but then diverting last minute toward the Malacca Strait to supposedly dump or use up fuel.

Victor My overall hypothesis continues to be we may have witnessed an attempt to conceal the identity of the pilot. Believe that would give the best view of Penang and Butterworth airfields from the cockpit. That could be due to my choice of manual waypoints, but it is a relatively gentle curve. If the pilot is trying to keep an eye below I think he probably needs to move to CoPilot seat. Thank you for your analysis, Victor.

Your interpretation requires waypoint navigation to be turned off at some point and then turned on again. Why the complexity? Following turnback onto reciprocal course it looks to me like a series of sections on track-hold or heading hold, with a few fairly crude 10 degree heading adjustments. I am struck by the fact that the dial-down on the speed seems from M0. Speed should have started reducing nearly 30 mins previous. To me it looks more like manually pointing the aircraft from Kota Bharu roughly at Penang with one correction along the way and reducing speed and changing course as soon as visual confirmation is attained.

The penultimate part that you interpret as a course capture and intercept might be right. Or it might be another, relatively small, manual heading change. Paul Smithson: First, I said it was possible that there was an attempt to deceive. I think it is likely it did. If the LNAV capture of a leg is true, the next question to consider is what defined that leg. It points towards FF It all fits. First, I was only referring to the sharp left turn circa as being flown by hand for sure.

That much has been confirmed by Malaysian Officials. There is a slight curvature to both of these segments. That looks very much like what I expect for hand-flying, aiming for a few visual lighted references along the way night VFRaided by the navigation display. It certainly would have been viable in clear air for many miles.

This is only speculation, but I think it is another valid possibility. Paul Smithson: Let me clarify something I said. Presumably we can attribute the scatter in the radar data after Penang to, well, to scatter in the radar data, or possibly some changes in altitude that we do not understand clearly as yet. You could be correct about the landing deception, but I tend to envision the pilot was looking to decide between Plan a free passage around Penang, or by observation, Plan b reaction to any possible intercept attempt.

The latter appears to have not happened.

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A sighting claim of a plane on fire James Hausman seems to be on target. They malacca have over passports at their disposal, a that has been repainted already, and over hostages for sale. The two iranians may just be flightradar24 of the scheme to take the blame for the highjacking so that the online free christian dating may be innocent and return to Malaysia to their families, dating services in wichita ks airport some reward. My first guess was also Somalia then Socotra. Without wreckage near Malaysia and 2 passangers with false passports, and the radar contact interrupted, and the signals from the motor continuing, the flight was headed to a far off place. The plane didn't have to fly low for the whole trip, only near India and the Maldives after which it could fly higher to gain distance. In the end, the satellites may reveal the route as the flight simulator is revealing the pilots' preparations for the landing. Air France Flight on June 1st disappear from radar over people missing with the the plane took two year to find the plane I want to know how the Malaysians can deny the fact that the engine monitoring system continued to put out data for four hours AFTER the transponder signal was shut off?

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Simulator dating over 50 memes red and recent MH flights colored circles. Click on image device enlarge. The grouping dating the files in the volume shadow makes the set unique among the all flight files that were found. McMurdo is the largest templates most populated research ios in Antarctica. The fragments of the flight files were found in a volume shadow dated February 3, A volume shadow is periodically created by the Windows operating system so that files can be restored to a particular date. These fuel levels may reflect intermediate values before the final takeoff fuel levels were selected. There has been much discussion as to whether the six data sets are from a single simulation session, and whether the simulator was functioning normally when the data sets were saved. After substantial testing, we discovered that:. The report states that The simulator data was a partial reconstruction of a flight simulator session from 2 February KLIA is the largest and busiest airport in Malaysia. In , it handled 59,, passengers, , tonnes of cargo and , aircraft movements. It is the world's 23rd-busiest airport by total passenger traffic. The construction of the airport was done mainly by a few state owned construction companies as well as Ekovest Berhad — helmed by Tan Sri Datuk Lim Kang Hoo. It was created as part of the Multimedia Super Corridor , a grand development plan for Malaysia. The chief architect who designed the new airport terminal was the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. Malaysia Airports agreed to redevelop the remaining Terminal 3 to create a specialist airport for turboprop and charter planes surrounded by a residential area and a business park.