Revisiting Deliverance:

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The exceptionally fun. Maybe not so delightful for young ladies and their escorts, the decorations, Gary — when we did the photos of Tuscaloosa and the dating cafe cellerant pharmaceuticals meaning in urdu were stunning. And what PGA Tour golfer Patton Kizzire, it was a Saturday made it even more special — these young ladies morning, three days before Christmas, at are also scholars — all of them.

Pleshette Bevelle will even show at Palmore Skate Park. It was a little warmer that you how man seeking women movie create a memorable table with items afternoon — 38 degrees. While the weather was you already have. They were genuinely excited that we were there and featuring a sport they love and master. It was truly thrilling — and quite frankly, nerve-wracking — observing their moves. Those guys were so much fun to watch and be around.

I highly recommend a trip to Palmore to check out. Photo by: Gary Contest Jr. A new Dating establishment is giving healthy eating a hip and happy spin. We help you achieve your health goals. The Tuscaloosa store in the Village at Northbank opened last November. In fact, Vince Hunter, a part owner of the store who manages both places, has only a few steps to walk from one site to the other.

Snyder said bowls are topped with fruits and grains, and addins include good-for-you options like toasted quinoa, pumpkin seeds, matcha powder and bee pollen.

Next on the popularity chart is the build-your-own bowl. TOP: Swings and games are part of the unique, and fun, atmosphere. BOTTOM: Seating options inside include swings and benches as well as couches and chairs, cafe tables, and tables and chairs redneck seat larger groups. Cold-pressed juices are easy grab-and-go drinks. Shots include the Fireball, with lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper, and the Pep, with lime, apple and peppermint.

Coffee and toasts are on the menu, too. Hunter, who joined the Urban Cookhouse team two years ago, said the Farm Blinds space has plenty of room for special events. Farm Bowl also tries to make younger customers feel at home. Kids can get mini-versions of the bowls, smoothies and juices.

Students are welcome, too. You can feel comfortable just hanging out. Drive-through service and online ordering are available. Monday-Friday tuscaloosa from 8 a. For online dating funny why dating me is good information, visit www. The two Tuscaloosa moms had just struck up a friendship when Pearce shared free dating sites for the over 50 idea for a small business.

After an eight-month search, they found what they were looking for at McFarland Blvd. They opened their brick-andmortar store last December.

Through Gourmade Kitchen, Patterson and Pearce offer fast food — not the kind your favorite burger place serves, but packaged dishes that streamline meal prep time for busy folks. You can buy Mexican lasagna or chicken potpie, for example, and then take them home and pop them into the oven. Everything comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Another cooler holds ready-to-cook casseroles and side dishes as well as salads, soups and desserts.

Frozen dishes are available, too. Patterson and Pearce said they saw a need in the community for their Southern-style food with a healthy spin. Pearce, who grew up in Decatur, has Emmaline, 5; Dodge, 4, and two stepchildren, year-old Miller and year-old Clarkson. Pearce had planned to be an English teacher, but she developed an early love of cooking through the women in her family.

Her mom? Not so much. Main dishes and sides, like bacon-and-brown sugar green beans and cheese grits, come in three sizes. Salads include chicken salad, pimento cheese, broccoli salad, farro salad and spinach salad. You can get white chicken chili, cabbage soup or tomato basil soup.

For dessert, you can choose from oatmeal cream pies, caramel brownies and pound cakes in mini or full versions. Gourmade recently began offering a boutique wine selection. Extras are available: white barbecue sauce, balsamic vinaigrette and sweet pickles.

Energy bites are dairy-free, bite-sized oat squares packed with protein and chia seeds. The GK Ranch can be a dip or a dressing. The feta dip has feta cheese mixed with organic Greek yogurt. Many come in to buy food for a sick friend, for someone with a new baby, or for a sympathy meal.

One customer, Ashley Ferry, recently was in Gourmade to pick up food for a very special event. Louis, and his mom was hosting a get-together after his signing ceremony.

She said she knew Pearce and Patterson from Christ Episcopal Church, which all three women attend, and that Pearce is her neighbor in Riverchase. I knew everything was homemade and everything was delicious. For example, we decided we needed to hire someone who would be here all day and wished someone would walk through the door. Soon after, that person literally did walk in our door looking for a job, and she was perfect.

Gourmade Kitchen is at McFarland Blvd. For more information, callvisit www. The store is open Monday-Friday from 10 a. You can rent the Gourmade Kitchen space for parties, meetings and other events. The students choreograph their own dances, from ballet to hip-hop.

Visit www. Jenny Gregoire is the featured soloist. For tickets or more information, visit www. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster. May 24, 7 p. And a big star he is, shining with nearly 30 No. Saturdays, 7 a. Attendance is free in this 10th annual community festival that celebrates art and features more than 90 artists from the South.

Held on six Sundays a year from 10 a. Vendors and dealers set up tables with all sorts of items from handmade jewelry to antiques to artworks and vinyl records. April 13, 1 p. The camp includes acting, dance, singing and improv. Find out more and register online at www. Tuscaloosa is marking its bicentennial in with a yearlong birthday celebration. The bicentennial commission has set up a website for up-to-the-moment events at www. Doors open at 1 p. The concerts start at 2 p. Jason Isbell headlines the music fest.

The Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Commission and Tuscaloosaarea schools will put on this three-day event. The public gets its look there on April Tuscaloosa launched its yearlong bicentennial celebration at the River Market Thursday, Jan. But I do wonder what they do instead on a boring old weeknight. Catch up on work? Make their children, who would surely rather be watching TV, carry on meaningful conversations or play board games? But my real addiction is cooking shows.

Food Network, of course, has plenty of options. They usually make not beautiful confections but god-awful messes. When Achatz walked onto the set, the chef-contestants were star-struck. I imagine it would be like a high school football player looking up into the stands just before a big game and seeing Nick Saban there to watch him.

Watching Achatz inspire that level of awe and admiration was a reminder of what a starring role chefs and food play in our culture today. But it also made me think of unsung heroes — people who will never be on TV or have a Michelin-starred restaurant or win a James Beard Foundation award — but who cook up not just good food but also good memories for their families and friends. When I interview chefs, I usually ask them how their interest in cooking started.

More often than not, they give one of two answers: Either their mother got them into the kitchen or their grandmother did. They talk about watching and helping these women make tea cakes, or meatloaf, or vegetable soup. My grandmother used to make what I considered a special treat when I would spend the night with her: salmon, eggs and grits.

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Even though the VP had written the Violence Against Women Act, and therefore had the authority to speak about the subject, he decided to add a clumsy personal touch to his address:. And every man will raise his hand. And every man here knows exactly what scene to think of. What would you have done? Well, the reason why is they are ashamed. They are embarrassed. The plot of Deliverance is relatively simple and so familiar that the vice president of the United States used it as shorthand to convey the humiliation and horror of sexual assault in the celebration of the anniversary of an institution dedicated to help victims of domestic abuse.


The exceptionally fun. Maybe not so delightful for young ladies and their escorts, the decorations, Gary — when we did the photos of Tuscaloosa and the tablescapes were stunning. And what PGA Tour golfer Patton Kizzire, it was a Saturday made it even more special — these young ladies morning, three days before Christmas, at are also scholars — all of them. Pleshette Bevelle will even show at Palmore Skate Park. It was a little warmer that you how to create a memorable table with items afternoon — 38 degrees. It was the late s, so, not surprisingly, race was the powder keg amid every encounter between whites and blacks in the tiny town--which, of course, boasted a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. Once, Reggie befriended an African-American boy from across town, often inviting him to his all-white neighborhood. Yet Reggie's mother wasn't upset--just concerned, that he might get beaten up by the white kids on his street for having a black friend. Stokes' parents--dad was a school teacher; mom cared for their three boys, at home--didn't poison their sons with racial hatred or prejudice, maybe, in part, because their paternal grandmother was mixed-race, something their parents probably knew, Stokes says, but didn't talk about. Chastised after a helpful encounter. Their maternal grandmother, however, was of another ilk--she lives in Mullins, some 44 miles north, where she chaired the local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.