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Search within results Search within results. Product Type [[missing key: search-facet. Access All Subscribed content Open access. Primary Language Primary Language. My Selections. Publication Type Journal Article. Reference Entry. Major Reference Work. Print Email Share. Items per page 10 20 50 The charts are described and analysed in an illustrated cartobibliography.

The extensive introduction investigates the development of Amsterdam as a recognized centre for map production and distribution in Europe. It also discusses navigation techniques used in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Asian developing world image is considered, as it may online derived from Dutch contributions.

This book delivers insight into chart-making history that has not been nz dating timaru salukis i litter bottle outline before.

Deze inventarisatie van de gedrukte kaarten van het hertogdom Brabant omvat alle kaarten die gepubliceerd zijn tussenwanneer voor het eerst een kaart van Brabant wordt vermeld, entop het feodale hertogdom werd opgeheven. De cartobibliografie betreft uitsluitend gedrukte kaarten, zowel houtsneden als koperdiepdrukken. In sites introductiehoofdstukken worden achtereenvolgens de geschiedenis van het hertogdom, de cartografie van het hertogdom, de wijzingen in het kaartbeeld in de loop van de tijd en de ontwikkeling van de nauwkeurigheid van dating met behulp van het programma MapAnalyst beschreven.

De cartobibliografie bevat kaarten van het hele hertogdom, de vier kwartieren, het noorden en het zuiden en een viertal historische kaarten. This catalogue of printed maps of the Duchy of Brabant includes all the maps published betweenthe date of the earliest mention of a map of Brabant, andwhen the feudal duchy was abolished.

It includes woodcuts best dating cpa networking events intaglio prints. Four introductory chapters discribe the history of the duchy, the catrography of the duchy, the changes in the cartographic image over time and the evolution of the accuracy of the maps over time. The cartobibliography contains maps of the entire duchy, maps of the four quarters, and maps of the north and south.

All map titles are complete and supplemented with explanatory remarks, the manner of publication, and a list of locations where copies can be found, emphasizing the Netherlands and Belgium. In Dutch, with an English dating website similar to eharmony. Winner of the Menno Hertzberger Prize for Book History and Bibliography This book is an exposition of an important, yet previously unknown chapter in the history of Dutch maritime cartography.

This School specialised in the production of small-scale charts of larger areas, including the European coastlines and the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The cities of Enkhuizen and Edam were important trading ports and as such provided an ideal environment for developing into centres of cartography, serving sea-borne navigation.

Copies, though few they are, nowadays can be found across the globe. Sea-charts provided invaluable on-board navigation assistance to ship captains. However, another surprising contemporaneous purpose for financing these charts become popular.

Rich ship owners and merchants would commission new charts to serve as wall-decoration as well as a reference point for their maritime-related conversations. They feature a decorative lay-out filled with magnificent colours. Moreover, many of these charts are embellished with miniature paintings, certainly making them some of the most beautiful exemplars ever produced by Dutch cartography during its Golden Age. This publication systematically categorizes and provides a nearly complete overview of the great variety of maps, both manuscript and printed, that have been made of the Dutch Antilles.

The map descriptions are clarified with information on the creators of the maps and the historical background of the map image. The author has extensively studied how and for which reasons these maps were created. The cartobibliography is preceded by an extensive introduction in which the history of the islands and their inhabitants are described.

Explokart Studies in the History of Cartography. This series on the history of cartography is prepared under the direction of the Research Program Explokartcurrently located at the University of Amsterdam.

The research program Explokart "Exploration and accessibility of Dutch cartographic documents, 16thth century" is dedicated to making an inventory, description, and facsimiles of Dutch wall maps, topographical maps, sea charts, hydrographical maps, and globes. The aim of Explokart is to offer guidance to the users of old maps. The research results of the volunteers of Explokart have resulted in the modern publication series Explokart Studies in the History of Cartography.

It is aimed at both researchers and laymen with an interest in these matters. For an overview of volumes of the series, please click here.

This is a new series with an average of two volumes per year. Series Unknown Format. This book is about the life and work of Frederick de Witone of the most famous dealers of maps, prints and art during the Dutch Golden Age, and his contribution to the dissemination of the knowledge of cartography. It offered all kinds of printing and was one of the most successful publishers of maps and prints in the second half of the seventeenth century.

To my dear Pieternelletje describes a ten-year period in the lives of Pieternella van Hoorn and her grandfather Willem van Outhoorn, former governor-general of the Dutch East Indies. Eleven years old, Pieternella left for Amsterdam and the only contact possible was by mail. Numerous letters have survived and combined with contemporaneous documents, most of them never published before, they offer a vivid and clear picture of their private life and feelings, forming a most welcome addition to official VOC-history.

This bibliography of Jan Moretus I, Christopher Plantin's successor, documents the activities of the Plantin Press during the years till It contains descriptions of his own editions and other works printed by him.

The extensive bibliography contains descriptions of the Jan Moretus editions and lists over announcements that he printed for the city of Antwerp. This lavishly illustrated encyclopedic reference work brings together and organizes virtually all the great works on horses published in the first two and a half centuries following the invention of printing.

It covers over rare books, acquired by the Belgian collector Johan Dejager, ranging from the late fifteenth to the early nineteenth century. A particular emphasis is placed on horsemanship, riding masters, veterinary science, and the cavalry.

Biographical accounts of the authors behind the books are included, as well as bibliographical descriptions of the original items. The book also offers a number of insightful essays. Thus, this unique volume invites readers to travel through the assorted historical documents as they collectively shed light onto the unparalleled importance, value, and beauty of the horse. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Powered by: PubFactory.

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Search within results Search within results. Product Type [[missing key: search-facet. Access All Subscribed content Open access. Primary Language Primary Language. My Selections. Publication Type Journal Article. Reference Entry. Major Reference Work. Print Email Share. Items per page 10 20 50 The charts are described and analysed in an illustrated cartobibliography.

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