How's the Dating Scene in North Carolina???? I have so many questions about NC step inside.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. But I'm a late 20 African American male who could be sex in coming here. Any good things that I can look forward to if I'm come to the triangle? Ever since the census I saw the dating with profesionals in usa and they're not alot like fl, tx, site ca obviously but a good number.

Mexicans making up. In terms of dating do people pretty much stick to their for I know the old southern dating rules. I know some ppl are still like that in a bad way but anyway. Also here the economy has a very promising future unless this is just a rumor. Can residents get carolina panther games and charlotte hornets games since Charlotte is only 2 hours away or just can get canes games? I'm not sure if the nbdl squad in Greensboro tumblr world of adult dating their own station.

You shouldn't have any issues if you are pretty sociable. This area is full of year old women with college degrees. Literally you are in the best demographic age for dating in this area. I kid you not, spot an attractive women at the bookstore, coffee dating game serial killer movies on netflix, or grocery store strike up a conversation without being a weird creep and go from there.

Shouldn't be hard if you are willing to get out and be sociable. The younger people don't have dating jackson guitars custom many racial hangups but this is the south so ymmv. We get all the NC sports i.

Hornets, Panthers, and Hurricanes. Dating shouldn't be an issue. I know a lot of interracial couples and it's not a big deal. The latino population is largely mexican however I know several folks from south america, Cuba and Spain. Also a significant Indian population and some middle eastern. I would suggest staying in one of the larger cities which tend to be more forward thinking. The older folks tend to be the ones who think like that. You usually get all the sports on tv and can get tickets to the games if you want to.

Some of this depends on what tv provider you go with but we have directtv and tend to get all of them. The triangle area has lots of diversity and there are lots of young people in their twenties. You mention the "old south" dating rules, the triangle is not the old south at all. It is one of the most progressive, least "southern" metros in the entire south. You know I mean compared to the young students that go to either nc state, unc or duke even wake forest I know that's Winston Salem which is outside the triad they don't stay and go back home until school starts back up again right?

Unless theirs some that do stay in the summer that have their own dormitories. Originally Posted by TouristExplorer Is the Triangle diverse? Let me just describe my department at work Across from me is a man from Ethiopia. Next to him is a man from Pakistan, on the other side of him is a woman from Eritrea. Other side of me is a black woman from Queens.

Next row down has 2 Pakistani men and a woman from Sri Lanka. In the front is a girl from Ghana and a man from Honduras. A friend of mine in the neighboring department is from Macedonia, was born when it was still part of Yugoslavia.

There are many Hispanics. At other departments are people from China, Japan, Nepal, Germany Yes, it's diverse. Where are you currently living? Been there all your life? That is classic. I suggest you take a weeks vacation, visit Raleigh-Durham and see for yourself. Is your question about "Hispanics" increasing in population a concern or a plus if area is increasing?

Both are great franchises and a big plus for baseball fans living in the area. But for football and basketball we have 3 Division 1 schools within a 25 mile radius. Much better than Pros. It's the 21st Century and Raleigh-Durham is there.

PS Raleigh and Durham touch at the county lines near Hwy70 and I- yet they are noted as being Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Similar Threads High miles and mostly long trips VS Low miles and mostly short trips: which is worse? View detailed profiles of: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Raleigh, North Carolina. Greensboro, North Carolina. Follow City-Data. Twitter :. What's the dating scene like and is the triangle pretty diverse mostly raleigh durham I mean? Charlotte: chapel, home. User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Page 1 of 2. Location: Raleigh, NC 4, posts, read 2, times Reputation: Location: My House 34, posts, read 28, times Reputation: Location: Raleigh, North Carolina 2, posts, read 2, times Reputation: City-Data Forum Message.

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Valentine's Day can be a tough time of year when you're single, particularly if you aren't up for shredding photos of your ex in exchange for free chicken wings. However, it can be even tougher in places where the dating scene feels particularly bleak. And it's true, certain cities are much better than others for singles looking to mingle. So, if you're curious dating side the place you live lands on, this new ranking of the best and worst cities for dating should help clear things up. A new dating haram in islam from the rental search site Apartment Sites asked 9, of its users who identified as "single" across the U. Specifically, they asked people to respond to the question, "How would you rate your current city or neighborhood for opportunities to date? To make the cut, a city had to have at least 25 ratings no matter what the responses were. Charlotte, North Carolina took the number two spot, while San Francisco rounded out the top three. Meanwhile, the worst city to try and date in right now according to the data is Palm Bay, Florida followed by New Haven, Connecticutand then Providence, Rhode Island. These are the cities that made the top 10 best and worst lists. Beyond the hard and fast overall rankings, ApartmentList also narrowed the picks according to select demographics. For example, Minneapolis actually earned the highest marks as a dating city from folks with a college degree, while Nashville was the top city for those without a degree. Also, men favored Charlotte overall while Austin was the number one pick for women. Then again, if you live in a city that's allegedly great for single people and the dating scene is still falling short, it may be time to point a finger at your career.

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Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. How's the Dating Scene in North Carolina???? I have so many questions about NC step inside. Mar 27, 1. Hey how is the dating scene in the state of North Carolina? Because dudes who live there know there are more single women than single men in the area, "after three dates, when legitimate feelings may start to emerge, guys here are quick to throw out the 'I'm too busy for a relationship' card," says Gabrielle Martino, a year-old outreach specialist at a nonprofit. The number of eligible guys in her area is so meager, Martino says, that she and a girlfriend realized they'd both dated the same guy and he'd given them the identical lame excuse for breaking things off after three dates: He had "last-minute studying" to do. That's still not as awful as the date who, after making out with Martino, started kissing another woman while they were still out at a club together. Martino isn't meeting guys at work either: 75 percent of nonprofit employees below the executive level are women, and in her office, there are only 4 guys out of a staff of She can't remember there being a single guy in her college major, human development and family studies. One suitor harped on his Harry Potter obsession: "He said his wardrobe was very Slytherin.