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How did we get here? What did we do to deserve this? At such a crucial time, with terrorism, nuclear proliferation, a declining middle-class, poverty, the need to redesign our education system, crumbling infrastructure, international competitiveness, healthcare and so much more on the front pages of newspapers on a daily basis, we need to have faith that our future leaders will bring us forward in dating way that will improve the quality of life for the average American.

I share the concerns. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic suggested dating site for over 50 establishment, did everything they could to ensure that the voices opposed to the establishment, led by Bernie Sanders, did not upset their apple cart.

The Democratic establishment seems to have prevailed. Polls show that most Americans believe that Hillary is not trustworthy, including that she lied about bar private email server. This issue is not over. There may still be an FBI shoe that has yet to drop. One would think that something as dramatic as an FBI indictment would be the death knell to her candidacy.

But not so fast. While Donald Trump crushed the establishment crowd on the Republican side with his insult-your-way-to-the-nomination strategy, his comments regularly raise charges of racism and more. But for now these are the dip two majorparty general election candidates for the highest office in the world. So, is it a done deal that the race will san jose dating old woman Trump vs.

MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin commented that he has a feeling that one of them may not make it to the general election and gave rationale for either Trump or Hillary leaving the process. Is there more drama to come? Like Barack Obama or not, his poll favorables are dating websites that dont require facebook 50 percent, pretty amazing considering the challenges of his presidency.

He speaks and consults on education redesign to regional, state and national organizations. Those results were printed in the March 24 Hippo find it at hippopress. Where can you find the best latkes and blintzes? The Jewish Food Festival in Laconia is probably a good start, p. And find out how, where and why to pick your own berries, p. Copy Speed dating in providence riverwalk culinary Lisa I wanna be your best friend song man seeking women, lparsons hippopress.

Saeger, Michael Witthaus. To reach muenchener newsroom callext. Unsolicited submissions are not accepted and will not be tzatziki or acknowledged. Unsolicited submissions will be destroyed. The investigation concluded and debunked the allegations, so Sununu said it was time to move on.

This drew the ire of many members of the GOP, including those running against him in the gubernatorial primary such as state Rep. Frank Edelblut of Wilton. Edelblut accused Sununu of playing politics and misleading voters. State Sen. Sununu still has no friends among Democrats for voting against the contract in the first place 10 months ago.

After the vote, Gov. Maggie Hassan praised the council, but NH1 reported she criticized Sununu for voting against the contract previously, saying it affected services to women across the state. Bomb squad A security guard at the Statehouse reported a suspicious package on the front lawn, which triggered speed dating alexandria lawhead law response by the New Hampshire State Police bomb squad unit, ghanaian sugar mummy dating site June Staff and visitors were not allowed inside the Statehouse and the intersection between Main and Capitol streets was closed while the package was investigated by the Explosive Disposal Unit.

Contestants must be 17 to 24 years of age and reside in New Hampshire to compete and they must be either a full-time student at a New Hampshire college or university or work full time in the state.

To compete at the state level, they must first win a local preliminary competition, which may have more specific geographic requirements. Visit missnh. The van will include at least two pop-up dental operatories, a waiting room, a primary and mental health exam room and a bathroom.

It will be staffed by one dentist and support staff with plans to hire more clinicians. That staff was loyal to his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, a Windham Republican who was ousted the week before. PFCs The fifth major groundwater contamination with perfluorochemicals was identified by state environmental regulators at the Coakley Landfill, a federal Superfund site in Greenland.

According to a press release, officials at the Department of Environmental Services detected concentrations as high as 1, parts per trillion, which is 16 times the state limit. Eight monitoring wells tested above acceptable limits.

Investigators tasked with finding an environmental cause for a cluster of pediatric cancer cases in the Seacoast have been asking about Coakley Landfill since March. Meanwhile, about properties in Amherst now qualify for bottled water delivery because their well water tested at 70 ppt or higher. Blood testing is set to begin this month for Merrimack residents living near the Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics plant. Pop-up dentist Harbor Homes, a nonprofit serMiss NH The Miss New Hampshire Schol- vice organization in Nashua, is arship Program announced it is going to launch a mobile oral health recruiting contestants for the clinic within the next three months, according to a press release.

A rally in support of police in Manchester was held on June 28, according to the Union Leader. About 25 people attended the event at City Hall, which was meant to be a counter rally to the one held two weeks earlier that was critical of recent police tactics.

The zoning board in The Republican gubernatoBoscawen denied rial candidates will hold their Hooksett two proposed variances first debate in Windham. A gap in cell phone coverAmherst age in the western part of Londonderry may get filled Milford soon. The Union Leader reported there was no opposition voiced at a recent Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting for a proposed cell tower near Wiley Hill Road. Snow Plow washed ashore dead in Rye. Spectators wishing to catch a view of the dead whale caused traffic backups through much of the week, and NH1 reported some 30 people Goodbye, Snow Plow A ton humpback whale named were seen up-close with the carcass.

A new program at the Hillsborough County House of Corrections in Manchester aims to provide more treatment services for its inmates. It would involve providing up to 40 inmates an intensive two-month drug education that, once completed, makes inmates eligible for electronically monitored home release and job, housing and healthcare supports.

While the program is included in the budget period that began on July 1, it will be rolled out gradually with partial staff and a smaller cohort of inmates. Some were walking on top of the carcass, and it appears vandals may have cut off a piece of its skin.

The next day, marine biologists started work dissecting the animal to look for any signs of human-caused injury or biotoxins in the internal organs. Or, receive a recliner accessory FREE with purchase. Do your body a favor. Sit in a Stressless and let it discover the ultimate comfort that it has been missing.

Stressless is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. Across the state and in major cities like Manchester, Nashua and Concord, burglaries have been reduced significantly.

This is Not a Singles Only Even t. Everyone participates in the bidd ing. Inburglaries had risen to a record high of and were marked by a significant spike in the summer months with July alone seeing nearly burglaries.

Fast forward three years and a lot has happened. What was then a clear but nascent heroin problem exploded into an epidemic in the city and throughout the state with skyrocketing overdoses and deaths. With addiction, property crimes tend to follow as desperate addicts turn to theft, robbery and burglary to pay for more drugs.

But burglaries indeed decreased in Manchester from that high in to in and in Last year marked a 6-percent drop but the year-to-date numbers are even more promising. From January through June 22 of this year, there was a percent decline compared to In fact overall Part 1 crimes the FBI name for the eight most serious types of crime in Manchester are down by 19 percent so far this year, largely due to declines in property crimes.

Robberies are down slightly from to From torobberies were the only crime to see a decrease besides burglaries in the Queen City. Manchester Chief Nick Willard said in a recent press conference that burglaries are down because the force has been using a number of aggressive strategies that target specific areas of the city and past offenders on parole. Burglars have a high recidivism rate but their crimes are often hard to prove unless they are caught in the act.

So, with the help of predictive policing models — which began in July and. Nashua Police Chief Andrew Lavoie says that has an exponential effect on crime numbers. He recalled a recent successful example of this. Two weeks later, our street crime unit shut that drug house down and immediately the.

While robberies, larceny and other property crimes did not see consistent declines in every city, burglaries seem to be going out of style across the state. Lavoie says burglaries in Nashua between Jan. Burglaries also halved in the Gate City between andfrom tothe lowest in the past decade, according to data supplied by the Nashua police crime analyst.

The average from to was And the reasons are the same as in Manchester, according to Lavoie: a more aggressive and proactive police strategy that targets repeat offenders and hotspots using data. Nashua is the only city of the three to see a decrease in larceny in The percent decline from also brought the larceny numbers to a year low. In all three cities, the number of aggravated assaults increased between and In Manchester, it was up by 14 percent, 24 percent in Nashua and 65 percent in Concord.

General violence is perhaps best represented in the aggravated assault category because it captures a great deal of domestic violence and gun violence, whereas homicides are generally seen as anomalous. Aggravated assaults in New Hampshire are crimes that cause serious bodily harm as well as hate crimes, domestic violence and choking.

In Manchester, these assaults are up 26 percent so far this year. Willard said 38 percent of those crimes were domestic abuse-related, which. ME CSO

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Only fill in if you are not human. European Kashruth — The CER has been involved since inception in facilitating the availability and affordability of Kosher food in Europe. The items are searchable by country, brand name, food type and kashrut authority. Kotel Da-Don. Croatia Croatia- Chief Rabbi Dr. Povrce — trgovacka pakiranja Francuska salata mix. Povrce — trgovacka pakiranja Mahune zelene smrz. McCain Pomfrit parisiennes smrz. Kotel Da-Don Dairy. McCain Pomfrit smrz. Hungary Austria — Misrachi list. Rosen ml Rios Caf?

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