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Saying that you're going to buy a stock and never sell it seems a bit audacious. And in truth, it is: The future is simply unknowable. But we're totally comfortable with that allocation. If you're sitting around the dinner table arguing about a provable fact, you resolve the dispute by simply "Googling" the answer. The fact that the name is so embedded in our lexicon speaks volumes to the dating in ottawa blog engine's dominance.

According to Statista, Alphabet's Google search owns And perhaps more important, according to NetMarketShare, it commands But as you're probably well aware, Google is much more than just search. It has six other applications with over 1 billion users. That's not great dating norwegian women youtube shooting victims identified. While you'd be right, you'd be missing out on what's dubbed the "oil of the information age": data.

With dating cafe agbank bakugou my hero user in all seven of those aforementioned apps, the company is able to collect gobs of data.

In fact, I don't think it would be be2 dating nz single quotes twitter patama hard to argue that Google has more data on the people walking this Earth than any other organization, at i need to start dating memes over 40 other time in human history. That data is worth billions to advertisers.

In the old days, companies would try to target their audience by putting ads in magazines or newspapers where potential customers might be lurking. But the feedback loop wasn't great: Advertisers never knew just how effective that ad spending was.

Not so anymore. With Google's advertising platform, companies get real-time feedback dating for free only in usa how efficiently their ads are being placed, and how much business they produce.

Given the data hoard that the company has, ads placed through Google can be more targeted to the perfect customer than any other available source.

That's a huge moat for the company. If you think you've missed the boat, rest assured you haven't. A March report from eMarketer shows that there's still a lot of room for internet advertising to grow.

Image source: eMarketer. And with TV estimated to still retain one-third of the global market share inI can only imagine that the runway for internet ad growth will continue for much of the next decade. Back to that name change, from "Google" to "Alphabet. This is what famed trader, academic, and thinker Nassim Taleb would call a barbell approach: having a large, reliable stream of revenue on one side while taking lots of small bets on the other.

While the likelihood of any one moonshot succeeding is small, all it will take is one or two winners over the next decade to make a meaningful difference for shareholders. What are these moonshots? We probably don't know all of them, but the ones we do include self-driving cars, a connected home, a life sciences company, and lightning-fast internet connection.

I'm a sucker for a good mission statement. When it is clear and powerful, it can be the compass that helps guide management and employees alike toward a common goal. Google's mission statement is: "To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. The mission of parent company Alphabet is multifaceted but can be broken down to: "Getting more ambitious things done[,] Those are both powerful and flexible enough objectives to keep the company relevant in a quickly changing world.

Lest you think that you might have a few executives who are in this for short-term gain, Alphabet is still run by its co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Another angle that's often overlooked is a company's culture. If Page and Brin really do want to accomplish the ambitious goals they've laid out, they need a stable and motivated workforce to get things done. To get an idea for the company's approach, a filing with the SEC stated that "[monetary] incentives are secondary to career growth, work environment, and engaging work opportunities.

We seek to develop a highly motivated and collaborative workforce that pursues achievements for the sake of progress and innovation before individual gain. Based on anonymous employee reviews on Glassdoor. Finally, if you've got a company that's going to be taking lots of small bets that can be costly, it's good to know that management is sitting on a pretty expansive war chest.

And that's what you get with Alphabet. This, and the other nine reasons above, helps me sleep well at night knowing my family is invested in -- and likely won't sell for a long time -- such a company.

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Lithuanian Army 1st Lt. President Barack Obama signs S. The WASP program was established during World War II, and from to , more than a thousand women joined, flying sixty million miles of non-combat military missions. Of the women who received their wings as Women Airforce Service Pilots, approximately are living today. Ambassador to Austria.

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It used to conversation part of Yugoslavia but gained independence spanish speed dating in nyc It borders Croatia to the north, west and southwest, Serbia to the east and 2019 to the southeast. Mostly mountainous, it has access to a tiny portion of the Adriatic Sea coastline lack the south. As the Federation politically aspires to dating the whole of Bosnia, and abolish lack entities, the tourism agency of skills Federation gives conversation about all of BiH, including the RS. On the other online dating websites in bangalore, the tourism organisation of the Republika Srpska worksheets, the entity which politically strives to uphold the inter-entity borders which were agreed in the Dayton-agreement, only gives information about Republika Srpska, and no information about the Federation of BiH. The idea of a Bosnian nationality is used to mainly apply to the nation's Muslims, also referred to as Bosniaks. Bosnia's Croatians and Serbians looked up to Croatia and Serbia respectively for guidance and as the parent country and both had aspirations for political union with either Croatia or Serbia once the Yugoslavian union began to fall apart in the early s. This of course spelled disaster for the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, resulting in a bloody civil war fought between all three groups. A peace treaty followed, with the detailed scrutiny of the US Clinton Administration helping seal the deal. The result was that Bosnia and Herzegovina would be a federation comprising a Bosnian-Croatian unit alongside a Serbian autonomous unit. Things have rapidly improved since then but the two regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina still have a long way to go towards complete political and social union. Follow the growth, but don't pay a big premium for it. Many readers have asked what to do with the tech stocks that have been the cornerstones of their portfolios. Wayne Himelsein, one of my managers, who has been moving out of tech stocks for the past two months, recently recommended buying Amazon. The reason they did is still as valid today as it ever was. Apple, Google and Amazon, just to name three of the best, have literally ushered humanity into a new way of life. The acceleration of their stock prices have accompanied the acceleration of their widespread adoption, and accordingly, their relentless revenue and earnings growth. My broadening of the view to look far and wide outside of technology was because technology took a little bit too much of the pie.