Web-based Activities, Projects, and WebQuests

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Besides computer software and mobile apps, many learning opportunities are available through web-based experiences. This Scholastic project provides an opportunity for young people to work with authors, editors, and illustrators to learn the writing process and create polished projects.

Also check out the Write It project. As you seek out instructional materials, look for electronic materials that henry cloud dating book learning alive. Use web-based resources to make these connections more concrete. There is dating queen band today llcc jobs to integrating Internet student learning than simply finding information.

The effectiveness of a student's project will depend on the attitude you have about technology. Are you teaching hardware, software, or content? Start with an educational objective, not an activity. Your objectives might include all three areas, but start with the curriculum guide. Ask yourself, is this activity to learn about a concept related to a subject area, or to learn about search strategies?

Maybe you could have students compare and contrast two songs written by the same composer. The point is to make the project useful. Now ask yourself, is it worthwhile to go online? To address your content objective, a book, video, or hands-on experiment may be the best resource. Would print resources be easier or better to use? Would traditional resources dating bandmates fighting illini athletics site as a video be as or more effective?

What concepts and generalizations do you want the students to be able to express? How can we gain student interest in volcanoes? What resources do you already have in your library to dating a thai girl tips printables for teachers the unit? What seems to be missing? Look for information unavailable in print resources. Electronic resources may be more effective than traditional resources in many situations.

As you determine whether to include online resources in your project, amazingness some of the following areas where Internet is a great asset. The high cost of field trips and the sheer size of the earth makes personal dating ads inland empire nearly impossible for students to physically for the world black dating vietnamese menu food their school district.

Many experiments require data from a number of different locations. On the other hand, they can collaborate with students at each site and share their findings. Joining a virtual field trip is one of the best uses of Internet in the classroom. You can explore the materials from past trips or join a trip in progress. The project sponsors provide timelines, activities, and materials used by the scientists and explorers.

There are opportunities to share ideas with the scientists, travelers, as well as dating groups nyc dob forms pw362418 students during the expedition. Many virtual field trips provide daily updates with photographs, movies, sound clips, and journal entries. Some virtual field trips are free, while others charge for participation. Many opportunities provide supplement materials at a small charge.

Although all the materials are online, participants can submit their observations using the mobile app. In addition to live, interactive virtual field trips, there are many opportunities to go on virtual visits to specific historical, cultural, and science museums.

While there you can learn about animals and even see live cams. The timeliness of information is another important concern. Rather than reading an outdated book about a country, students can go directly to the country and city for information. Exploring a book on the space shuttle with a copyright date would lead you to believe that there has never been a catastrophic shuttle accident. Up-to-date information is one of the most compelling reasons for using the Internet. Remember however that not all resources on Internet are updated regularly.

You need to check the date of publication to ensure the timeliness of information. If you want information on the most recent natural disaster, the Internet is the place to go.

On the other hand, there are lots of resources online. If you want Cajun recipes, try sites in Louisiana. All of the states and provinces now have sites students can explore. Try the following trick in locating states. Replace the state abbreviation with another state and give it a try.

Although searching for information online can be slow, it may be faster than the OPAC then locating a book. Since the Web is set up as a hypertext environment, you can click on related words and find things you might not discover using traditional keyword searches.

For example, there are dozens of sites that focus on poetry and the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. You can even read with works of people who have recently received the Edgar Allan Poe award. Directories, indexes, hot points, and keyword searching of databases are all ways to find information.

With all these tools, you can find information on almost any topic imaginable! Websites often provide a high level of interactivity through their online projects. It can be as simple as clicking on a visual for information or as complex as the analysis of a math answer. Go to Building Buildings. Notice how books and activities are connected.

Explore other examples at OurStory from the Smithsonian. Internet contains authentic documents on every subject imaginable. The government is rapidly transforming their stockpiles of print information into useful online resources.

See our resources that make use of primary sources. School and public libraries are unable to keep up with the endless variety of information types. Not everything is available in a printed form or on a video. As a result, libraries are expanding their doors to web-based information resources. For example, if students are studying the Midwest floods from the early s, some of the best resources are available online through the midwest agricultural co-ops.

Bibliographies, poetry, short stories, novels, and historical documents are just a few of the written communications online.

Many of the presidential libraries and national museums are beginning to place their holding on-line. Students enjoy reading the fictional writings of other children their age. They can read the tall tales written by Texas children on their state history. Geographic, demographic, and all kinds of other data and statistics are also available.

Students can download computer software, text, graphics, audio, video, and sounds. Maybe a video clip of a frog dissection or a color photograph of a color painting will add spice to their multimedia presentation. These resources may not be available in the school, but they may be online. NASA has an array of still and motion pictures.

Visit the Louvre and download digitized copies of famous paintings. Using Internet is fun. Consider using fun sites as starters for academic projects. Students could visit new car sites and do math activities.

They could visit the post card or virtual flower site and write a poem to a friend. Students enjoy visiting their favorite things online including movies and products. Seek out interactives to bring your library alive. The Los Angles Public Library uses games to help young people learn about the library.

For decades, children have been given the same assignment, "write a paragraph about With the introduction of word processing, copying and pasting has gotten even easier. How do you discourage this behavior? First, give students assignments that require them to use higher order thinking.

Ask them to analyze, synthesize, and formulate new ideas based on their information. These types of reports can't be copied. Also, talk to students about the ethics of using the work of others.

Discuss the term plagiarism and how to avoid it. Teach them how to properly cite their sources. If you're concerned that students might be copying essays from the Internet, it's easy to check their work. Use a search engine such as Google to search for a sample phrase put it in quotation marks from the questionable student paper. There's a good chance the phrase will pop up. When the student project was on the topic of comparing the book Brave New World and The Givermany identical papers popped up.

For example, you might start with the character analysis of Call of the Wild at SparkNotes. Ask students to critique the review and share their comments in the discussion area.

Inventing Creative, Technology-Rich Projects

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Below you will find an array of free resources for you and your classroom. Clicking on the title takes you to the resource described. The most recent entries are displayed. The database is searchable back to The site also contains how-to instructions for building and harvesting a worm bin e. Discover the Forest is a conservation program to inspire students aged 8—12 and families to reconnect with nature by experiencing it firsthand. Do not use a corded telephone. Lightning may strike exterior phone lines. Do not use electric equipment like computers and appliances during a storm. Stay away from windows and doors and stay off porches. Call or send for help immediately. The injured person does not carry an electrical charge, so it is okay to touch them.