Gifts For 18 Year Old Girls [Popular Gift Ideas]

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The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of July 26 - Friday Highlight is here! Check it out! July 22 - It's patch day for The Sims 4 on console! Read the patch notes here. Next Go. NatSims Posts: 14 New Member.

May I played today to test but didn't get any calls inviting my sim to go anywhere. I am really excited for this to happen though so hope it does soon! From what other people are saying and reading the patch update, I personally can't see anything wrong with it.

If you don't want a particular Sim to age up, then don't attend the birthday if you get invited. And for those who have experienced the new parties and noted that nothing really happens I think this will come with the SP. It says in the is dating a taller girl weird notes that this patch is to 'get ready' for the party stuff pack so I think we'll have more to look forward to with that.

The way I see it, a lot of people on these forums have complained that "there isn't really much to do" in TS4. And tbh I definitely agree to some extent. Well with this patch, your Sim now gets invited to things and therefore has more to do with their day. Regardless of whether there are tasks to fulfil in an event, I think you can still have fun with it, that's sort of the point of not being the host.

I do hope they deerfield and pompano backpage women seeking men the 'dates' out though from what people are saying on here - needs to be some indicator of how its going.

Alourra Posts: Member. As a general rule, anytime someone blows out the candles on a birthday cake they will age up. Simblr Gallery Spreadsheet for Completionists. Anemone7 Posts: 3, Member. I have a video - it happened while I was doing an LP - nothing much happened. I expect that it's not going to be rsvp dating australia size compared amazing until the party pack comes out.

Zoe was invited to Summers birthday - and dating beyond borders instagram logo no background black was a caterer, and her roomies - that's about it. I don't know if the caterer would have done it or not If you want to see it starts at about when Zoe gets the call I went on a date with someone with high friendship and high romance.

Things seemed fine and date said it was going well and at the end said not to call again, similar to KatsKats! Bug, perhaps? The Sims calls and you decide whether or not to go. If you go, you're transported to the party. I went to a birthday party. There was a cake and the birthday girl at some point blew out the candles, but I didn't see it happen. Nobody acted celebratory, but the other guests did eat the cake. You can't leave until it's over.

Same thing. You are transported with loading screen to where the Sim selected for the date. Mine was at the park in Oasis Springs. About 4 Sim hours. Mine was bad, and said not to call again, though the message before that was about how the date was going very well.

And they had high ratings for friendship and romance. Jaysim88 Posts: 1, Member. My sims haven't been invited to any parties. Cuts deep brah. Cinebar Posts: 30, Member.

May edited May Big thumbs down for not being able to leave the party of our own free will. What part of sandbox does the TS4 team not understand? Yep, I said it. Can't leave until the event is over. ETA: Save sandbox modders!!! Will Wright. Dating sounds like it s broken. You shouldn't get a bad message every time you accept a date and why no goals for the dare? Ayumap Posts: 3, Member. A list of Mods I use. Helpful Links included. EIisabetta Posts: 5, Member. My sim was invited by her cousin to attend his birthday party.

As for the party being better, I'd say it's the same as always-Caterer stood around, did not bake the birthday cake, but did make some food. The thing I did not like was that her cousin was aged up to an elder. His father was there, and he's younger than him now! And the birthday sim complained about his party. So if you have age freeze on in your game, when they have a birthday party, they age up.

MadameLee Posts: 30, Member. Actually one of my now-heiress's siblings was asked to attend her boyfriend's birthday party and I let the entire family go to the party and their father Ray was said he needed to go to work and you have the option of Going to Work he was a non-GTW careerMissing work, or take PTO. Simfuncrunch Posts: Member. My sim just got invited by her sister!

Idk about anyone else, but i love the new little phone thing where you click on it and it pops up! But anyway, my sims went to her sisters bday party, there were tons of people there. There was a cake on the table, and everyone gathered around the sim, she blew out her candles, everyone threw confetti and stuff in the air and whooped. It was really cute, i love the new social interaction 'Congratulate' This is such a cute new thing!! I'm pretty sure I could congratulate birthday sims before this update.

At least I was able to in games where it was a sim in my household aging up. ModerateOsprey Posts: 4, Member.

I really like the idea of this, but I have declined everything so far after reading reports of seemingly successful dates leading nowhere.

Be nice just to get stuff like - 'Do you wanna go to the pub? Do you take a relationship hit on these 'bad dates'? Shake dreams from your hair My pretty child, my sweet one.

Choose the day and choose the sign of your day The day's divinity The Ghost Song - Jim Morrison. My sim was invited to a birthday party of a past fling. She had a caterer but no birthday cake. Only her brother, sister, and my sim was invited. My sim liked her sister so the birthday girl had a bad party because he kept flirting with her. Overall, I had a good time. I have had 2 dates with the same sim and both the friendship bar and romance bars are full.

I have yet to get 'first kiss' option and it's really frustrating! Ayradyss Posts: Member. LanzSimmer Posts: 93 Member. I was asked on a date then invited to a birthday party twice. Only the timer showed up and when I clicked on it, it gave me the option to end it early and then got a notification that it could have gone better CorkysPetals Posts: 1, Member. My sim just got invited on a date. The first message popped up saying "This date just keeps getting better!

Then a message pops up "I guess this is goodbye?

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From comfy pillows to personalized coffee mugs, we have plenty of 18th birthday gift ideas that will make any young woman feel excited about her new responsibilities as fully fledged grown-up. Related Categories. Sterling Birthstone Cuff. Infinite Pearl and Diamond Necklace. Light-Up Mirrored Jewelry Box. Heart Vine Light Box. Baby Elephant Ring Holder. Typography Throw Pillow. All About the Graduate Keepsake Box. Channel Birthstone Bracelet. Dream Big Graduation Canvas. Gray Damask Embroidered Weekender Bag.

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The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of July 26 - Friday Highlight is here! Check it out! July 22 - It's patch day for The Sims 4 on console! Read the patch notes here. Next Go.

For The 18 Year Old Fashionista

I loved drawing this what??? Tales are standalone stories that give you more insight into Arcana characters and their pasts. In our first tale, Lucio celebrates his 18th birthday and strikes a fateful deal. Romance your swords! Capture the hearts of weapons m, f, nb to level them up in this shack-and-slash dungeon-crawling video game. Help us unlock more stretch goals! sim dating games for boys 18 birthday ideas Your baby can finally vote, buy a lotto ticket, and rent an apartment. She might be ready to move into a dorm to prepare for college life. What are the best gifts for 18 year old girls? Of course, she will love fashion, makeup, perfume, or a shopping spree. For something out of the ordinary, 18th Birthday gifts should be sentimental so you want to chose something that she will remember forever.