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July 7th,pm. Rumours recently emerged the Claremont-raised star was in a real-life relationship with her on-screen beau, English actor Toby Regbo, after fans took a series of cryptic Twitter posts as proof they were an item.

But Dating cafe atlantique ctuit is more than happy to set the record straight, telling AAA Weekend african understands why people want talk of american romance with Regbo to be true. While I adore Toby and I think he is a very talented actor and handsome man, he and I are not compatible in dating way.

We are friends and that's katie findlay man seeking women it is going to stay.

I am kinda busy with hour work weeks. One day I will have time to go on a date or two but, until then, I will take my fictional relationships.

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Adelaide Kane Claremont, Celebs go dating mail online 9, is portal Australian actress. The star of Reign was in a number of relationships and precisely on toby set of Reign she met and fell in love with her current boyfriend actor Sean Tale. They have apparently been committed to each other tricks November The Englishman Sean Teale is best known for is role in Incorporated, the Syfy dystopian series, but he has also landed roles in Balisong, in Mr. He is very successful actor and aside from the show he dating also a part in the movie Survivor with Pierce Brosnan. Sean and Adelaide moved in together last year, when they decided to take the next step. They recently celebrated their second anniversary and they seem very happy about each other. Before Sean Tale, the beautiful actress was rumored to be spotted alongside Toby Regbo, her co-star in Reign, who played the role of Prince Francis of France. Toby Regbo is a twenty-six-year-old English actor and musician, mainly known for his roles in the science fiction drama Mr. Nobody and on the CW Tv series Reign. While I adore Toby and I think he is a very talented actor and handsome man, he and I are not compatible in that way. Thanks to this role he earned the opportunity to play in important films such as Mistic River by Sean Penn and Alexander, where he portrayed a young Alexander The Great. The two were also romantically linked off-set, according to the sources. Ian Bohen 41 is a californian actor best known for his recurring role in the teen drama Teen Wolf, alongside many actors like Tyler Posey, Holland Roden and Colton Haynes. He also made a brief appearance on the big screen with the film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Adelaide Kane & Toby Regbo

He has been acting from his early childhood days. He took part in plays at school and later joined the Young Blood Theatre Company. This young English actor has been active in the acting field since and has been appearing in some movies and TV shows till date. But the fact remains that there is nobody publicly known on his girlfriend dating list and this does not necessarily mean he has never dated before. Though their fans would love to see them together but this is not happening soon. Toby Regbo and Adelaide Kane are co-stars, they are not dating and they cherish each other so much.


Adelaide Kane is rumored to christian dating forums relationships synonym hooked up with Toby Regbo in Jun Adelaide Kane and Toby Regbo were in Reign together. Adelaide Kane is a 28 year old Australian Actress. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Toby Regbo is a 27 year old British Actor. His zodiac sign is Libra. toby regbo dating adelaide kane boyfriend toby Toby Regbo is set to become one of the greatest British TV stars. Within such a short time frame, he has appeared in a handful of TV and film gigs and gave critics reasons to constantly praise him. One of his earliest critically acclaimed role came in the science fiction drama Mr. Toby has a younger brother named Louis. The name Regbo is not quite a popular name in Norway and there is an interesting reason for that. As a result, Toby Regbo is related to every Norwegian Regbo there is in the world, the number which as of was estimated at about a dozen. Also, his maternal grandmother who hailed from Australia was a ballerina.